Youth of Nation on Fire

Bill Nelson

single - 29 May 1981

Youth Of Nation On Fire D7" - Cover


7" Single:


A)  Youth Of Nation On Fire

B)  Be My Dynamo

Double 7" Single:


A)  Youth Of Nation On Fire

B)  Be My Dynamo

C)  Rooms With Brittle Views

D)  All My Wives Were Iron



A) is an edited version from the recently released Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam album.
B, C and D) were non-album tracks, B) and D) having been previously unreleased.
C) had a few drumbeats edited off the intro of the original single.


Youth of Nation on Fire was the third single taken from Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam

With a running time of 3' 00", "Youth of Nation on Fire" was slightly sped up for 7" release, and faded out a full minute from the end of the track compared to the album version. This edit remains exclusive to the 7" pressings.

The double 7" single was the more desirable in 1981 - it coming with the extra disc. And for those not used to using mail order facilities, it presented a more practical solution to getting hold of the "Rooms with Brittle Views" track. When included on compilation albums or as a bonus track, the full length intro is favoured.


B, C and D) were all available on The Two Fold Aspect of Everything comp (unfortunately out of print).


B) Added to the remastered 2005 CD reissue of Quit Dreaming, and The Practice of Everyday Life box (2011).
C & D) were included on the remastered 2005 CD reissue of Quit Dreaming.



"The thought of whether something was 'cool' or not never crossed my mind when I made those [first two] albums. I was just, to use a phrase from a Les Paul documentary, 'chasing sound.' The guiding principle has always been the music, rather than any desire for rock industry celebrity. That's my approach now as ever.

"I'm just chasing something that interests me, something that feels true to my own life, both as a person and as a musician.  What the media or the industry might consider 'cool' is neither here nor there. I'm in this for the long haul...not the brief trot down some vague fashion catwalk."

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