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The Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy (Blip! 2)

Bill Nelson

album - 15 June 2013

Blip 2 - Tremulous Doo Wah Diddy - Cover


01)  The Kiss Of History

02)  Away

03)  17 Electric Women

04)  Gooseberry Jam

05)  Paradox Jukebox

06)  Naughty, Naughty

07)  Dr Synth's Disco Demento

08)  Fruity Ornaments

09)  A Fountain In The Middle Of Nowhere

10)  The Queen Of Atlantis

11)  Whoop-Be-Doopy-Doopy!

12)  Thundercloudy

13)  The Buddha Boys

14)  Glisten


The Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy (Blip! 2) is a CDR album of vocal pieces recorded for the Blip! project, but which failed to make the final running order. Limited to less than 200 copies, Blip 2 was produced in recognition of the support Nelson received from fans for attending the launch party of Blip!, and was issued free to all attendees on the evening of the event.  Each copy was individually numbered and autographed by Nelson on the printed labels, bearing the Sonoluxe catalogue number CD026. The album came in a clear plastic sleeve with neither artwork nor track listing (although the latter was available on the Dreamsville forum).

The limited nature of Blip 2 caused some dissension on the Dreamsville forum before the event had even been staged, and as a way to placate those who didn't attend the event (and therefore couldn't obtain the music), the album was released as a download through Bandcamp on 1 July 2013, complete with full artwork.

At Nelson's very next public appearance, at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield on 20 September 2013, a few 'spare' copies of Blip 2 were available to buy at the merch table, which merely served to re-stoke the previous debate.  


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.

Blip!, Special Metal, Dream Transmission Pavilion, Shining Reflector, Swoons and Levitations,
Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms, Electric Atlas, Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus, Plectrajet



"I've spent much of today sorting through the recordings that, for one reason or another, didn't quite make the final running order for my forthcoming BLIP! album.
I'm currently in the process of choosing a track list for the free, limited-edition, personally-signed BLIP 2 out-takes album that will be given free to fans who purchase a ticket for the exclusive BLIP! launch party event in June.

"The surprising thing for me, (if not for you, dear fans), is that this 'out-takes' album sounds equally as potent and vital as the main BLIP! album itself...However, this bonus, personally autographed out-takes disc will only be available as an individually burned and personally signed CDR for those of you who purchase tickets for the special BLIP! launch party event."

"14 tracks may seem relatively modest, (at least compared to the 22 tracks on BLIP!), but several of the pieces are long-form and develop slowly over a relaxed period of time, morphing and meta-morphing like the view seen from a train travelling through a timeless landscape..."

"One of the tracks, titled "Paradox Jukebox", features quotes from "Do You Dream in Colour?", "Ships in the Night", "Sister Seagull" and "Crying to the Sky", all set to a sequenced synth pattern with heavy guitars and a sweetly melodic vocal line.  It's as smooth as silk and as weird and funny as Uncle Fester."

The front cover:  "It's actually a photograph of a vintage guitar...but dramatically twisted and altered by myself via computer software!"



"Paradox Jukebox": "What's all that about Bill? Thought my CD had warped back to the seventies all by itself, caught me right off guard! Loving it...I heard "Quit Dreaming", "Sister Seagull", "
Crying to the Sky" and "Maid in Heaven" in there.
I must say it's excellent! Lots of guitars and trademark Nelson shenanigans going on here, liking it a lot!"

"As good as Blip! is, and I've been playing it daily since the gig, Blip 2 for me is the better of the two...Loving "A Fountain in the Middle of Nowhere", could have fallen off Gleaming Without Lights, beautiful guitar work...just love it when Bill flows so freely and effortlessly like this. And "Paradox Jukebox" is also a fav...
So, those that are hesitating...GET IT NOW!!"


"I have only heard Blip 2 so far and I'm thinking...if this is the second string group of tunes how can the first be better?
If this were a sports team I'd be shaking in my boots that I just faced the little guys and barely survived, what will the real deal do to me?!"

Captain Custard:

"Is Bill the only person who's productive career expands the older he gets...The quality does not diminish. Blip! is great, Blip 2 amazing.
When Blip 2 was part of the package for those of us lucky enough to attend the launch, it may have been seen as a freebie, a disc of not such good tracks, but we'll bung'em in anyway and give it away. A bit like a kid with a lucky bag...'Oh I'll eat the rice paper flying saucer, but you can have that crap plastic whistle'...but oh no, Blip 2 is full of really listenable, ahead of its time music. Well done Bill, you've done it again."



"I don't know...I almost feel like I like Blip 2 more than Blip!. It has such a quirky eclectic feel to it. I wonder what it is exactly that makes me like it so much. I guess its sort of that Blip! all seems like "goes together" whatever that means.
Ok, here it is.  Blip! is a treasury of precious objects, where Blip 2 is more a menagerie of strange animals."


"Blip 2 seems to have found a home somewhat instantly. Good, good stuff. "Glisten" is truly remarkable."


"Glisten": "It's TOO good. Makes me want more like it, and made my interest level in the rest of the tunes drop off. Also, the 10 sec intro to "Fruity Ornaments" had the same effect. Things so astonishingly beautiful that all else pales beside them."

G. Vazquez:

"I'm quite enjoying the album. It has a great vibe. I think the first songs I was most impressed at are "The Kiss of History", "Away" and "The Queen of Atlantis".
So: be smart, do buy Blip 2!"


"For me again it has to be "Buddha Boys" from Blip 2.
I count around nine Different sections of bliss musicality on this track and keep on counting.
Money alone cannot buy this.
Awesome is not enough and most likely never will be.
It is for me an artist nailed on the top of his game."

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