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Signals From Realms of Light

Bill Nelson

album - 1 October 2011

Signals From Realms Of Light - Cover
Signals From Realms of Light page 2
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Signals From Realms of Light inner tray


01)  I Am The Universe

02)  Past And Present (And The Space Between)

03)  Beam Service

04)  The Spirit That Remembers

05)  Happy Realms Of Light

06)  Days Of Golden Dreams

07)  Dark And Bright


Signals From Realms of Light is an instrumental album released on the Sonoluxe label issued in a single print run of 1000 copies. The album's concept was first announced on the Dreamsville forum in June 2011 having grown out of an album titled The Mysterious Echo Chamber of Priapus Stratocaster. A change in musical direction and difficulties in realizing appropriate artwork for an album with that title led to a revised working title of Greetings from the Realms of Light. Nelson then decided that the material he had assembled for the project was best split across two quite different albums, and the tracks initially created with the Priapus Stratocaster album in mind were removed to allow the Signals From Realms of Light album to develop along the lines we know from the finished album.     

Pre-release copies of the album were first made available at the The Art School Ascended on Vapours of Roses event held at Leeds University along with Model Village on the 1st of October, 2011, before going on general release through S.O.S. just 3 days later. 

Signals From Realms of Light sold out in November 2019.


Available for purchase as a digital download in the
Dreamsville Store.

Non-Stop Mystery Action, Theatre of Falling Leaves, Mazda Kaleidoscope, Palace of Strange Voltages,
Gleaming Without Lights, Wah-Wah Galaxy, Dreamland to Starboard, Neptune's Galaxy, Map of Dreams


"It's a hybrid sort of album which, whilst entirely instrumental, (save for several 'found voice' samples), contains long-form, reflective, quite serene moments as well as the aforementioned psychedelic guitar thrashings. The latter serve as interludes for the longer, more introspective pieces but I think the real key to the album will be those much longer, slowly evolving, exploratory tracks...

The new working title is 'Greetings From the Realms of Light'. ('Light' being a recurring theme/symbol in some of the voice samples). As always though, until the album is mastered and manufactured, this could be subject to change!"

"The mood is that of a series of sound paintings, gathered from a romantic, imaginary future that never arrived."


Re: Which album do you consider to be Bill's Magnum Opus? 

"Back against the wall, it has to be Signals From Realms of Light.
A complete Life-affirming 68 minute miracle, delivered sonically in the Bill Nelson Style...No words spoken or delivered - the instrumentation delivers the words if you know the language."


"Possessing everything I love about Bill's abstract instrumental albums - absolutely stunning and full of layers - each time I have the pleasure of playing it I get something new - fantastic..."


"Getting pretty addicted to SFRofL. It's a deep one. Turns the mind into a cinema."

Serge Ruel:

"WARNING/INTICEMENT: Listening to this record will shift your consciousness.
If you want an album that reflects many/many/many of Bill's recent themes and their development; this is the one.
BRAVO/BRAVO - An artistic tour de force!
More than worth the price of admission!
Thanks for keeping on (continuing to develop)!!!"


"I've always loved the way Bill uses samples of voices in his music and these longer pieces contain lots of them. Really nostalgic/atmospheric...(At one stage I was a bit concerned about the repeated use of "recalculating" until I realised it was my Sat Nav telling me I'd taken a wrong turning but it did fit in with the music!!!)"

tom fritz:

"I've just been loving "Past and Present", from Signals From Realms of Light - 22 minutes of "pure joy". A real treat for the guitarists - we're all wired that way. At the 4:00 mark, the e-bow shines in, chills abound & the day starts over."


"I am the Universe"...Just how f*****g good is that blistering guitar sound when it kicks in...the tone, the texture, the body...I literally stopped what I was doing when I heard it the first time, had to savour the moment and not miss a note...Bloody marvellous Mr Nelson!!!"


"Sorry, Fellas, but it's "Beam Service" all the way 'til Friday. Such a perfect soar-worthy, slick-n-slide Bill guitar solo! Only one artist sounds like that!"


"I think Bill's new stuff is truly the best. I oftentimes go back to the old stuff and think, wow, this sounds kind of primitive.  But in a good way, but not so textured and...full. Signals From Realms of Light continues to amaze me, with some of the best damn guitar playing I have heard in a long time. So textured and...full. There's a lot going on there, and it seems to get better with repeated listens. Hooya!"


"Signals From Realms of Light is one of those albums with instant reward. It's got all of the attributes that Nelsonians of all vintages will enjoy.
Gorgeous guitar, chimes, piano, lush synths, cool science fiction type sounds, they're all there in abundance.
An absolute triumph, I am instantly hooked on this album.

"The long form track in particular, "Past and Present (and the Space Between)" is a corker with many a twist and turn and lots of nice guitar...and some nice chilled ambient moments. Buy it !!!"


"This has my favourite found voice piece, without doubt, (possibly my favourite track of all for a single piece of music from any artist ever!) - and when you hear it I'm sure you'll agree that it is outstanding - "Days of Golden Dreams", and my second favourite found voice piece - "The Spirit That Remembers", though my favourite could not exist in its delightful form without the other which comes first on the album.

"Overall an album that is a MUST buy as it really sets a mood as only Mr. Nelson can, and what a great mood. (Listening as I type - typing ceases, listening now! THE TRACK...Ah, Yes! Repeat play for that track! Bravo Mr. Nelson. Always does it for me. Creativity in its finest. Needed that. I feel better now.)"

Paul Andrews:

"Bill unleashed from standard song format to a truly creative peak."

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