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A - Z  Song List



Ablaze With Glory


Acceleration (Dub Version)

Acceleration (Long Version)
Accessio Lucis (The Coming Light)
Accordion Night

The Ache At The Heart Of The World
Aching Heart

Acquitted By Mirrors

Adventure Annual

Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape (BBC Studio Version)

Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape (Decca Studio Version)

Aeolian Magic (Blip No 9)

Aeroplane Mind
Aeroplane Wings
The Aerostatic Balloonist
After All These Years
After Midnite (Twang, Echo And Hoedown)
After The Rain, Pick The Fruit
After The Stars
Age Of Reason
Airmail Guitar
Albion Dream Vortex
The Alchemy Of Ecstasy
Alice In The Palace Of Stardust And Pearl
All Aboard The Skylark

All A Dream, After All
All Alone In A Boat Of His Own

All Dressed Up In Your Art School Clothes

All Hail The Dreamer (Miss Futurama Smiles)

All Hail The Happy Captain
All Hail The Witching Hour
All I Am Is You
All My Wives Were Iron
All Our Yesterdays

All's Well In Wonderland
All That I Remember

All The Fun Of The Fair

All These Days Are Gone (For Ian)
All The World Flies Kites Tonight
All This And A Girl Like You
All You Need To Know

The Almost Invisible Man

Almost Unchanging

Aloha Niagra

Alone In A Lunar Light
Altar Natives
Always And Everywhere
Always Looking Forward To Tomorrow
Always Summer
Always You
Amazing Things
American Moderne
Ampex Eight
Ampex Eleven
Ampex Five
Ampex Four
Ampex Nine
Ampex One
Ampex Seven
Ampex Six
Ampex Ten
Ampex Three
Ampex Twelve
Ampex Two
Ampex Xtra

An Acre Of Sunshine

Ancient Angels Watching Me​
Ancient Guitars

And All The World Was Ours
And Now The Rain
And The Train Left The Station Trailing Sparks And Stars

And There I Am
And We Fell Into A Dream
Andromeda Gardens

An Electrical Christmas
The Angel At The Western Window
Angel In My System
Angel Like You
The Angel Of Hearth And Home
Angels In Arcadia
Angels Obey Bells

The Angel With Television Eyes
Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope
Another Happy Thought (Carved For Ever In Your Cortex)

Another Kiss For Your Slender Neck
Another Luxury Wonder Moment
Another Planet

Another Rainy Day
Another Slice Of Wonder Cake
Another Tricky Mission For The Celestial Pilot
Another Willingly Opened Window
Antennae Two

Antique Gods

Antique Interiors​

Aphrodite Adorned
Apollonian Tremolo
Apple Tree Swing

Aqua Celeste
Aqua Magica
Arbor Philosophica (Tree Of Philosophy)
Arco Volta
Ardent Hands

Are You Listening?
Arrangement Of Roses

Art Deco Dance
Art For Art's Sake

Art Is Long And Time Is Fleeting
Artismo Loco

Art Is My Aeroplane

The Art Of Thinking
Ashes Of Roses
As If It Was A Moment Ago

As Quickly As A Kiss

As The Stars Began To Glow

The Astral Tramways Of England
Astro Logic

The Astronomy Of The Heart

The Asylum
At Home In High Clouds
At The Center
At The Gates Of The Singing Garden
The Atom Age
Atom Blasted Cadillac
Atom Man Loves Radium Girl

Atoms And Electrons
Atom Shop (Is Closing)
Atoms, Neutrons, Strangeness And Charm
Atoms Orbit Around The Sun
The Attempted Murder Of Jane

Attempt To Re-Assemble My Fragmented Self
Aura Hole


Autosexual (Demo)
Autumn And Spring

The Autumn Balloonist
Autumn Drowns Apples In Golden Tides
Autumn Fires
Autumn Noodle No.1
Autumn Stars
Autumn Tram (Yorkshire Raga No.2)

Autumn Vapours
The Awakening
The Awakening Of Dr Dream
Axe Victim

Axe Victim (BBC Studio Version)

Axe Victim (Decca Studio Version)

Axe Victim (First Version)
Azure Extension


Baby Buddha

Baby Robot

Baby Ruth's Big Special

Back Of Beyond
Back To Dreams
Bakelite (The 50th Birthday Song)
Batch # 70172
Bats At Bedtime

Beach Hut Beauties
Beam Service

Beams Of Light
The Beast In Solitude
Beatniks From Outer Space

Beat Street
The Beat That Can't Go Wrong Today

Beautiful Big Boobies
Beautiful Diamonds Are Falling From The Clouds

The Beautiful Machine

Beautiful Nudes
Beauty And The Beast

Beauty Enters The Castle
Beauty In A Sparkly Bra
Beauty Lifts Her Skirts
Beauty Rides The Last Bus Home
Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets (First Version)
Because Of You

Beep, Beep, Beep
Before We Fall
Begin To Burn
Be Here Now

Behold Dumb Wonders
Behold These Present Days
Being And Nothingness Land
The Bel-Air Rocketman

A Bell Awakened
Bell Bird
Bell Weather (Blip No 2)
The Bells Of Villefranche

Bells Ring Sweet Across The Meadow

Be My Dynamo
Beneath Her Dappled Apple Tree
Bending A Knee At The Altar Of Sacrifice
The Best Of You
A Better Home In The Phantom Zone
Between Autumn And Winter
Between The Seasons

Between The Worlds (Album Version)

Between The Worlds (Single Version)
Beyond All This
Beyond Recall

Beyond The Sun

Beyond These Clouds The Sweetest Dream

Beyond Yonder

Bicycle Building

Big Blue Day
Big Broken Buick
Big Empty Sky
The Big Illumination
Big Noise In Twangtown
Big River
Big Ship
Big Yellow Moon

Bikini Avanti

Bill's Blues (Live)
Bill's Last Waltz
Billy And The High Blue Horizon

Billy Beyond (Everyone's Clean In Paradise)

Billy Builds The World Of Tomorrow

Billy Infinity

Billy's Blues
Billy's Holiday

Binky And The Dancing Astronomers
Binky's Blues
The Bird Charmer's Destiny

The Bird Charmer's Destiny (First Version)

A Bird Of The Air Shall Carry Thy Voice

Bird Ornaments
Birds And Blue Stuff
Birds In Blue Sky Again
The Birds In The Sky Say Hi!
Birds In Two Hemispheres
Birds Of Tin
Black Fish/Silver Pond
Blackpool Pleasure Beach And The Road To Enlightenment

Blaze Ye Now The Golden Trail
Blazing Apostles

Blazing Apostles (BBC Studio Session)
The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo

Bless Me, Bless You
Blink Of An Eye
Blonde And Built To Last
The Blossom Tree Optimists
Bloo Blooz
Blood Off The Wall
Blowin' The Dust Off The Book Of The Future
Blown Away
Blue Amorini
Blue As A Jewel

