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Fables And Dreamsongs

Bill Nelson

album - 26 November 2010

Fables And Dreamsongs - Cover
Fables and Dreamsongs page 3
Fables and Dreamsongs page 4
Fables and Dreamsongs inner tray


01)  A Window Open Onto Eden

02)  Wireless World

03)  Machines Of Loving Grace

04)  Indoor Astronomy (Bella Luna)

05)  The Shining Staircase

06)  My Wonder Book Of Wings And Sails

07)  Beautiful Diamonds Are Falling From The Clouds

08)  Stranger Flowers Now Than Ever

09)  Way Back When

10)  The Drawing Room

11)  Pondering The Mystery

12)  Moon Gold Palladium


Fables and Dreamsongs (A Golden Book of Experimental Ballads) features a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks. It was released on the Sonoluxe label in a single print run of 1000 copies. The album had begun life with a working title of Moon Gold Palladium, but Nelson revised his plans in the summer of 2010. The album was initially made available on pre-release on the same day as Nelsonica ‘10 before going on general sale 5 days later through SOS.

Fables And Dreamsongs sold out in September 2019.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.

Theatre of Falling Leaves, Non-Stop Mystery Action, Palace of Strange VoltagesLuxury Wonder Moments,

Golden Melodies of Tomorrow, Sailor Bill, Dreamshire Chronicles,, Stereo Star Maps


"An album for thinkers, dreamers and poets, though not one that surrenders much to the mainstream."

"Fables and Dreamsongs was inspired, in part, from the 'Golden Wonder Books' that my mother owned as a child, and from which she read to me when I was a little boy. These thick, beautifully illustrated compendiums contained classic fables and stories by Britains best authors and artists. Looking at them now, what strikes me is how high the standard of writing was. The vocabulary used, (though they were children's stories), was so much more sophisticated than our modern day approach to children's literature. I suspect that many of these tales would prove difficult for contemporary adults to grasp, let alone children. There certainly was no 'talking down' involved. Back when these books were published, in the 1920s and '30s, the elegance, descriptive and emotive properties of the English language magically connected with children, even at an early age. (Well, they certainly did with me, thanks to my mother reading to me from these books when I was still an infant.)

So, whilst Fables and Dreamsongs is a book of experimental ballads, it is also firmly rooted in the feelings I had when I sat by my mother's side as an infant, as she read to me from these wonderful collections of classic children's literature."

"Two of the pieces, "Machines of Loving Grace" and "Stranger Flowers Now Than Ever" were actually premiered live as part of the 'Orchestra Futura' set at Nelsonica '09. The versions on Fables and Dreamsongs are solo studio versions. "The Drawing Room" was first performed as part of my solo live set at Nelsonica '09. Again, this is a studio version of the piece. None of the other tracks have been heard outside of my studio before."



"Totally different, unexpected, psychedelic and utterly mind-blowing is my reaction to this album after just a few listens.  But really it's too early to comment for me, as this seems like a very complex, sophisticated masterpiece. The first track alone (a quite stunningly wonderful experience) contains enough richness to fill a whole album, but that's only the beginning..."

"Fables and Dreamsongs is Be Bop Deluxe on acid. Unmissable."


"Fables and Dreamsongs is definitely a trip. "For madmen only", as was the club found by the Steppenwolf. Complete with weeping werewolves and machines of loving grace. This is some great stuff !"


"I love this album to bits, the musical equivalent of Halloween orange flickering on the back parlour wall...a f@xxing classic!"


"A very accessible, beautifully melodic and satisfying record. "Moon Gold Palladium", for instance, could easily be Be Bop Deluxe from an alternative universe where some of the parameters have been tinkered with a little (in a good, weird way)."


"Had a first listen last night and was pretty much blown away, and dare I say "surprised"? This is uniquely different for Bill. Not so much jazzy or bluesy with some beautiful, yet edgy, ambient soundscapes and some down right rockin'  drums. Nice mix of vocals here and there. Fantastic sound quality. I seem to recall Bill saying this is a cross between Sailor Bill and Golden Melodies, and that is an apt description (if he didn't say it, then I did!). This is one to play for the friends who need converting. Great stuff!!!"

Wasp In Aspic:

"This one could just be one of Bill's most special albums. I would place it near the nexus of Sailor Bill, Golden Melodies of Tomorrow, and Non-Stop Mystery Action. It has a winning balance between enchanted instrumental tracks and passages and beautiful romantic songs."


"Must say I am rather taken by Fables. One of those albums which is initially very likable and then after a few more plays starts to really hit the spot.

How to describe it? Whilst it has moments that remind me of Sailor Bill and Golden Melodies, it is more pastoral and dreamlike and, in places, rather strange and mysterious...

For some reason I keep thinking it could be the perfect soundtrack to accompany you whilst walking round an old stately home. One that is occupied, but you never see the occupants and one that carries many memories...Does that make sense?"


"Fables and Dreamsongs immediately gripped me. It seems indeed to be a continuation of Sailor Bill and Golden Melodies, but it is perhaps even more introspective and heartfelt. I like the slow tempo of the album, and its musical complexity, with some quite long tracks which nevertheless seem very accessible. "Moon Gold Palladium" is stunning, but it's only the final highlight of what seems to me one of the best Nelson albums of the last few years."


"Fables and Dreamsongs is a gem of an album, and "Beautiful Diamonds..." is one of my absolute favourite songs, by anyone!"

"Completely blew my socks off!"

Tourist in Wonderland:

"I think, for the want of better words, Bill has really gone to a different level with this one, and for me, it is rapidly shaping to become one of Mr.N's greatest works. I do not use these words lightly, a masterpiece...and I would urge any Bill Nelson fan who hasn't got this one yet, to get a won't regret it."

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