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The Rumbler

Bill Nelson

download single - 30 October 2017

The Rumbler - Cover


01)  The Rumbler
02)  Perfidia 2017


'The Rumbler' and 'Perfidia 2017' are two exclusive instrumentals issued as a free 2 track digital single in honor of the launch of Bill Nelson's new website. Thus it also became the first single released on the new Dreamsville Download page.

The track 'The Rumbler' was initially recorder for a compilation CD to be released by Hallmark Guitars.

Unfortunately, Bill didn't quite get round to sending them the track in time for the production of the CD.


Available as a free digital download on this page, or in the
Free Downloads section.


On "Perfidia": "I have, somewhere on vinyl, the Ventures and Shadows versions but, to be honest, I couldn't be bothered to dig them out to check the correct way to play it, so I 'busked' my version from memory, (and it's a memory going back to the 'sixties so not particularly reliable!)

Because of that, my version isn't a note perfect rendition of the tune, plus I also added a sort of psychedelic break in a couple of places, plus a slightly more modern sounding drum/percussion track, but, it seems to work ok, despite me taking certain liberties with it!

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