Blue As A Jewel (Demo)
Blue Beams
Blue Cloud
Blue Dawn
Blue Distant Stars
Blue Loop No.1
Blue Loop No.2
Blue Nude

Blues For A Broken Time Machine

Blues For Orpheus
Blue Skies Listen, The Unstruck Bell
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Seeks Red Guitar

Blue Sparks Flying

Blue Spin

Bluesy Ruby (BBC Studio Session)

Bluesy Ruby (Decca Studio Session)

The Blue Taint

​B-Movie Bug Boy

A Boat Named St. Christopher
Boat To Forever
Body Of Light
Boy Chases Butterfly

Boyhood Rockets

Boyhood Shadows
The Boy Pilots Of Bangkok
The Boy Who Knew The Names Of Trains
The Boy Who Learned Everything
The Boy Who Lived In The Future
Boy With Bubblepipe

Brave Flag
The Breath In My Father's Saxophone
The Bride Of Christ In Autumn
Bride Of The Atom
Bridge Across The Void
Bright And Glittering (Blip No 6)
Bright Magic

Bright 'N Breezy

Bright Sparks
Bright Star (Moonlight Over Ocean Blue)
A Brilliant Night For Rain
Bring Back The Spark
Bringers Of Lights To The Feast
Broadcast News (Theme From Right To Reply)
Broken Blues
The Brotherhood Of Sleeping Car Porters
Brutal Tinkerbell
Bubbles In The Cosmos
Bubbling Blue

Buddha And The Rain Cloud
The Buddha Boys
A Buddha For My Brother
Buddha Head

Buddha's Eyes Are Everywhere
Buddha Smoked My Cigarettes

Bugging Me
Burning Down
The Burning Question
Burning The Grove Of Satyrs
The Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Of The Forever Bee
Buzz Was Honey



The Cabinet Closes

California Boombox
Caligari Disciplines Cesare
Caligari Feeds Cesare
Caligari Opens The Cabinet

Calling Heaven, Calling Heaven, Over
Call Of The Wild
Candelabra And Gargoyles
Capricious Skies
Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus
The Captain's In The Wheelhouse (Fabled Quixote)
The Carousel Of Time
Cascade (Improvisation For Three Harp Guitars)
Cassidy's Electric Campfire Song

The Castle
The Celestial Bridegroom
Celestial East
The Celestial Travelator

Celestina Swoons


Celluloid Ghosts​
The Century That Dared To Dream
The Ceremonial Arrival Of The Great Golden Cloud

Certain Circles
A Certain Thought Passed Through My Mind
Cesare The Somnambulist

Channel Surfing​
Chapel Of Chimes
The Charm Of Transit
A Charming Trick

Chelsea Flash
Child Of The Dream
Chills For You
Chiming Church With Rusty Bell
Chiming Shires
The Chinese Nightingale
A Christmas Cowboy Outfit
The Christmas Gift

Christ Via Wires

Chymepeace (An Ending)
Cinnamon And Mint
Circle The World In A Paper Canoe
Circo Infantil
Circular Tour

A Circus To Remember

The City Dreams Of Christmas

City Of Tomorrow
City One
Clavis Angelicae (Key Of Angels)
Clear Controls Confirmed
Clear Skies A' Coming
Clock Conscious
The Clock That Time Forgot
Clocks Wind Slow

The Clockwork Light Machine
The Clockwork Rocket
Close Your Eyes (The Sleepytown Symphony)
Clothed In Light Amongst The Stars
The Clouded Mirror

The Cloud Of Unknowing
Clouds Above The Corn
Clouds Drift North
Cloudwater Canal
Cloudy Billows Kiss The Moon
Coastal Starlight

Cold Tired And Hungry
The Colonel Has An Anti-Decimal Scheme
Colossal Figures Shrouded In Clouds

Colour Floods The Bay With Blue
Come Closer And See My Dreams
Come To Me In My Dreams

Comic Cuts

Coney Island
Confessions Of A Psychedelic Dandy
The Conjurer's Companion (Every Blessed Thing Is So Damned Fragile)

Consolation Street
Contemplation (Original ABM EP Version)
Contemplation (Album Version)
Contemplation (Redux 2007)

Contrary Wise
Cool Blue Heaven
Coop's Place
The Corridor

Cosmic Country Ghosts
A Cottage On The Moon
Country Cola
Country Season

Covered In Chrome
The Cowboy Club
Cowboy Christmas
Cowboy Song

Crazy Dreamer

Crazy Right Now
Creamy Clouds
Cross Country
Crying All Night
Crying To The Sky

Crying To The Sky (Alternate Guitar Solo)

Crying To The Sky (BBC Studio Session)

Crying To The Sky (First Version)
The Crystal Escalator In The Palace Of God Department Store
Crystal Gazing

Crystal Gazing (Alternate Vocal Version)

The Crystal Gazing Room (No Sleep For The Alchemist)

The Crystal Lights Of Chrismastown

Cubical Domes
The Curate's Cassock Is Troubled By The Breeze
Curate's Egg In Cup Of Grass

Curiosity's Domain

The Curious King Of Dreams

The Cycle Factory





Dada Guitare
Daily Bells

Dali's Dream Of Venus

Dance, Mighty Robot, Dance!
Dance Of The Cosmic Signaller No. 2
Dance Of The Fragrant Woman
Dance Of The Luminous Dials
Dance Of The Mullard Valvemen
Dance Of The Orchard Angels
Dance Of The Pagan Energy Ghosts

Dance Of The Sonic Culture Gods
Dance Of The Uncle Sam Humanoids
Dancing In The Moonlight (All Alone)
Dancing In The Wind
Dancing Music
Dancing On A Knife's Edge
Dangerous Lady
Dangerous Stranger

Dangerous Stranger (Demo)

The Darcey Bussell Rubberwear Fantasia

Dark And Bright

Dark And Complicated

Dark Angel

Dark Eyes

Dark Horse

Dark Is The Spark

Darkness (L'Immoraliste)

Darkness Sparkles

The Darkness Will Remain
Darling Star
Daughter Of Dream Come True
A Day At West Acre

The Day I Dreamed You Up
Day Of Eternity

Days Of Golden Dreams

Days Of Wonder
The Day That Came And Went
Dazzle (Blip No 10)
The Dead We Wake With Upstairs Drums

Dear Mr. Fantasy
December Days-Diamond Bright
December Waltz
Decimal Point For The Thousand Races
Decline And Fall
Decode Me Baby
Deco Super Cruiser
Deep December (Bright And Shiny Day)
Deep Dream Decoder
Deeply Dazzled
Demon Raising
The Departure Of The 20th Century In A Hail Of Memory

