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Rosewood Volume Two

Bill Nelson

album - 29 July 2005

Rosewood 2 - Cover


01)  Tinderbox

02)  Aliumesque

03)  Little Cantina

04)  Rolling Home (Yorkshire Raga No.1)

05)  Sunbeam

06)  Bramble

07)  William Is Wearing The Cardigan Of Light

08)  The Autumn Tram (Yorkshire Raga No.2)

09)  Hi Lo La

10)  Rising Sap

11)  Blue Cloud

12)  See-Through Nightie

13)  Ordinary Storm, Waiting For Rain

14)  The Light Is Kinder In This Corner Of Corona

15)  Your Whole Life Dreaming


Rosewood Volume Two was written and recorded alongside Rosewood Volume One, and like its predecessor, comprises a similar selection of acoustic guitar instrumentals. Issued in a single print run of 1000 copies, the album took approximately 7 years to sell out.



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Rosewood One, And We Fell Into A Dream, Quiet Bells, Dreamland to Starboard, Illuminated At Dusk,
Silvertone Fountains, Neptune's Galaxy,
New Northern Dream



"A perfect companion piece to Rosewood Vol. One, still based around acoustic guitars but with a slightly different feel, featuring more percussion and a slightly more 'mainstream' approach."

"On the Rosewood albums, there's a combination of miked-up acoustic guitar parts and acoustic through my Line 6 Vetta 2 amp's effects, (fed direct to the mixing desk). I wanted to use both a natural and treated acoustic sound. In that respect, it's not really a pure acoustic album but then, nothing I ever do on my albums could be considered particularly pure or fundamentalist."

"The Light is Kinder in This Corner of Corona": "A pastiche Tex-Mex acoustic twanglomania from the Rosewood Volume 2 album. Tongue in cheek but warm and wonderful. Reminds me of US tours back in the '70s and the illusions we post-war English boys harboured about the romance of American border towns...not the most sophisticated track from the album but one of the sweetest."

"I'm very proud of the Rosewood albums...They're definitely on my small list of 'albums I'd like to be remembered by'."



"This is really excellent. On first play a much jauntier record than Vol 1. There are not many players than make me think of Roy Smeck, Steve Howe, John McLaughlin and Andy Roberts in the space of sixteen bars. I've laughed out loud a few times already, and that doesn't happen with a CD very often."

John Izzard:

"As others have stated, I found it much more immediate than Volume 1. Some real surprises in there too. It twists and turns, introducing new ideas and themes, almost all the time. Yet for all of its diversity, it remains a coherent and ultimately lovely piece of work."


"Vol II is less calm than Vol. I. Some tension can be noticed in the tracks...and the tracks are faster, people can dance to these tunes...While Vol. I is more Yin , Vol. II is more Yang."

"The Light is Kinder in This Corner of Corona": "is very nice, reminded me of The Shadows in some moments. Beautiful instrumental."


"Listening to Rosewood Volume 2 for the third time and I'm struck by how, though it's instrumental, I hear voices in some of the pieces -- like the first piece for example, "Tinderbox"."


"Seriously though it is a beautiful piece of music, I initially started to pick favourite tracks ("Sunbeam", "Blue Cloud", "Bramble") but by the third listen I came to the conclusion it is an album to listen to completely rather than odd tracks out of sequence."


"Both albums are beautiful, I can't pick a favourite out of the two albums or even pick out favourite tracks. They are ALL wonderful ornaments & graces."


"I've just been playing Rosewood while some friends were here, and they wanted to know who was responsible for the wonderful music, so there's another two fans to add to the ever growing number..."


"I have grown to really love both discs, and find the guitar sound very appealing, but isn't that just like Bill, to give us something that is both familiar, yet unique. I was really hesitant to buy either of these discs, as I wasn't sure if I'd like Bill doing acoustic, but I find myself returning to them again and again. I've heard a lot of acoustic guitar over the years, but nothing that sounds quite like this."


"The Rosewood volumes should be next on the list of 'Catching up to Bill' albums?"

"Without question. Those discs contain some of the most amazing acoustic guitar. You will not be disappointed."


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