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A Million Whistling Milkmen

Bill Nelson

download single - 18 December 2008

A Million Whistling Milkmen - Cover


1)  A Million Whistling Milkmen


"A Million Whistling Milkmen" is a song Bill composed and recorded exclusively for the
Sara's Hope Foundation. The charity's aim was "to provide holiday breaks for children living with cancer, giving them smiles, hope, and precious memories". Fans could download the song in return for a modest donation to the charity. 

The track was premiered at Nelsonica 08 on 1 November 2008, with a special playback of the finished recording in advance of its eventual release on Nelson's 60th birthday.


The track was re-released on a special 'Bill Nelson (Charity Single)' Bandcamp page on 30 October 2023.


Available to purchase from the Bill Nelson (Charity Singles)
Bandcamp page.


"It's about the 'milk of human kindness', using the metaphor of other-worldly milkmen as 'angels' delivering kindness and compassion to the world, fresh each day. It seems ideally suited to Sara's Hope Foundation's goal."


To Ged (Sara's father): "I'm pleased that I've been able to contribute something in some small way. What you are doing, what you HAVE done, is generous and compassionate. Sara, I'm sure, is so proud of you and your family. You've honoured her in such a positive and beautiful manner. I hope that Sara's Foundation will help many families who are suffering from the difficulties that the Foundation was set up to relieve. You're a very special soul and an inspiration."

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