Designer Dance

De Soto
Deva Dance
Devil In Me
The Difficulty Of Being
Dig The Sparkles

A Dip In The Sparkle Jar
A Dip In The Swimming Pool Reactor
Disneyland After Dark
Distant Town With Different Lights
Distant Years From Now
The Divine Raptures Of Sisterhood
The Diving Bell
Dizzy In The Head

A Dizzy Spell
Django Dreams Of Twinkleland

Doctor Caligari

The Doctor Was An Alchemist
Dog Day Afternoon

Domain Of Echo
Don't Be A Stranger
Don't Cry, Space-Guy
Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric)
Don't Wait
The Door

Do Space Trams Dream Of Fictitious Passengers?
The Dove Consumed (The Serpent Slumbers)
Down Comes The Rain

Down On Terminal Street

Do You Dream In Colour?
The Drawing Room

Dreamboat Situation
Dream Car Romantics (In Death's Garage Antics)

Dream Cities Of The Heart
Dream Cycles One
Dream Cycles Three
Dream Cycles Two
The Dream Dance Of Jane And The Sonambulist

Dreamed Embraces
A Dream For Ian
A Dream Fulfilled


Dream Guitar
Dreaming Of A Girl

Dreaming Of Another World

Dreamland Avenue
Dreamland Illuminated

The Dreamlike Day-To-Day

Dreamlike World

Dreamnoise And Angel
Dream Of An American Streetcar
Dream Of Imperial Steam
A Dream Of Thee (Blip No 3)

The Dream Of The Unified Field

Dreams And Smoke (Flow With The River)
Dream Ships Set Sail

Dreams Of Yesterday

Dreams Returning To The Night

Dreams Run Wild On Ghost Train Tracks
Dreamstate USA
Dreamster 2.L.R.

Dreams (The Merchant Sleeps)

Dreams Turn To Dust
The Dreamsville Poetry Experiment
Dreamt I Was Floating In A Summer Sky

Dream Up, Billy
Drift Fictions
Drift Of Narcissus

Drive Shaft

Drive This Comet Across The Sky

Driving Through England

Dr Synth's Disco Demento
Duane's Dream
The Dubious Virtue Of Loveliness
Dumb Palooka

The Dusk Before The Dark
Dust And Sunbeams And The Ticking Of A Clock

The Dust That Falls From Dreams


Dynatron Blues




Eastern Electric
Ecclesia Gnostica

Echoes Of The Age
Echo In Her Eyes (The Lamps Of Oblivion)
The Echo, The Shadow, The Empty Shell

Ectoplasm Turbine
Edge Of Nothing
Edge Of Recall
Edge Of Tears
Edge Of The World
El Swingo Collapso

Electric Atlanta
Electric Milkcart Blues

Electric Railway Overhead
Electric Trains, Clean Oceans, Clear Skies, Pure Air

Electrical Adepts Of The Celestial Bed
Electrical Language

Electrical Language (Demo)
The Elegant Outsider
The Elegant Parabola
Elevated Railway

Elliptic Waterfall
Emak Bakia
The Embarkation Song Of The Last Fast Airship

Emerald City
The Emperor Of The Evening
Emphatically Yours
Empire Of The Senses
Emptiness Sings (A Lonely Boy)
The Enchanted Cathedral
The Enchanted Glove
The Enclosed Garden
Endless Autumn
Endless Orchids
Endless Summer Ahead
Endless Torsion

End Of The Seasons
End Of The Future
Eros Arriving
Eros Ghost Trails Gleaming Echoes
Eros In Autumn
Escape Over The Rooftops
Escondido Oleander
Essoldo Stripshow
The Eternal Fascinator
The Eternal Female

Eternal For Emiko
Eternal Lightbulbs (For The Infinite Stars)
Ethel's Attic (No.3, Marriot's Building, 1948)

Evening Adoration
Evening Illuminator
The Evening Peal
Evening Star Electric Park
Evening Tide

Ever The Dreamer
Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug
Everyday Is A Better Day
Everyday Now Is Forever Again

Every Moment Infinite
Everyone's Hero
Everything Changes With The Weather
Everything Everywhere
Everything Is Ancient Now

Everything Permitted

Every Tiny Atom
Evocation Of A Radiant Childhood
Exactly The Way You Want It

Experimental Erotica (Scene One)
Experimental Erotica (Scene Two)
The Experimental Time Traveller
The Exquisite Corpse

The Eye Of Heaven Shines


Fables Of The Future

The Fabulous Foals Of Faraway Farm

The Fabulous Fountain Of Your Savoir Faire

The Fabulous Mr Futurismo
The Fabulous Whirlygig Of Now

A Face In The Mirror
Face In The Rain

Fading Away
The Fading Light
Faint Aroma Of Snow
Fair Exchange
Fair Winds And Flying Boats

Fair Winds And Steam Machines
The Fairground
Fairyland Before The Fire
Falling Blossoms

Falling Into Blue

Falling Water
False Alarms
Familiar Spirit
The Family
Fancy Planets
Fantasmo Loop
The Fantastic Futurama Ride
Fantastic Guitars


Far Beyond The West Of Me

Far Side Of Nowhere
Far Too Flip

Fascinating Noise
Fear (The Merchant Wakes)
Fearless Beauty (Kisses And Cream)

Feast Of Lanterns
Feeling Floating Away
Feels Like Up To Me
Fellini's Picnic
Female Form
Female Nebula
Fever Dream Of The Starlight Man
The Fields Beyond
15th Of July (Invisibles) (BBC Studio Session)
Filigree Balcony
The Final Curtain
Finis Gloria Mundi
Finks And Stooges Of The Spirit
Fire Gods Of The National Machine
Fires In The Sky
First Boy On The Moon
First Memory
Fish Are Dancing In The Fountain Of Dreams

Fish Owl Moon

Five Flying Horses
598 Rundown
Flaming Creatures
Flaming Desire

Flicker And Fade
Flights Of Fancy
Float Away
Flower Kiosk

Flowers And Stars

Flowers Within (Version 2)
The Flower Thief
Fluffy Bunny Business
Flutterbye (Blip No 7)
Flux Of Desire

Footsteps In Rain
Forbidden Lovers

Forbibben Lovers (First Version)

Forever Ago
Forever Blue Sings The Sky
Forever Orpheus

Forked Tongues, Mixed Blessings
Forms In Open Spaces

For Stuart (Triumph And Lament)
Fortune Favours The Fall Guy

Forward Motion

For You And I

For Young Moderns

Found In Foreverland

A Fountain In The Middle Of Nowhere

Fountains Are Singing In Cities Of Light

The Four Square Citadel

Fractious Electrons
Frankie Surfs The Milky Way
Frankie Ukelele And The Fire In The Lake

French Promenade

Friday In The Future
Friends From Heaven

From Another Place
From Another World
From Here To Far Orion
Frosty Lawns (Snowballs And Oranges)

