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Maid in Heaven

Be-Bop Deluxe

single - 20 June 1975

Maid In Heaven - Cover


A)  Maid In Heaven
B)  Lights



"Maid in Heaven" was lifted directly off the Futurama album, whereas "Lights" was the same version of the non-album cut that had appeared as the 'B' side of the previous single.


Maid in Heaven was the fourth Be Bop Deluxe single issued during the band's existence. The single was issued in a generic record company sleeve. UK Promo copies exist with the words "Demo Record Not For Sale" and a large 'A' printed on the label. US Mono/Stereo promo copies were pressed to encourage airplay on both AM and FM radio.



Both tracks would be included on The Best of and the Rest of Be Bop Deluxe double album (1978), and the Singles As and Bs compilation (1981). "Lights" would appear on CD as a bonus track added to Drastic Plastic (1991).


The single is long deleted, but both tracks can be found on the Cherry Red/Esoteric Recordings reissue of Futurama (2019) - both in physical form and as a digital download.

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