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Bill Nelson

mini-album - January 2015

Astroloops - Cover
Currently unavailable


01)  Purple Loop
02)  Sky Loop
03)  Slippery Loop
04)  Sun Loop
05)  Blue Loop No 1
06)  Jazzy Loop
07)  Honey Loop
08)  Blue Loop No 2
09)  Space Country Loop
10)  Fantasmo Loop
11)  Wonky Loop
12)  Lazy Loop


Astroloops is a CDR release issued on the newly established Astrotone imprint in a very limited edition (just 24 copies) to purchasers of the Astroluxe Custom Ltd. guitar produced by Eastwood Guitars. This release is a mini-album due to its relatively short playing time.

News of the project was first announced on the Dreamsville forum in July 2014, with orders being taken for the guitar from 2nd September (initially only 12 were to be manufactured but this was doubled to 24 within 2 days due to the level of demand). By the 26th of September it was confirmed that all 24 copies of the guitar had been purchased although buyers had to wait until mid-late January 2015 before the goods had been delivered, with the US customers getting their hands on the music before those in the UK for a change!

Fans that either couldn't afford the guitar, or couldn't play the guitar, or simply missed out in getting their order in on time, will hopefully get the chance to hear this very limited item one day. When asked of the possibility of this, Nelson indicated that it might require Eastwood Guitars to give permission for this to happen and warned fans that they may have to wait for 1 - 2 years before reissuing it as a download.



Currently out of print with no confirmed plans to reissue as a digital download through Bandcamp.

Loom, Gleaming Without Lights, Wah-Wah Galaxy, And We Fell Into A Dream, Stereo Star Maps
Neptune's Galaxy, Quiet Bells, Rosewood One, Rosewood Two,
The Awakening of Dr Dream


"It"s an interesting set of recordings, quite spontaneous and relaxed...not concerned with being perfect, but beautifully raw and charmingly naked. It's all done using only the 'Astroluxe' prototype guitar which has the ability to sound like a soaring rock beast, a smooth n' sweet jazz archtop, or an alien twang machine, and all at the flick of a pickup selector switch plus my Fractal Audio Axe-FX unit!"


"Just guitar improvisations over guitar loops, with no other instruments. Recording very quietly to minimize the ear problem."

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