Fruity Ornaments
Full Colour Fontana
Full Of Desire
Full Sail
The Fundamental Blues
The Funeral
Furniture Music

Future Gothic Twang

The Future Life
The Future Now Becomes The Past
The Futurian
Futurist Manifesto
Fuzz Rocket Fantasia
Fuzzy Dux



Garage Full Of Clouds 2
The Garden
Garden In The Sky
Garden Of Cascades
Garden Railway
A Garden That Sings To The Sky
The Gates
Gathered In At Gloaming
Gazing Through Golden Windows

Gentle Spirits Prevail
Get Out Of That Hole
The Ghost In The Machine

Ghost Of Gilded Ruin
Ghosts Behind Glass
Ghosts Dance In Ghostland

Ghost Show
Ghosts Of Ancient Houses
Ghosts Of Ancient Orchestras
Ghosts Of Invisible Things
Ghosts Of The Space Age

Ghosts Of Utopian Cities
Ghosts Wind The Parlour Clock
Ghost Train
Ghost Trains Travel On Phantom Tracks

Giant Hawaiian Showboat
The Gift
Gift Of The August Tide

Girlfriend In Mini-Skirt
Girlfriend With Miracles
Girl From Another Planet

Girl From A Satellite Town
The Girl I Never Forgot
The Girl In The Galaxy Dress
The Girl In The Glass Aeroplane
The Girl In The Park In The Rain
The Girl On The Fairground Waltzer

The Girls I've Loved
The Girl Who Disappeared Into A Cloud

The Girl Who Was Electrically Carried Away
Give A Damn My Dear
Giving It All Away
The Glance Of A Glittering Stranger
The Glass Breakfast
Glass Fish (For The Final Aquarium)

Gleaming Without Lights
The Gliding Club
Glittering Figures (A Gnostic Lullaby)
Glittering Rails
Glittering Star
Gloria Mundae
The Glory Days
Glow World
God Bless Me
God Glows Green In Small Town Park

God In Her Eyes
God Man Slain

God's Own Neighbourhood
The Gods Speak
God Thundered Boy
The Gold At The End Of My Rainbow
The Gold Beyond The Blue

The Golden Age Again
Golden Balloon
The Golden Bough
Golden Coda (Farewell To Electric City)

The Golden Comet
The Golden Days Of Radio

Golden Dream Of Circus Horses
Golden Girl

The Golden Hour
Golden Melodies Of Tomorrow
Golden Mile
Golden Moments
The Golden Roundabout Rides Again

Golden Satellites
Golden Shrine
The Golden Soul Of You
Golden Spacemen Rock N' Roll
Goodbye Golden Sands
Gooseberry Jam
Grand Arcade
The Grand Magician Brings A Blessing

The Great Hall
The Great Magnetiser
Great Plains

Green Tiger In The Gold
Greeting A New Day
Greetings From Surf Guitar Island
A Guitar For Christmas



Haiku Detour (Bop Kyoto)
Half Asleep In A Hall Of Mirrors (Theme From Dream Demon)

Half-Man, Half-Static


Hang This Moment On A Sigh
Hank And Duane In Reverbland
Hank Marvin Goes To Mars
Happily Addicted To You
The Happy Clock
Happy In My Helicopter Hat

Happy Little Hovercar
Happy Realms Of Light
Happily Haunted
Hard Facts From The Fiction Department
Hastening The Chariot Of My Heart's Desire
A Hat Like This
Haunting In My Head
A Head Full Of Lights And A Hat Full Of Haloes
Heading For Home In A Hillman Minx

Headlamp Moon
He And Sleep Were Brothers
Heart And Soul

Heartbeat Thru The Telephone

The Heart Has Its Reasons

The Heat In The Room
Heaven Holds A Grand Parade
Heaven Is A Haunted Realm

Heaven Is A State Of Mind

Heaven Lights Its Lamps
Heavenly Homes

Heavenly Homes (Flashman Remix)
Heavenly Message Number One
Heavenly Message Number Three
Heavenly Message Number Two

Heaven's Happy Hemisphere

Heaven Takes No Prisoners

Helios In Memoryland
Hello Children
Hello, Hello

Hello You Beautiful People
Help Us Magic Robot
Henrietta Through The Looking Glass

Here And Now
Here Come The Rain Comets
Here Comes Mr. Mercury

Here Comes The Big Blue Moon

Here Comes The Sea

Here I Am, (And You Can Hear Me)

Here I Am For You

Here Is Where I Dream

Here On Earth
Here We Go

Her Laughing Torso

Hermetica Automatica

The Hermetic Garden

Heros De Lumiere
Her Presence In Flowers

Herself With Her Shadow

Hers Is A Lush Situation
Her True And Perfect Serpent
Hey, Bill Diddley!

Hey Ho, There You Go​
The Hidden Flame

Hide And Seek
Hieronymous Bosch Beyond
High And Mighty
High Beam Sensation
Highway 2000

Hi Lo La
The Hipster Gimmick

His Astral Form

Hi-Tone Saturday
Hold On To Your Heart
Holey Moley It's A Parallel World
Holiday Express
A Holiday In Dimension X
Hollywood Still Burning

Holy Of Holies (Waiting For The Night)
The Home, The Light And The Third
Honeybee In Autumn

Honey Loop
Honeymoon On Mars
Hope For The Heartbeat
Horse Eats Hat
Hostess Twinkie Vapourised
Hotel On Wheels

Hot-Rod Racer
The House At The End Of Memory Lane

The House Of A Hundred Clocks

The House Of Morpheus

House Of Mystery
House Of Sand

Howlin' Wolf In Me
How Many Miles To Babylon
How Near We Are
Humming In The Void/Girl With The Thousand-Watt Smile

The Hunt
Hymn Of The Old Albion Co-Operative Society





I Always Knew You Would Find Me
I Am The Captain
I Am The Only Monster Here
I Am The Universe

Ian's Radio Is On

Ice And Fire

Icing On The Cake

I Danced In A Dream (Blip No 11)
Ideal Homes

I Dream Of Giant Telescopes

I Dream Of Lightning
I Dream Of Waves

I Drift Away Amongst The Stars

If I Was The Pilot Of Your Perfect Cloud

If Love Were Gold

If Stars Should Fall

If Wishes Were Horses
I Hear Electricity

I'll Be Everywhere

I'll Be Your Vampire

The Ilfracombe Steamer

Illuminated At Dusk
Illuminated Promenade
Illuminated Sky With Pale Blue Lightning

