Panic in the World

Be Bop Deluxe

single - 9 January 1978

Panic in the World single


A)  Panic In The World

B)  Blue As A Jewel



A)  Edited version of the Drastic Plastic album cut.
B)  Non-album cut stemming from the Drastic Plastic sessions.


Panic in the World was the ninth Be Bop Deluxe single issued during the band's existence.  The single came in a generic record company sleeve.  UK Promo copies exist with the words Demo Record Not For Sale and a large 'A' printed on the label.  In North America Mono/Stereo promo copies were pressed (separately in US and Canada) to encourage airplay on both AM and FM radio.



Both tracks would be included on the Singles As and Bs compilation (1981), and "Panic in the World" would find its way onto the Bill Nelson's Be Bop Deluxe 7" EP included in the Permanent Flame Box Set (1982) and on the re-promoted stand-alone 12" EP on Cocteau in September 1983, with an extra track "Jean Cocteau".  "Blue as A Jewel" would first re-appear on the Best of and the Rest of Be Bop Deluxe double album issued later in 1978, before being added as a bonus track to the Modern Music album when it was issued on CD in 1991.


The single is long deleted, but the edited version of "Panic in the World" can be found on the Futurist Manifesto 1974-1978 box set (2012), both in physical form and as a digital download.

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