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retrospective collection - 14 February 2001

Bill Nelson

Electrotype cover


01)  Global Village - Dear Mr. Fantasy

02)  Global Village - Long Grey Mare

03)  Global Village - You Don't Love Me

04)  Global Village - 598 Rundown

05)  Global Village - Babe

06)  Global Village - Stanley Blues Tail

07)  Global Village - Keep Your Feathers Fine 1

08)  Global Village - Country Season

09)  Global Village - Keep Your Feathers Fine 2

10)  Global Village - Young Eyes

11)  Global Village - Batch #70172

12)  Global Village - Summer Woman

13)  Be Bop Deluxe - Riders Of My Love

14)  Be Bop Deluxe - Jet Silver & The Dolls Of Venus

15)  Be Bop Deluxe - Be-Bop-Bac

16)  Be Bop Deluxe - If Stars Should Fall

17)  Be Bop Deluxe - After The Stars

18)  Be Bop Deluxe - So Insane And So In Love

19)  Be Bop Deluxe - Night Creatures

20)  Chris Coombs - Yesterday

21.1)  Chris Coombs - Cold Tired And Hungry

21.2)  (Unlisted Track)


Electrotype is an archive release taken from acetates and 2 track recordings made at Holyground Studios in Wakefield between 1968 and 1972 compiled by Mike Levon, who sadly passed away on 5 September 2011.

For anyone who had read Nelson's personal reminiscences of his earliest somewhat amateur recordings and wondered what these various outfits sounded like, then this CD provides most of the answers. Coming with an informative and superbly illustrated booklet, that perfectly reflects the times when this music was made, Electrotype (together with Nelson's 1971 debut album Northern Dream) tells the story of Nelson's formative years in wonderful detail.   

The inclusion of seven Be Bop Deluxe demos from 1972 (ignore the 1971 date claimed for some of these, as this is an error) should be enough to attract any Nelson fan but the entire collection is a fascinating glimpse of the Holyground years that fleshes out his formative years with tracks from Global Village and Be Bop Deluxe. The inclusion of 2 tracks by Chris Coombs on which Nelson guests is of interest to only those who have to own everything Nelson recorded.



None of this material was previously available.


This collection can be purchased directly from Holyground (

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