Illumination Fascination Blues

The Illuminator

Illusions Of You

I Looked At The Sea

Imaginary Music

I'm Dancing

The Impatient Hour

Imperial Parade
Imps In The Undergrowth

In A Cloud Of Stars

In A Haunted Arcade
In An Aeroplane
In Anticipation
In Arcadia

In A Streamlined World

In A World Of Strange Design

Incident At Astral Motel

The Indelicate Levitation Of Katie's Skirts

Indigo Trees Hold Back The Stars


Indoor Astronomy (Bella Luna)
In Dreams Awake

Infernal Apparatus

The Infernal Machine

Infernal Regions

Infinite Station

Infinity Meets The Moment

Initiation Of The Heart's Desire


In Search Of The Golden Sound

Instantly Yours



Interstellar Courier

In The Chapel Of Her Sparkles

In The Forest Of Storms

In The Land Of Far Beyond

In The Land Of Nothing Doing

In The Middle Of A Dream

In The Neighbourhood Of Normal (My Style Of Writing)
In The Palace Of Strange Voltages
In The Realm Of Bells
In The Realm Of The Super-Cute

In The Realms Of The Unreal

In The Wings

Into The Luminous Future

The Invisible City Of Christian Rosenkruetz

The Invisible Man And The Unforgettable Girl

The Invisible Spectator

The Invisible Venus Of New York City

I Oil The Ticking Of Antique Clocks

I Really Don't Exist

I Recall Jets At Dawn
I Remember Circus Boy
I Remember Marvelman
I Saw Galaxies
I Send These Dreams To You

Islands In The Sky

Islands Of The Dead

Islands Of The Dead (Demo)

Islands Of The Dead (Take 4)

Is This Alchemy?
I Swear That The Girl In The Painting Moved

It Just Doesn't Rain Like It Used To
I Travel At Night
It's A Big World And I'm In It (The Great Rememberer)

It's A Comic Book World

It's All True
It's A Long, Long Story

It's A Long Time Between Dreams
It's Always Maybe

It's A Simple Life
It's OK

I Wait For You

I Want You

I Was Speaking With Orson Welles

I Watch The World

I Wonder



Ladders Leading Nowhere
Ladies Removing Lingerie
Lady You're A Strange Girl


The Lamplighter's Lament
The Lamp Of Invisible Light

Lamps Are Lit In The Land Of Tomorrow

The Land Of Dreams Is Closed

The Land Of Lost Dreams
The Land Of Lost Time
Language Of The Birds

Lanterns Are Lighting

The Last Lamplighter (For John Henry Griffiths)
The Last Romantic
The Last Summer For Dancing

The Last Transmission

The Latest Delay

The Latest Skyline

Late Transmission: This Song Is History

Laughing Sailors, Raging Seas

La Vie Moderne

Lay-Zee Boy Receiver
Lazy, Lazy Bones
Lazy Loop
The Legendary Spaceman Blues
Legions Of The Endless Night
Les Amoureux

Let Flow The Wine
et It All Pass You By

Let Me Dream You From Afar

Let's Dance

Letter To Jacques Maritain
Let Us Melt And Make No Noise
Life And Death
Life As We Know It
Life Class
Life In Reverse
Life In The Air-Age
Life In Your Hands
Life Is Like This
Life Runs Out Like Sand
The Light Fantastic
The Light Gathering Garden Of Omar Kadiz

The Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz

Light In The Head

The Light In The Mirror (The Bone Beneath The Skin)
The Light Is Kinder In This Corner Of Corona

Lightning Strikes The Steeple

Light Rain


Lights (BBC Studio Session)

Lights Of Kingdom Come

Lights Shine When We Dream

The Light This Universe Attracts
The Light We Cannot See
Like A Boat In The Blue
Like a Dream

Like An Old Blues

Like Autumn Leaves We Fall
Like A Woman Levitating
Like Clockwork
Like Rain (Rust's Dim Lustre)
Likewise Is Said Elsewhere
Lilac Shirt, Dark Glasses
A Line Of Trees Gives Rise To Thought

The Listening Station

Listening To Lizards

A Little Bit Of Nelsonia
Little Cantina

Little Cosmos
Little Daughters Of Light
Little Kisses Wrapped In Chocolate
Little Luminaries
A Little More Time

Little Motors Move The Moon
Living For The Spangled Moment
Living For Today
Living In My Limousine

Living On The Moon Tonight

Lo And Behold


The Lockdown Song (It's All Downhill From Here)

Loco-Motive (Off The Track)
The Lonely Spaceman
Lonesome Cowboy Bill
The Lonesome Cowboy Radio Show
Long Ago, By Moonlit Sea
Long Grey Mare

Longing For Light

The Long Lost Summer

A Long Time Ago
Looking For A Lantern

Loose Box

Loose Chippings
Loose Connections
Loosening Up With Lady Luck

Lost In Space

Lost In The Cosmos Again
Lost In The Neon World
Lost In Tijuana
Lost In Your Mystery

Lost Light
The Lost Planet Of Sunday Afternoon
Lost Planet Sunset
Lost To Me
Lost To Tomorrow
The Lost Years
Lotus In The Stream
Love And A Bucket Full Of Holes
Love In Flames

Love In Flames (BBC Studio Session)

Love In Flames (Demo)

Love In The Abstract
Love Is Swift Arrows
A Lovely Dazzle
Lover Boy At Heart
Lovers Are Mortal
Lovers In The Pleasure Gardens
Love's A Way
Love's First Kiss
Love's Immortal Shining Angel

Love To Win

Love Without Fear

Love With The Madman
Loving Tongues
Lucky Sometimes
Lucky Star

Luminous Intelligent Sexy Adults
A Luminous Kind Of Guy
Luna On The Beach

Luna Rosa



Machine Voodoo
Machines Of Loving Grace

Madam Midnight

Magic And Mystery
Magic Hill
Magic Radio
Magic Star
Magnetism Made Me Do It
Magnificent (The White Horse)
Maid In Heaven

Maid In Heaven (BBC Studio Session)

Maid In Heaven (Top Of The Pops Backing Track)
Make The Music Magic
The Man In The Rexine Suit
Manipulating The Phonograph

Man Machine

Man Of Dreams
Man On Fire

Man Or Astroman (Cat Or Mouse)

The Man Who Dreamed Of Glory

The Man Who Haunted Himself
The Man Who Was Tomorrow

March Of The Metaphysicians

Marine Drive
Mars Welcomes Careful Drivers
The Martian Boulevardier
The Marvellous Model Kit

Marvellous Realms
Mass Equals Energy
The Mastery Of The Thing
Materialisation Phenomena
Mathematical Prairie

Maybe It's My Eyes​
Maybe It's The Future
Maybe Strange Imagination
Mazda Kaleidoscope

Meanwhile, Elsewhere
The Meat Room

Mechanical City One

Meek And Wild (The Ghost In Joe's Studio)
Melancholia Lagoons

Melancholy Dreams
Memo Recorder Dream Narrative No.1
Memory Babe
Memory Is A Data Cloud Forever Primed With Rain

