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Bill Nelson

album - 15 June 2013

Blip - Cover
Blip! page 4
Blip! inner tray


01)  Bats At Bedtime

02)  You Do Like Music? (Blip No 1)

03)  Where You Is, Is Where You Are

04)  Bell Weather (Blip No 2)

05)  Your Name Completes This Frequency

06)  A Dream Of Thee (Blip No 3)

07)  The Fabulous Mr Futurismo

08)  Sparklette (Blip No 4)

09)  Your Sexy Thunder

10)  Meteor Bridge (Blip No 5)

11)  In A Cloud Of Stars

12)  Bright And Glittering (Blip No 6)

13)  Whirlwind Winters Wind The Clocks Of Spring

14)  Flutterbye (Blip No 7)

15)  Painting Your Sky With Marvellous Birds

16)  Pure Imagination (Blip No 8)

17)  No Two Thoughts

18)  Aeolian Magic (Blip No 9)

19)  Darling Star

20)  Dazzle (Blip No 10)

21)  After All These Years

22)  I Danced In A Dream (Blip No 11)


Blip! is an album mixing vocal and instrumental pieces, issued in a one off print run of 500 copies released on the Sonoluxe label. From this point onwards, Nelson would limit most of his releases to 500 copies.    

The material recorded for Blip! began life as part of a project called Grand Auditoria, which was initially revealed to the Dreamsville community in July 2012. When Nelson reviewed the work completed to date though in March 2013, he considered the material to be unsuitable for the original concept behand Grand Auditoria, and renamed the album Blip!.

The finished album was premiered at a special launch party held at Leeds University on 15 June 2013, attended by approximately 150 guests. Included in the ticket price was a copy of Blip!, and everyone who attended the event was given a free companion CDR of out-takes, entitled Blip 2 (See separate entry). The remaining 350 or so copies of Blip! went on general release through S.O.S. two days after the launch party, and were reported as sold out on 24 June 2013.

The superfast sales of Blip! led to a few dissenting voices on the Dreamsville forum, mainly linked to the inevitable appearance of copies on eBay at inflated prices, which led in turn to Nelson quickly releasing the album as a digital download on 26 July 2013.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.


Joy Through Amplification, Blip 2, Stereo Star Maps, Shining Reflector, Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms,
Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus, Romance of Sustain, Fables and Dreamsongs,
Dreamshire Chronicles


"The Grand Auditoria album I was working on was originally intended to be a compendium of as many of the various styles of music I've created over the years as I could cram onto a disc, (at least without it turning into some sort of self parody).  Well, that was my intention, but, for some reason it didn't quite work out that way...The Muse seems to have had different ideas and instead I ended up with a skewed pop-rock album which, as you probably know, I've recently titled Blip!"

"Hmmm...wrong-footed by the Muse again...Naughty girl!"

"I think that the album needs a few short instrumental interludes in between the vocal pieces to break things up a bit, (in similar fashion to the instrumentals between the vocal tracks on the Joy Through Amplification, album, but, of course, in a different style).

"I've just finished recording the first of these little instrumentals. This is titled "Blip One". It's a kitsch, mad little waltz, very short and designed to make you smile. I'll begin mixing it this evening. I think once I've scattered several cute instrumentals between the other pop-rock vocal tracks, 'BLIP' will be a fun album."

"The vocal tracks are generally in a sort of pop-rock style, but with the usual skewed approach you would expect of me. The instrumentals, (which occur between the vocal tracks), are quite short, melodic and synth/keyboard-based and radiate a quirky charm. Whilst they are totally different to the instrumental moods on the Joy Through Amplification album, they function in a similar fashion, acting as an 'album within an album', a kind of between main courses musical sorbet."


Bill's Listening Notes for the album: 'Blip!' Listening Notes



"Bill, you've outdone yourself this time. I can't remember when I was this elated listening to one of your new albums. Not to say I don't love them all now, but this one hit me HARD."

"I'm honestly not just saying this, but I think this is one of Bill's best. Lots of vocals and electric guitar, which I like, but also a lot of everything else <plenty of synths!> tossed into the mix make this some tasty head candy for the ears. Love the short "Blip" musical interludes between each song - even though all 22 tracks are nothing alike, they all fit together into a unified piece. I highly recommend reading Bill's album notes while you are listening - his way with words is just as imaginative and talented as his musical creativeness. Can't remember the last time I put on an album, sat back, looked out the window and just listened to it straight through with a big smile on my face half the time and the other half shaking my head in wonder/disbelief."

Man in the rexine pyjamas:

"I just want to go on record as saying it is a corker. Twenty two tracks, eleven songs and eleven instumentals (or Blips!).  Some fantastic songs that I'm humming already after only a couple of plays (probably the bluesy "Your Sexy Thunder" being my favourite). The Blips are the really interesting pieces, and if I had a wish, it would be that Bill takes one or two of these quite brilliant musical ideas and runs with them to twenty odd minute pieces. Heaven!"

"It is a very strong album indeed, like most of Bill's work, giving you more the more you hear it. I would say I prefer it to JTA, and that is very strong praise indeed in my book (like trying to chose your favourite child)."

tom fritz:

"I've been "Blip" - ing out of my mind. How does one guy make so much happen, in the space of one song? So fantastic, no words really. The inspiration is strong, that's for certain. Thanks Bill!" 


"You Do Like Music": "is top stuff...that slightly sinister carnivalesque sound coupled with a seemingly innocent question...but repeated to the same sinister effect as the voice continues...reminds me of the old Twilight Zone for some reason...deliciously creepy is my interpretation!!
As always, the music on these two grows with those all important repeated listenings...'familiarity breeds content" as it were."


"Overall, I can confidently say that Blip! will be a hit with anyone who particularly enjoys Bill's more upbeat, up-tempo pop/rock music. There are some great lyrical, melodic and guitartastic moments, but also some great synth.
The album certainly deserves to have sold so quickly."


"I do think, after all these years, that I love your music when you are in 'Playful' mode the best. This latest batch of tunes reminds me in spirit of things like Atom Shop, Whimsy and Noise Candy before it, like you are just having a blast knocking out these little tunes and that sense of fun is so infectious, I can't stop listening to it.
I love the Blip concept too. I think the Blips are just as strong as the pop tunes...Nobody makes noises like your particular noises."

December Man:

Bill's Magnum Opus?: "Blip!  It just has everything I've come to love about Bill's music and more..."

"It feels like a retro-future mixture of Bill's and "progressive" music's full potential."

"It's as if Bill has meshed together all of his musical influences, styles and experiences and the sum total of these various parts have all coalesced into one amazing inevitable whole! Loving this, Bill!"


"After listening to quite a few 21st century BN releases, I have to say that Blip! stands out as a high-point in the catalog. It's got a little of everything but at just the right dosage. The little Blips that peep in between songs are a nice little EP, if you choose to look at it that way. The vocal songs that makes up the bulk of this album also rank among my personal favorites.  Note the brash opener, the smoky love song, and all those winking smiles you can't help but responding to. Let's not forget Bill's delivery: sentiment, cadence and words all coalesce perfectly across this record. I also can't help but praise the well-implemented (but never merely incidental or overly-dominating) guitar work.

"Am I praising the balance or the excess? I have no idea. I just know that if I had to recommend one Bill Nelson disc from the current crop, Blip! would be it."

Face In The Rain:

"Have just downloaded both Blips and have been completely blown away. Bill is always good but this is just fabulous stuff. Was shaking my head in wonder so much that my good wife thought the download had crashed the system!"

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