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Revolt Into Style

Bill Nelson's Red Noise

single - 30 March 1979

Revolt Into Style - Cover
Revolt Into Style 7" - Reissue Cover
Revolt Into Style 12" - Reissue Cover


7" Single:

A)  Revolt Into Style

B)  Out Of Touch (Live)

12" Single:

A)  Revolt Into Style

B1)  Stay Young (Live)

B2)  Out Of Touch (Live)

​7" Reissue Single:

A)  Revolt Into Style

B1)  Stay Young

B2)  Furniture Music

​12" Reissue Single:

A1)  Revolt Into Style

A2)  Furniture Music

B1)  Stay Young (Live)

B2)  Out Of Touch (Live)



The studio tracks were identical to the album versions from the preceding Sound-On-Sound album.
The live versions were recorded at Leicester de Montfort Hall on 8 March 1979, and were originally found in studio form on the preceding Sound-On-Sound album.


Revolt into Style was the second and final single to be lifted off the Sound-On-Sound album, and would (reissues aside) turn out to be Nelson's final record under his deal with EMI. The single was issued in 7" and 12"
 formats, and was Nelson's first release on the latter format.

The 7" single was available in a picture sleeve in blue vinyl (limited edition) and black vinyl, and sold sufficiently well to reach No. 69 in the UK charts. The 12" was in standard black vinyl, also in a picture sleeve.

Note that the 7" label states that "Revolt Into Style" was recorded live at Leicester De Montfort Hall, but in fact the version is taken straight from Sound-On-Sound. The tracks on the b-side are live versions, correctly identified as being from the Leicester De Montfort Hall show from 8 March 1979 during Red Noise's only tour (which was comprised of just 12 UK dates). For the tour, the line-up featured Nelson, Andy Clark, Rick Ford and Ian Nelson, with Steve Peer brought in on drums.



Both b-sides were included on the 1989 and 2012 CD reissues of Sound-On-Sound.


All of the single tracks were featured on the 2012 CD reissue of Sound-On-Sound, which is now out of print in physical form, but available as digital download on Amazon and iTunes.

Both b-sides are available on The Practice of Everyday Life box set (2011), which is now out of print in physical form, but available as digital download on Amazon and iTunes.


"The Red Noise album featured myself playing drums on all but four of the songs. I always played drums on my home demos, even for the Be Bop songs, so to keep the feel as close to the demos as possible, I played drums on the actual album too. The four songs I didn't play drums on were taken care of by legendary drummer Dave Mattacks whose playing I had long admired. Those four songs required something a little more 'sophisticated' than my basic drum technique allowed and Dave did an absolutely wonderful job, particularly on the song "Revolt Into Style" which was quite an energetic and challenging piece. I also played some bass guitar on the album and some synth and piano too, though the bass and keys were mainly covered by Rick Ford and Andy Clark respectively. The tracks were mainly recorded in overdubbed layers, rather than as a 'live' band...despite the album's apparent edginess it was a carefully produced thing, tightly controlled with a definite, neo-futuristic style in mind."

"Be Bop didn't make promo videos as they were not considered an essential part of promoting a band at that time so EMI Records never bothered with them. Later, however, I did make a promo video for Red Noise, for the song "Revolt Into Style". Sadly, I never had a copy of it, 'though I believe my ex-manager Mark Rye 'appropriated' a copy when he left his day job at EMI as an A+R man to become more intimately involved with his artist's income. Anyway, the Red Noise video was based around a concept I had of a kind of ironic retro 'swinging London/Carnaby Street' pastiche.  
It featured shop window mannequins dressed in sixties psychedelia and mod outfits and was shot in a private drinking establishment in London's west end. It was a quirky and hip video, way ahead of the contemporary 'boutique fashion' revival thing and the sixties resurgence of recent years. A genuine rarity."

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