A Memory Lost

The Memory Museum (Room One)
Memory Skyline
Memory Time No 1:  A Wakefield Adventure
Memory Time No 2:  The Rock N' Roll Years
Memory Time No 3:  Eagle, Beezer, Topper, Beano

Memory Time No 4:  A Dansette Fantasy
Men In Search Of The Milky Bosom

Mercuria Magnetica

Merry And Bright
Merry Are The Wind Blown Crows
Meshes Of The Afternoon
Mess Around
Metaphysical Jerks
Meteor Bridge (Blip No 5)
Method Acting
Mexico City Dream (For Gil Evans)
Migrating Angels
The Milky Way (Burning Bright)
Mill Street Junction (BBC Studio Session)
A Million Moonlight Miles
A Million Whistling Milkmen
Mind Is A Harbour From Which Dreams Set Sail
The Miracle Belongs To You
Miracles To Happen
The Mirror

The Mirror Maker's Daughter (Other Fish To Fry)

Mists Of Time


Mixed Up Kid
Mobile Homes On The Range
Modern Music
Modern Music (Reprise)
The Moment Has Gone
Moments Catch Fire On The Crests Of Waves

Moments Flash Like Stars Between Them

Moments In The Day

Mondo Bravado
Monster Man
Monster Over The Fence
Monsters From Heaven (Flowers And Rain)
A Month Without A Moon (Jupiter in Saggitarius)

The Moon Came In My Window
Moon Gold Palladium

Moonlight Rider​

Moon Over Echo Lake​
Moon Rocket Highway
More Rain
More Than Glory, More Than Gold
Morning's Herald

Mortal Coils​
The Mount Fuji Ice-Cream Factory
Mountains Of The Heart

Move Through This World

Mr. Magnetism Himself
Music For A Victorian Steam Cottage

Music From Another Star
Music In Dreamland

Music In Dreamland (Phonogram Studios Version)
Music Spins My Globe
Mutually Enchanted

My Amigo
My Botticelli Angel

My Catalogue Of Dreams​
My Dark Daemon
My Dream Demon

My Dreamy Life
My Electrical Empire
My Elevated Sweetheart
My Empty Bowl Is Full Of Sky
My Ever Gleaming Dreamertron
My Favourite Atom
My Favourite Urban Chrome-Green Sky
My Intricate Image

My Life In Neon, My Life In Sound
My Little Book Of Secret Knowledge
My Luminous Planet

My New Erotic Guest
My Pal Hal (For Mr. Budd)
My Paranoia
My Philosophy

My Private Cosmos

My Private Cosmos (Part Two)

My Shadow Cast By Midnight Moon
My Ship Is Lost To Semaphore
My Ship Reclines On Clouds Of Sail
My Sputnik Sweetheart


The Mysterious Bath

Mysterious Chemicals Of Love
The Mysterious Echo Chamber Of Priapus Stratocaster

Mysterious Mysterium

Mysterious Object Overhead
Mysterium Magnum (The Great Secret)

The Mystery Demo
Mystery Engine
Mystery Vortex (Oberon Touchstone)

The Mystic

My Sublime Perversion

My Wild Atomic Wedding Day

My Wonder Book Of Wings And Sails

My World Spins







Paging Mr. God
Pagoda Dreamhouse
Painted Boats On Still Waters
Painting Your Sky With Marvellous Birds
Palais Des Marine
Pamela And The Pony Club
Panic In The World

Panic In The World (BBC Studio Session)
Panic In The World (Juan Les Pins Mix)
Parade Of The Inhabitants Of A Phantom Fairground

Paradise And Purgatory
Paradox Jukebox
The Paradox Machine
Parklands Drive
Parks And Fountains, Clouds And Trees
A Parting Of The Ways
The Passion
Past And Present (And The Space Between)
Path Of Return
The Pavilion Of Diana
Pedalscope One
Pedalscope Two
Peppermint Forever
Perdita Rose
Perfect Bliss
Perfect Monsters
A Perfect Night - The Dawn Rejoices
Perfect World

Perfidia 2017
Perfidio Incanto
Phantom Gardens

The Phantom Palace Of The Prince Of Dreams
Phantom Sedan (Theme From Tail-Fin City)
The Phonograph Bird
Photograph (A Beginning)
Photograph: A New Beginning
Piano 45
Piano Angelica
The Piano Room
Picture In A Frame
Picture Perfect
Piece Of Mine (BBC Studio Session)
Pilgrim (Fantasia On A Distantly Remembered Hymn)

Pilots Of Kite
Pink Buddha Blues
Pink Poodle Parade (Organ Version)
Pink Poodle Parade (Piano Version)
Pink Trick Panties
A Place We Pray For

Planet Of Ghosts
Planet Of Guitars
Planet Of Sleeping Buddhas
Planets We Once Knew
The Plastic Flower Show

Plastic Mac

Playing Jesus To Her Judas
Pleasure Bikes
The Pleasure Boaters

Pointing At The Moon
Polishing The Chromes
A Pond For The Moon​
The Pond Yacht
Pondering The Mystery
Popsicle Head-Trip
Portrait Of Jan With Flowers
Portrait Of Jan With Moon And Stars

Possession (BBC Studio Session)
Possession (Demo)
Possession (Rough Mix)
Postcard To A Penfriend
Powder Blue

Prairie Hula
Prayer For The Living
A Prayer To Sleep With Mercurial Women
Prelude: The Night Is Lit By Diamonds
Premium Standard No.1
Pretty Little Bubble Of Dreams
Prima Materia (First Matter)
Prisoner Of Love
A Private View
Prize Of Years
The Profaned Sanctuary Of The Human Heart

Profiles, Hearts, Stars
A Promise Of Perfume
Propellor Of Legend
Pure Imagination (Blip No 8)
Pure Joy
Purple Loop
Push Button Bang
Push The Button, Spin The Dial





Radar In My Heart
Radiant Nature Knows Not The Worker's Sorrow
Radiant Spires
Radiated Robot Men
Radio Andalusia

Radio Control
Radio Rialto
Radio Waves Lap Memory's Shore
Rain And Neon

Rainboy And Whistledog
Rainclouds Over Paris Of My Dreams
Rain Dance

The Raindrop Collector
Rain Falls Fast On Faded Ruin
Rain Falls On Sleepytown

The Rainiest Day In The World
Rain Made Us Shine
Rain On A Caravan Roof

Rain Town
Rambling Through The Meadows (Wonder Wise)
Rapture Parade
Rattlin' Trams
The Real Adventure
Real Gone

Reality Check
The Reality Of Imagination
Real Men With Ray Guns

Realm Of Archons
Realm Of Dusk
Realm Rider
Real Thing This Time
Real Worlds And Dream Worlds
The Receiver And The Fountain Pen
Red Planet Blues (The Ritual Transfiguration Of Spaceman Albert Fitzwilliam Digby)

