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Mixed Up Kid

Bill Nelson

album - 3 December 2021

Mixed Up Kid - Cover
Bill Nelson - Mixed Up Kid - Visual (Burning Shed - Andy Futter)
Mixed Up Kid - Early Cover Design


01)  Aeroplane Mind

02)  The Autumn Balloonist

03)  A Pond For The Moon

04)  Channel Surfing

05)  Flowers And Stars

06)  Saturn's Groove

07)  She Sees Me Sleeping

08)  Switchback

09)  Maybe It's My Eyes

10)  The Enchanted Cathedral

11)  She's Got Flower Power

12)  Nowhere In Particular

13)  Mixed Up Kid

14)  Far Beyond The West Of Me

15)  This Information Arrives From Dreams

16)  Wild And Serene

17)  Moon Over Echo Lake

18)  A Touch Of Body And Soul

19)  Longing For Light


Mixed Up Kid is an album comprising a mixture of song based and instrumental material issued on the Sonoluxe label as a limited edition of 1000 copies.

The material was recorded between August and October 2021 immediately on completion of My Private Cosmos.

Mixed Up Kid is the fourth Bill Nelson album to be released since he moved to his Cubase recording set-up assembled in 2019. 

Plans for the album were first announced on the Dreamsville website in a forum post on 8 September 2021 in which Nelson referred to it as a "mystery album" available for download before the appearance of My Private Cosmos

On 27 September 2021 Nelson announced in a further forum post that he had recorded and mixed 12 tracks for the album, now titled Mixed Up Kid, but that he was still deciding on the track listing. 

However, anyone assuming that the album was finalised were informed to the contrary on 8 October 2021 when Nelson confirmed that a further 3 songs had been completed with another song being worked on.  

On 23 October 2021 Nelson revealed further developments in this project, the most notable being that it would appear as physical CD release rather than as a download. Nelson also confirmed that he had completed 19 songs for the album but intended that only 18 of these would make the final cut (assuming there was enough space on single CD to fit them all on). In fact, Nelson had mis-numbered his final running order meaning that 19 songs were indeed destined to feature on it.

Mixed Up Kid was mastered at Fairview Studios by John Spence on 1 November 2021 with the artwork, prepared by Martin Bostock as usual, already underway.  

Pre-orders for Mixed Up Kid were announced by Burning Shed on 11 November 2021 with it appearing on 3 December.


Available for purchase here in the Dreamsville Store.


"You could think of this album as a kind of 'prequel' or even a sequel to My Private Cosmos (though I'm hoping to release it prior to that massive six disc set.) The Mixed Up Kid title comes partly from the fact that the album is a mix of styles with instrumental and vocal tracks covering a range of genres, from meditative, introspect to jazz funk, pop and rock. It's an interesting listen..."


"I headed over to Fairview Studio today to transfer all the tracks to the studio's's computer in readiness for the mastering process under the watchful ear of my buddy John Spence...Listened back to the tracks on Fairview's big monitor speakers which reveal a lot of detail that isn't always available on my home studio system. But, thankfully, the tracks sound pretty good."


"I chose the title of this album simply because it is, when all's said and done, an eclectic mix of tracks without adherence to any one particular genre. In that sense it certainly is a 'mixed up' album!

On another level, the title harks back to my 1950's childhood when the term 'mixed up kid' was often applied to any child who didn't quite fit the behaviour patterns expected of children back then. I've never thought of myself as a 'mixed up kid', (though others may have done), but my tastes in music are wide and eclectic and I suppose, in that respect, they could be categorised as somewhat mixed up.

I've always enjoyed fusing different genres together and I try not to lock music into tightly defined categories. Most of my work has taken that approach and this album is no different. These days, in music at least, there's no need to show your passport at the frontier. So, sit back, listen and enjoy the kaleidoscopic Mixed Up Kid!"

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