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That Old Mysterioso

Bill Nelson

album - 29 January 2018

That Old Mysterioso - Cover
That Old Mysterioso - Page 2
That Old Mysterioso - Page 3
That Old Mysterioso - Under Tray
That Old Mysterioso - Flyer


01)  Queen Of The Infra-Red

02)  Time Is A Thief

03)  That Old Mysterioso

04)  Reflect On This

05)  A Dizzy Spell

06)  The Nebulous Land Of Nod

07)  Melancholy Dreams

08)  Travels In The Spirit World

09)  What Have We Got To Show For This?

10)  To Disappear

11)  Singing My Life Away

12)  The Man Who Dreamed Of Glory

13)  Loco-Motive (Off The Track)

14)  Trembling Rainbows

15)  Well, Well, Well (Rock N' Roll It)

16)  Celestina Swoons

17)  End Of The Future


That Old Mysterioso is an album mixing vocal pieces and guitar instrumentals released on the Sonoluxe label in a limited print run of 500 copies.  An album with this title was first mentioned on the Dreamsville Forum as long ago as 7 May 2012 but it failed to make much impact into Nelson’s busy schedule that year that would see him undertake the final Nelsonica.

That Old Mysterioso would be referred to again on 10 July 2013 in another post on the Dreamsville Forum in which Nelson referred to it as a tentative title for an incomplete album project that he was then currently assembling. However it appears that material originally earmarked for the original version of That Old Mysterioso would be transferred to other, as yet unconfirmed, projects arising from this time. No further mention of the album by this title would be made by Nelson for over 3 years.

Eventually though, in another post on the Dreamsville Forum dated 6 April 2016, Nelson revealed that a new album, tentatively titled That Old Mysterioso was "sounding good right now" and would go on to confirm that a "15 track album" was complete on 25 April 2016.

By the time Nelson revealed the track listing for the album on 8 May 2016, it had gained an extra track and shortly after that, he added 'Time is a Thief' to finally complete it. Artwork for the album was also commenced around this time, the main image being "a rather sinister and surreal" photo of Nelson taken by Martin Bostock.    


Mastering of the album was undertaken with John Spence on 16 November 2017 at Fairview concurrently with another "download only" album called The Unrealist with the artwork for That Old Mysterioso completed later that month.

The album was released on 29 January 2018.  It only took 7 days to sell out.  The album was then released as a digital download on 15 March 2018.



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Golden Melodies of Tomorrow, Songs for Ghosts, Fantasmatron, Stereo Star Maps, Blip!,
The Dreamshire Chronicles, Perfect Monsters, Electric Atlas, The Awakening of Dr. Dream



Upon having the album mastered, Bill wrote:  "I was very pleasantly surprised by That Old Mysterioso.  I haven't heard it since I completed mixing and assembling the draft running order sometime last year.  But, I have to say that it's sounding very good, far better than I'd remembered.  I'm extremely pleased with it and excited for you to hear it.

John [Spence] said that he thought it would become a firm favourite with fans, though I think it will take several listens to really sink in for most listeners as it's a somewhat oblique and complex album, but also, perhaps, sweet and melodic and warm.


The lyrics, which were written in a 'stream of consciousness' kind of way, seemed opaque at the time of putting them to paper, but now a definite theme seems to have emerged.  Strange how even their author was unaware of their meaning until quite some time after.


So, the concept, or theme, seems to be about my current pre-occupation with ageing, the quickness of time, the fragility of life, the persistence of memory, the shift between reality and dreams, the nature of love and longing and the acceptance of the inevitable.  All wrapped up in a kind of 'psychedelic-prog-jazz,-pop-rock' musical style for want of a better description.  Strangely, (though not planned,) the words, 'drifting away' re-occur on several songs for some reason or other...

But, in other as unusual."


"The visual theme for That Old Mysterioso will be a series of mysterious photographs of myself wearing different face masks."


"This album will sport a fantastic cover photo of me by Martin Bostock.  It's rather sinister and surreal."

"The other photographs in the package will be a number of photographic self-portraits, manipulated by myself."

"The photo's I've taken of myself are heavily treated and have an intensely graphic effect.  I'm wearing various masks for the pictures, most of them strange or weirdly disturbing..."


"That Old Mysterioso is destined, I think, to become one of my favourite things.  It has its own atmosphere but sits

nicely alongside such albums as Golden Melodies of Tomorrow, Fantasmatron, Stereo Star Maps and The Dreamshire Chronicles.

The album is mainly vocal-based but with a sprinkling of instrumentals.  The tracks feature a cosmic combination of guitars, keyboards and electronics.  The front cover features a surreal photograph of myself taken by Martin Bostock and the rest of the package has a range of bizarre self-portraiture.

As always with my work, it will reward repeated listenings and, I'm sure, become one of your favourites as well as mine."



"I have to say, I agree with what Bill wrote back at the time of release...I think it's destined to become one of my favourite albums also!   
I had a couple of listens earlier this evening and it is indeed an instant hit with me. Typical of my personal favourite kind of Bill Nelson album - lush, gentle strings, lovely melodies, beautiful guitar tone...   
It was truly an absolute joy to once again experience the thrill of receiving a new, Bill Nelson, album and be able to instantly put it on the CD is good and balance is restored to the universe once again."


"Very much agree. That Old Mysterioso is album of the year for me so far. Really beautiful songs."

The Sound:

"This is certainly a special album. They all are. However, this strikes me on my first listen to be BN at his pinnacle so far. 'Songs for Ghosts' was resplendent but this improves on that stunning recording. Think I'll give it another play before bedtime."


"After a few detailed listens this seems to be destined to become one of my "go to" albums, without doubt one of the strongest albums released over the past 3 years or so (and that is an impressive feat).
Track 8 - 'Travels In The Spirit World' absolute fire. Tracks like this are why I buy these albums, wonderful evocative music that takes you away and shows you places that you never thought could even exist. Joy...More please.


"There is no bones about it, Bill is relaying that time is ticking, and for us all. The album is full of deep, dark textures, yet has a sentimental beauty about it. So many layers of sound that only Bill can deliver. The maturity of Bill's music has come full swing for me and I am honored and pleased to have come for the ride since the mid 70's."


A great album...'Time Is A Thief' a personal favourite.

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