Reflect On This
Rehearsal Of Thought
Reighton Sands
Relaxin' With Bill At Luxury Lodge
Relaxo Supremo
A Reliable Bicycle And A Map Of The Heart (Trip Two)
The Rest Of The World Rolls By

The Retro Modernist
The Return Of Magnificent
Return To Jazz Of Lights
Revenge Of The Coda Kings
The Revenge Of The Man In The Burning Ice-Cream Van

Reverse Engineering
Reversing Through Willows
Revolt Into Style
Revolving Globes
Rhythm Unit
Riders Of My Love
Riding The Go-Tubes
Right, Then Left
Ringing True
Ripples On A Blue Pool
Rise (Above These Things)
Rise Like A Fountain
The Rise Of Pandemonium And The Fall Of Kingdom Come
Rising Sap
The Ritual Echo
River Of Love

A River On The Edge Of Time

The Road To Elsewhere
Robots On Parade

Rockers Of The Rosy Cross
Rocket Billy Blues
Rocket Cathedrals

Rocket Cathedrals (First Version)
Rocket Rabbit's Secret Dream (Osram Energy Device No.1)
Rocket Science Ranchboy

Rocket To Damascus
Rocket To The Moon
Rocking The Dreamboat
Rolling Home (Yorkshire Raga No.1)
Rooms With Brittle Views
The Rose And The Beast
The Rose Covered Cottage At The End Of Time
Roses And Rocketships
Roses, Haloes, Crown Of Thorns
The Rossetti Effect

Roundabouts And Swings
Royal Blue
Royal Ghosts
The Roy Rogers Radio Ranch​
The Ruins Of Youth, The Twang Of Tomorrow

The Rumbler (For Duane)
Running From My Own Shadow
Rural Shires

Rusty Bells



Sad Feelings
Safe Inside Her Wonderwear
Sail Away

Sailing My Boat
Sailing Through Skies Of Blue
Sailing To The Moon
Sailor Blue
Same Shape, Different Meaning
Sanctus Illuminatus (The Sacred Illuminated)

Saturn's Groove​
The Saxophonist (Demo)
The Saxophonist (Juan Les Pins Version)
Say Hello, Electric Ghost
Scale Model (Assembly Required)
Scenic Elevator
Science And Sacrament

Science Fiction Times
The Science Of Extraordinary Things
Search And Listen
Searching For An Island Off The Coast Of Dreams

Searching For Utopia And Other Shangrilas
Secret Agent At Science Park
Secret Ceremony (Theme From Brond)
Secret Club For Members Only
Secret Song (Oh, Emiko)
Seduction (Ritual With Roses)
See It Through
See-Through Nightie

Self Impersonisation
Sell My Soul
Send The Rain
Senor Mysterioso
September Promenade
Sequinned Skeleton Blues

Serene In Silver
The Serpent Holds The Secret
Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart
Set Your Dials For Dreaming
Seven Keys To This City

17 Electric Women
Seventh Circle
72 Christmases On Planet Earth

Several Famous Orchestras
Sex And Drums And Saxophones
Sex Magic
Sex Party Six
Sex, Psyche, Etcetera
The Shadow Garden
Shadow Haunting Me
Shake It Up
The Shape Of Things To Come
She Dreams Of Fires
She Gave Me Memory
She Sees Me Sleeping​
She Sends Me

She's Got Flower Power​
She's Got Me Floating
She's Got The Power
She Signals From Across The Bay

She's So Extreme
She Swings Skirt
Shibuya Screen
Shifting Sands
The Shimmering Threshold (On Your Bike Emperor Ming)

Shine Your Light
Shining Reflector
The Shining Staircase
Shining Through
Ship In A Bottle Blues (The Modern Mariner)
Ship Of Summer, All Lights Blazing
Ships In The Night

Ships In The Night (Alternate Vocal Version)
Ships In The Night (First Version)
A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain
A Short History Of The Future
Short Wave
The Shot
Shower Of Sparks

Show Home
Science Fiction Times
Signal Destinations
Signalling As We Go
Signals From Earth
Signs And Signals
Signum Natura (Symbolic Nature)
Silent Glides My Armstrong Siddeley
The Silent Hour
Silent Night
The Silver Darkness Whispers Yes
Silver Rain (Marooned In A Fairytale)
Silver Sailboat On Samsara Sea
Silver Sparks And Coloured Stars
Silver Stars Will Shine

Silver Tears
Silvertone Fountains
A Simple Thought Flashes Through My Mind

Sine Waves Singing In A Silver Tower
Sing Ye Golden Sunbeams, Sing
The Singing In The Air Above The Village Green

Singing My Life Away
Sister Seagull

Sister Seagull (BBC Studio Session)
Sisters And Sedan Chairs
The Six Coiled Serpent
Six Legged Critter Singing In The Trees
Six String Skyway
Six Strings For Sara
Skies Are Not Cloudy
Skimming Stones
Skull Baby Cluster
Sky Loop
Sky Scooter
The Sky, The Sea, The Moon And Me
Skylark's Rise
The Sleep Of Hollywood
Sleep That Burns
The Sleeping Body Sings

Sleepless City
Sleepless In The Ticking Dark
Sleepy Snakes
Slinky Incantations
Slippery Loop
Slow Clouds
Slow Jig And Whirligig
Slow, Slow, Slow
Slow Sundays
Small Red Birds
Smoke And Vine
Smoke And Wires
Smoke Drifts Silent In Autumn Air
Snakes With Wings
Snoozy Winks

Snowing Outside
Snow Is Falling
Snow Light

Soakin' In The Bathtub
Soda Fountain Swing
So Far

Soft Light
So Insane And So In Love
So It Goes
Solid Spaces
Soluna Oriana
Some Days It's Orange, Some Days It's Blue​
Some Distant Time
Some Jiggery Pokery
Something's Going On

Sometimes, These Times
Somewhere Else Is Here
Somewhere In Far Tomorrow
Somewhere, Nowhere, Everywhere
The Sonambulist And The Children

A Song Of Heart And Mind
The Song My Silver Planet Sings
Soon September (Another Enchantment)
The Sound From This Recording Travels To The Stars

Sound Track
Space Ace Gets His Girl
Space Country Loop
Space Cowboys​
Spacefleet (The Golden Days Of Dan Dare)

Space Ranch
Spaceship Away!
Spacesuit Parade
Spanish Galleons Cruise The Sunrise
The Spark
Sparkle And Spin
The Sparkle Machine (Phenomena 77)
Sparklette (Blip No 4)
The Sparkling Idea
Sparky And The Spearmint Moon
Spearmint And Moonbeams
Special Metal
The Spectral Waltz Of Venus

