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Tripping the Light Fantastic

Bill Nelson

live album - 5 September 2017

Tripping The Light Fantastic - Cover
Tripping The Light Fantastic - Cover
Tripping The Light Fantastic P2&3


01)  Introduction

02)  Hypnos

03)  Luxeodeon

04)  Golden Dream Of Circus Horses

05)  Gloria Mundae

06)  Mars Welcomes Careful Drivers

07)  If I Were The Pilot Of Your Perfect Cloud

08)  The Awakening Of Dr Dream

09)  Beyond These Clouds, The Sweetest Dream

10)  I Always Knew You Would Find Me

11)  The Raindrop Collector

12)  Beatniks From Outer Space


Tripping the Light Fantastic is a live album of guitar instrumentals released on the Sonoluxe label in a limited print run of 500 copies, with a simultaneous download release via Nelson’s Bandcamp page.  The album was first mentioned on the Dreamsville Forum on 14 June 2017, and released on 5 September 2017.

The album was recorded at the New Northern Dream album launch held at The Cloth Workers' Hall, Leeds, in October 2016.  Nelson's full set performed that night is featured on the album.

On 15 September 2017 it was announced on the Dreamsville Forum that the album had sold out.


Though out of print as a physical release, Tripping the Light Fantastic is available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.


The Awakening of Dr Dream, Kid Flip, Songs For Ghosts, New Northern DreamFantastic Guitars,

Six String Super Apparatus, Plectrajet, Romance of SustainThe Sparkle Machine, Perfect Monsters, Loom



"Tripping The Light Fantastic is only the second live album I've ever officially released.  The first was Be Bop Deluxe's Live In The Air Age album, way back in the distant 1970's.  A great deal of 'time saturated' water has flowed under all our rickety bridges since then, but this new live album captures a brief moment in that same flow of time.

Sensibilities change, both on the part of the audience, and also every artist worthy of the term 'artist' over the years, but I'm very happy to say that my audience has grown with my own development and peculiar sensibilities throughout the years.  This isn't music from then, but music from 'now,' (though the now is always in flux and shifting, as am I.)

So, it is to those loyal, enthusiastic, brilliant listeners that I dedicate this album."


"One of the things that might throw some extra light on the live album is that I was very unwell at the time of its recording.  I was suffering from a nasty 'flu virus which had threatened to cancel the event.  But, there was no way, short of being totally bed-ridden, that I could do such a thing, so I forged ahead and hoped for the best.

And that is why my voice might sound a little nasal, and also why, at the conclusion to the performance, I said that I'd managed to get through it without falling over.  Those of you who were not there, (and some of you who were,) might not grasp the meaning of that pronouncement, or my impaired voice quality.  It was a bit of a struggle but the adrenalin rush helped me through it..."




"Oh, boy....what a treat. I have had the pleasure of seeing Bill perform in this format (with backing recordings) on a handful of occasions, and found this very much an accurate capturing of the experience.  This is a wonderful selection of songs, all superbly performed.  I was struck while listening by how amazing Bill's playing far too many instances, seeing a musician live reveals shortcomings that the studio can hide...but Bill sounds as amazing live as he does in recordings.  Thank you SO much for releasing this one, Bill."



"Hypnos":  "This was a spine-tingling start to a magical hour of music."

"Just love live recordings and this one is a stunner.  Many thanks Bill."


"Eeeeeee lad it's flippin' great...

Wish I'd been there...
At least I can listen..."


"Another great offering from Bill - a genuine "live" album. My favourite track is "The Awakening of Dr Dream" - sublime playing even by Bill's standards."

Big Dunc:

"A truly magnificent masterpiece
Mars, welcomes careful drivers = Superb."


"Just arrived. I am halfway thru first listen.  It sounds amazing.

Thanks for this one Bill."

Captain Custard:

"This is bloody brilliant Bill, yet another fantastic gift to us."


"Listening often to this.

The production is quite robust and satisfying at loud volume through earbuds or through big, proper headphones."

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