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And We Fell Into A Dream

Bill Nelson

album - 27 October 2007

And We Fell Into A Dream - Cover
And We Fell page 2
And We Fell page 4
And We Fell inner tray


01)  And We Fell Into A Dream

02)  Somewhere In Far Tomorrow

03)  Fever Dream Of The Starlight Man

04)  The Raindrop Collector

05)  Night Song Of The Last Tram

06)  Dreamt I Was Floating In A Summer Sky

07)  The House At The End Of Memory Lane

08)  A Line Of Trees Gives Rise To Thought

09)  Blue Amorini

10)  Here Come The Rain Comets

11)  Cloudy Billows Kiss The Moon

12)  The Rose Covered Cottage At The End Of Time

13)  Streamlined Train, Passing Fast

14)  At Home In High Clouds

15)  Chapel Of Chimes


And We Fell into a Dream is an instrumental album issued on the Sonoluxe label in a single print run of 1000 copies.

Work on the album was effectively commenced in mid-2007 when Nelson was developing an album project called Frankie Ukelele and the Fire in the Lake. Before that album had been fully realised much of the completed material was transferred to the And We Fell into a Dream album, with the residual material initially retained for a revised Frankie Ukelele album which fragmented further into a number of albums including Silvertone Fountains and Illuminated at Dusk.

The album was issued at Nelsonica '07 with remaining stock then sold through SOS. The track "At Home in High Clouds" is erroneously listed as "At Home in the Clouds" on the artwork due to a proof reading error made during production. It was announced on 6 January 2016 that the album had sold out.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Gleaming Without Lights, Dreamland to Starboard, Loom, Astroloops, Quiet Bells, Neptune's Galaxy,
Mazda Kaleidoscope, The Awakening of Dr Dream, Rosewood One, Rosewood Two


"Several of the tracks are from the same sessions that produced the Gleaming Without Lights album...AWFIAD uses exactly the same instrumentation as Gleaming but offers a more deliberately 'composed', melodic, economical path."

"The similarities to Dreamland to Starboard are deliberate but there's a more minimal element at work here. There's more of a minor key feel, a touch of melancholy, even a hint of 'unease', (especially in "Fever Dream"). Dreamland, by contrast, has a lighter mood, is generally a 'sunny' album. And We Fell Into A Dream purposely plays the moon card in response to this. Dreamland is Solar, Fell Into A Dream is Lunar. They're complementary works, two sides of one coin.

"More and more, my music is cross-referenced. Albums are not made in isolation but as components in one epic structure.  There's a web of connections, a grid on which ideas are passed back and forth and modulated and modified."



"Whilst all of BN's albums are hugely enjoyable there are certain releases that, in my opinion, can be classed as 'career peaks'. In recent years I personally think Romance, Dreamland and Sailor Bill are in this category. (Possibly Plaything and Rosewood?). Well, I think Dream is another. It is absolutely wonderful...The top line melodies are rather gorgeous, but I think the real pleasure (as is often the case) is what is going on BEHIND the guitar/piano melody. Personal preference I guess, but the noises/sounds/instruments etc that often come in and out of the mix are fascinating to listen to."


"The little touches, the subtle musical elements and the fun little whirs and buzzes and swooshes...they add delightful character and depth that no one else equals. I think of them as part of the "Bill Nelson-ness" of Bill's music..."

"This is a beautiful it from beginning to end."

steve lyles:

"It is a magical experience...almost too rich to take in in one sitting...even for me. It is one of Bill's richest musical paintings...a masterpiece."

Johnny Jazz:

"This CD is very special...It's bloody lovely. Ambient soundscapes, a retro, jazzy feel. I love it"


"Bill - the jazz elements are definitely there, as are many of your signature sounds and motifs that echo other recent albums. The thing that I find really striking about this album though is the way you deploy those different aspects of your arsenal. I get an overwhelming sense of the absence or stripping away of certain sounds, almost like there is just enough of something to remind me how little it is used, or that it suggests more than it actually reveals. I feel like you are minimising or stripping away familiar themes to reveal new sounds and experiences, but even the new stuff is presented in a spare, almost austere fashion...It's like you are paring away layers to get to an essential sound, reducing and concentrating the experience...An outstanding record all around for me."

Kalamazoo Kid:

"AWFIAD is certainly beautiful...Like Gleaming Without Lights, it is understated but intricate, quiet but large.  Enveloping."

"I think the gradual drift of Nelson's music has been away from the traditionally structured song into a far more narrative mode, in which the song unfolds with evident themes and variations, but also with a gradual development that is strongly beginning-middle-end...Seriously, I think that he has cast off traditional forms far more than in the past. In the instrumentals this ranges from a fairly constrained investigation of improvisational possibilities and minimalist patterns to very systematic constructions that justify Nelson's comparison of Gleaming Without Lights to "progressive" music...
On And We Fell Into a Dream, he seems to want to pare it down to a minimum, while still filling up the composition to a maximum. At a distance, this album can be enjoyed the same way as Simplex. But up close, it's often as active as Atom Shop."

wonder toy:

"What an excellent album!!! SO much great stuff from top to bottom...This is one of those records that when you first listen to it you never want it to end."


"This album has some cracking stuff on it and every time I listen to it I hear something new to excite me. I think this one will last the test of time and be added to my personal faves in years to come. Great stuff Bill."

Radium Girl:

"What a perfect title for this gorgeous ensemble. I did fall into a dream that day, and in fact - I'm still in it! I am particularly in love with "Fever Dream of The Starlight Man" at the moment. Though I have to admit every time "The Raindrop Collector" starts I get the most exquisite shudder all the way through me."


"Fever Dream of The Starlight Man": "Oooooooo! What a tasty, jazzy, smooth as glass groove. Bill solos on that one like a mother! The man can play jazz."


"And We Fell Into A Dream may be the standout release of the Twenty-First Century for Bill.
Tops my list. "The Raindrop Collector", "Fever Dream of the Starlight Man", "A Line of Trees Gives Rise to Thought" and more.
Classic in every way."


"One of Bill's absolute, absolute best guitar instrumental albums."


"It may be Bill's most romantic sounding music, AND on top of that his sexiest album cover. Everybody on this planet should own a copy of And We Fell Into A Dream. And THAT'S the bottom line!"

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