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Life in Your Hands

Bill Nelson

single - 10 July 1989

Life In Your Hands 12" - Cover
Life In Your Hands 7" - Cover


12" Single:


A1)  Life In Your Hands

A2)  Do You Dream In Colour?

B1)  Get Out Of That Hole

B2)  My Dream Demon

7" Promotional Single:


A)  Do You Dream In Colour?

B)  Life In Your Hands


Life in Your Hands was a non-album single, which would be included on the Duplex compilation set a few months after its release. "Do You Dream in Colour?" was the recording from the original single in 1980. B1 & B2 were non-album tracks.


This would turn out to be the final official Nelson single issued on vinyl, and Nelson's last single for Cocteau Records before the label was dissolved in 1990. The single exists in two formats, 7" and 12", with the former being believed to be a promo.

The 7" pressing in a die cut Cocteau sleeve features exclusive edited versions of both "Do You Dream in Colour?" and "Life in Your Hands". It is believed that the edit in "Do You Dream in Colour?" (removing the line "Video Junkie Looking for a Fix") was done to encourage BBC Radio 1 to play the song.



"Life in Your Hands" was included on the now out of print albums Duplex and The Strangest Things compilations.
Up until 2020, B1 & B2 had not been released elsewhere, but are 
available now on Transcorder.


B1 & B2 are available as bonus tracks on the retrospective compilation album Transcorder (The Acquitted By Mirrors Recordings).



"If I remember correctly, the sax on "Life in Your Hands" is myself, playing a sax sound from an Emax emulator keyboard."

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