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Quiet Bells

Bill Nelson

album - 9 March 2015

Quiet Bells - Cover
Quiet Bells page 2
Quiet Bells inner tray


01)  We Here Who Were There

02)  Vapour Grey

03)  The Day I Dreamed You Up

04)  Shifting Sands

05)  Ocean In The Sky

06)  I Dream Of Waves

07)  Seaglass

08)  Sun On Water, Wind In Wire

09)  The Fields Beyond

10)  Beneath Her Dappled Apple Tree

11)  Chiming Shires

12)  Boy Chases Butterfly

13)  Ghosts Of The Space Age

14)  Transcendental Tittycups

15)  A Perfect Night - The Dawn Rejoices

16)  Theme From Uncanny Valley

17)  Quiet Bells

18)  In Dreams Awake


Quiet Bells is an instrumental album issued in a one-off print run of 500 copies on the Sonoluxe label. The album was the first to be commenced after Nelson had been diagnosed with a hearing problem, and was deliberately styled to be quiet and discrete. Work on Quiet Bells was commenced in July 2014 and was completed by September 2014.

The album was released on 9 March 2015, and like its predecessor, Shining Reflector, sold out in 7 days.  


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.



"This album is a semi-ambient guitar instrumental fantasia, situated somewhere in mood between the Rosewood acoustic albums and the more electric Dreamland to Starboard, And We Fell Into A Dream, and Signals From Realms of Light albums.

"It is predominantly guitar based but with lots of AxeFX processing and features the prototype of my 'Astroluxe' signature guitar. The album contains 18 tracks and enough musical mysterioso to keep you digging deep for many months.

"It is also the first album I've recorded since my uncomfortable and debilitating hearing loss. Working on this album has been a real challenge, difficult and frustrating yet, despite all that, I think it has turned out ok. By the time it has been mastered at Fairview by John Spence, I think you will find that it's more than acceptable! It has a lovely, gentle, ruminative atmosphere which will, I hope, provoke deep thoughts and technicolour dreams."

"John Spence, when we mastered this album, said it was 'thoughtful'. I'll agree with that has some deep and dark stuff going on in it somehow. It's one of the more 'soulful' albums of mine, despite the ambient nature of it."

"The photograph on the back cover of the album, (with the tree and landscape), was taken by me, only a few yards away from my house. Incidentally, the interior photo's of the Buddha statue, (with Emi's flowers), and the Carp pond, (plus the dragonfly image to the right of it), are my photo's too."



"Completely 'blown away' by this (Quiet Bells) - although it's not what I'd expected from reading the above comments.  Very different in texture and sound from previous 'ambient'-leaning guitar instrumentals. Seems experimental, fresh, new, invigorating - the kinds of things you don't expect from an artist who has recorded a hundred or so albums!
How many times have I listened to a new BN album for the first time, and at certain points thought "this is the best thing I've ever heard". I get a lot of that with Quiet Bells - like when I listened to "A Perfect Night - The Dawn Rejoices" first time."

"The first thing that struck me about Quiet Bells was its depth and coherence, given some of the reviews and BN's own typically modest comments about it leading up to its release. In other words, I didn't expect it to be the major album I think it is."


"What a wonderful album it is.

"Bill has applied his ambient sensibilities (think Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights) to his best instrumental guitar compositions (a la Romance of Sustain) to produce a completely new style and mood.

"The music is soothing, relaxing, meditative, introspective. I recommend playing it start to finish, then repeat! I must add that the sonic fidelity is incredible; what a great mix!
You never cease to amaze us, Bill!"


"I've only been able to listen once but I'm amazed at the quality. Even more astounding is that it's been created whilst suffering the hearing problem, I can only assume that we really are in the presence of a gifted musician, not that there has ever been any doubt. I don't usually "get" these style of CDs but this is something much more deeper, as Bill says, it's got soul."


"It hearkens back to the very awesome Rosewood CDs and meanders through Neptune's Galaxy, Silvertone Fountains, and other non-vocal collections. But, it is unique and stands on its own. I have a hunch that this one is one that will continue to grow as the spring and summer nights become more the norm. I told my wife that this one is a "floater" (please remove the first visions that just came to your mind) in that it creates an atmosphere where it augments the visual surroundings and creates a feeling of inner levitation."

Face In The Rain:

"Held off posting anything about Quiet Bells to give myself a chance to listen to it a few times, just in case I was wrong.  But I'm not. It's my favourite BN album. Simple as that. I think that about each new release but this time I mean it. The sound is gorgeous - plus it's Bill doing what he does best which IMHO is noodling away on an axe. Maybe it's because I'm of a certain age and in increasingly contemplative mood but this album just completely hits the spot."


"This album is absolutely beautiful. Nothing short of sublime. The music on this album is seamless in its ability to entertain.

"Thanks so very much Bill, for providing the soundtrack of my dreams for all these years. And, it just gets better all of the time."


"When I die and go to Heaven, and I will 'cos I'm a good boy, this is what I expect to be playing...wonderful music Mr Nelson!"


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