Speedboats From Another World
Speed Of The Wind

Speed Of The Wind (Demo)
Spinnin' Around
Spinning Creatures
Spinning Dizzy On The Dial
Spinning Pentagrams
Spinning Planet
The Spirit Cannot Fail
A Spirit Map Of Montparnasse
The Spirit That Remembers
Spooks In The Shed
Spooky Little Thing
Springtime Comes A Dancing
Spring Will Come

Spy Vs Spy
Squeaky Toytown
Stage Whispers

Stage Whispers (BBC Studio Session)
Staircase To No Place
Standard Fireworks
The Standard Fireworks Stomp

Stand By: Light Coming...
Standing In A Starlit Room
Standing On Tiptoes, Reaching For The Sky
Stanley Blues Tail
A Star Named Desire
Star Sugar Sky
Stargazing Whilst Smoking An Imaginary Pipe (Pipedreams)

Starlight And Moonbeams
Starlight Stories
Stars Will Shine
Start Beaming And Get On The Gleam
Station Clock In Cloud Of Steam
Stay With Me
Stay Young
Steam Radio Blues
Steamboat In The Clouds
Stereo Star Map Number One
Stereo Star Map Number Two
Still Shining (BBC Studio Session)
Still Waiting
Stone In Your Palm
Strange And Wonderful (That's My Life)
Stranger Flowers Now Than Ever
The Strangest Things, The Strangest Times
Streamlined Train, Passing Fast

Strictly For The Birds
Strolling With My Father
Strong Enough
Struck Dumb By Beauty Again
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Stupid-Stupid (Deep And Serious)
Substitute Flesh
Suburban Mermaid One Twenty Three
Suburban Pearl

Summer Comes In Colour
Summer Hums In The Bee-Loud Glade
Summer Over Soon
Summer Shower
Summer Woman
Sun At Six Windows

Sun Kings Suffer (As Time Goes By)
Sun Loop

Sunny Bungalows
Sunny Day For A Happy Postman
Sun On Water, Wind In Wire
Sun Will Rise
Superadventure (Sound-On-Sound)

Superenigmatix (BBC Studio Session)

Super-Hyper Hocus Pocus
Super Noodle Number One
The Super-Sensualist
Surf King Sails In
Surreal Estate

Surreal Estate (Demo)
Swan Song
Sway And Swoon
Sweet Dead Bunny
Sweethearts In Swimsuits

Sweet Is The Mystery
Sweet Little Dreamer
Sweet William's Epiphany
Swept Away
Swing Song
Swing With The Rhythm Boys
Switch Off That Desert Sunset
Switch On The Sky, Light Up The Stars
Symphony In Golden Stereo



Take It Off And Thrill Me (Jazzy Option)

Take It Off And Thrill Me (Rock Option)

Tales Of The Intergalactic Glee Club

Talk Technique
Tangle Of Wires
Tears As Diamonds (The Gift Reverses)

Teatime In The Republic Of Dreams

Techno Punk Gets Rhythm

Teenage Archangel
Telepathic Cats
A Telescope Full Of Stars
Tender Encounters (States Of Grace)

Tender Is The Night
Test Card

Test Of Affection

That Old Mysterioso

That Sunburst Sound
That Was A Beautiful Dream, She Said

That Was Then
Theatre Of Falling Leaves
Theme From Uncanny Valley
Themis Aurea

There Are Ghosts Here

There Are Stars Beyond The Night

There Is A Moment

There's A Star Somewhere
These Are The Dreams
These Minutes Are Ours

These Stars Are Fire
These Tall Blue Days (Are Lark Amazed)


They Tell You This, They Tell You That
Thicket And Loam
A Thing About That
Things To Come
Think And You'll Miss It
Third Floor Heaven

Third Floor Heaven (BBC Studio Version)

This And That

This Clockwork World​
This Dangerous Age
This Everyday World (Instrumental Version)

This Everyday World (Vocal Version)

This Gilded Age

This Information Arrives From Dreams
This Is Destiny
This Is Like a Galaxy

This Is Not A Dream
This Is True

This Land Is Haunted
This Leads To That Leads To This

This River Runs Deep
This Very Moment (Version 1)

Thought Bubble No 1

Thought Bubble No 2

Thought Bubble No 3

A Thought For You

A Thought In Passing
Thoughts Travel (For Miles)
Thoughts Without Friction

The Thought That Counts
Thousand Fountain Island

A Thousand, Thousand Ghosts


Through Drifting Clouds

Through My Window

Thunder Blooms In The Heat Bruised Sky

Thunder Heralds The Fairylight Parade
Thunder On The Wing
Thunderous Accordions

Thunder, Perfect Mind

The Ticking Of Time


Tick Tock Ticking
Time In Tokyo

Time Is A Mechanism

Time Is A Thief

Time Is Running Away (The Blue Nowhere)
Times Of Our Lives

Time's Quick-Spun Globe

Time's Tide (The Dreams That Escape Me)

Time Stops Here

Time Stops Right Here

Time Today

Time Tracking

Time Travel For Beginners
Tin Sings Bones
Tingalary Man And The Scarlet Fever Kid
Tiny Aeroplanes
Tiny Little Thing
Tiny Mice Are Dancing In The Cottage Of Her Dreams

Tip The Wink
Tired Eyes
To A Child

To Disappear

To Imagine Is Hard
To Jan From The Shining Stars

Tomorrowland (The Threshold Of 1947)

Tomorrow's World

Tomorrow The World (BBC Studio Session)

Tomorrow Today
Tomorrow Will Not Be Too Late

Tongues Of Fire (Resist)
Tonight Picasso Dreams
Tony Goes To Tokyo (And Rides The Bullet Train)

To The Sea In Ships

Touch And Glow

A Touch Of Body And Soul

Tower Of Jewels

To What Strange Place Will This Transport You?

A Town Called Blue Tomorrow

The Toy Trumpet
The Trace We Left When All Was Gone
The Tragedy
Train Of Thought
Train Travelling North
Train With Fins
Transcendental Radios
Transcendental Tittycups
Transformation No. 1
Transformation No. 2
Transition No. 1

Transition No. 2

Transition No. 3

Transition No. 4

Transition No. 5

Transition No. 6 (The Journey)

Transmission (N.B.C. 97293)

Transparent Towers At Dusk

Travelling In Mind

Travels In The Spirit World

The Trees Are Full Of Whistling Birds

The Tree That Dreamed Of Violas

A Trembling In The Air

Trembling Rainbows


The Trip
Trip Thang

Turn Me Over
Turn To Fiction

Tuxedo Moon

The TV's On The Blink​
Twang Rings True

The Twentieth Century

The 21st Century
23,000 Feet In The Air
Twice In A Blue Moon
Twilight And The River
Twilight Capers

Twilight Crescent

Twilight Planetarium
Two Brothers Test The Kite Flying Winds

Two Hearts Beating

2000 Miles To Midnight (My Ghost Burns Fire)