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Albion Dream Vortex

Bill Nelson

album - 2 September 2013

Bill Nelson - Albion Dream Vortex - Cove
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01)  Thought Bubble No 1

02)  Behold These Present Days

03)  Like A Boat In The Blue

04)  Sparky And The Spearmint Moon

05)  Tomorrow Will Not Be Too Late

06)  Start Beaming And Get On The Gleam

07)  We Who Are Awake Will Not Be Asleep

08)  Thought Bubble No 2

09)  Electrical Adepts Of The Celestial Bed

10)  The Mastery Of The Thing

11)  Albion Dream Vortex

12)  Thought Bubble No 3

13)  Long Ago, By Moonlit Sea

14)  Let Us Melt And Make No Noise


Albion Dream Vortex is an instrumental album issued in a one off print run of 1000 copies on the Sonoluxe label.  Although generally print runs were now set at 500 copies, the fact that Nelson elected to issue Albion Dream Vortex in digipack artwork meant that he was forced to produce 1000 copies.

The music that eventually made up the Albion Dream Vortex album was initially intended for a DVD project with the title Atom Totem Apparitions, which Nelson first made subtle reference to in April 2012. By November that year, Nelson revealed more recording details for the planned DVD project, including a track called "Mind is a Map of Sparkling Galaxies", that remains unreleased.

By June 2013, Nelson had long abandoned the DVD idea in favour of what was, by then, the Albion Dream Vortex CD.  His published running order at this point included as track 3 "Glisten", which had recently appeared on Blip 2, leading Nelson to replace that track with "Like a Boat in the Blue" during the mastering sessions in July.


Albion Dream Vortex sold out in the summer of 2019.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.


"Albion Dream Vortex is an instrumental album blending guitars and keyboards in a variety of styles. It contains subtle references to instrumental music I've made throughout my career, embracing ambient, electronic, vintage and modern, wrapped up in a dream-like vortex of sound.

"The word 'Albion', for me, signifies the post-World War 2 era I grew up in. It also reminds me of a company called 'Albion Motors' who built art-deco styled buses in the 1930s and '40s. But 'Albion' is actually the oldest known name for the island of England and inevitably conjures up swirling spirits from the mysterious past.

"The subject of dreams, their nature and purpose, has fascinated me since childhood. Dreams have also been a recurring motif in my creative life, and will continue to be so until, somewhere in the future, I will become little more than a flickering, ghostly dream of myself...atoms of memory, spluttering and sparkling like tiny fireworks in a long ago November sky.

"We inhabit two worlds, one of which we assign to reality and the other to dreams. Our lives are spent half awake and half asleep, adrift in realms of reason and unreason. The boundary between these realms, for the artist, is often deliberately blurred, nebulous, ambiguous. Yet our creative imagination holds the ticket that allows us to travel between these two states and permits mysterious goods to be imported and exported. This luminous traffic, this flickering mystery, is the foundation of Albion Dream Vortex."

"It's not written in an obvious, 'intro, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, repeat chorus, end' form. The music is rather more fluid, sometimes 'non-linear' and develops along different lines to a rock or pop song...It doesn't attempt to arrive at a particular stylistic conclusion but grows organically from point-to-point without being forced to make obvious 'points'. In that sense, its 'point' is simply to be pure music, music for its own sake, as much concerned with sound and atmosphere as note choices or hooks, etc.

"Also, with this album as with several others of mine, no one track is meant to stand alone as the album's signifier (though the title track comes conceptually close). Instead, each track forms one single building block of an entire edifice. It's a complete album rather than a collection of separate tracks and should be 'read' as a whole construction, from start to finish.

"Albion Dream Vortex treats you like an adult, doesn't talk baby language to you, doesn't feel the need to lead you by the hand through its mysterious corridors, but simply opens its doors for you to enter and explore. I hope, as you familiarise yourself with its twists and turns that you'll want to spend more and more time with it."

"If you enjoyed the trilogy of, Illuminated At Dusk, Mazda Kaleidoscope and Silvertone Fountains, then Albion Dream Vortex will carry you up the escalator of dreams to the next level."

"It's perhaps the most 'spiritual' (for want of a better word), album I've released for some time. Those of you who treasure deep listening will, I hope, truly appreciate this album for the rest of your lives..."

"With this watershed album, I aimed for a future that might humanise, console, enlighten and soften the day to day cruelties and unkindnesses we all endure. It's an album for the tender of heart and the strong in spirit. I hope it's for all of you. And, at this point in time, I think it is one of the very best, of this style, that I've ever recorded."

Bill's Listening Notes for the album: 'Albion Dream Vortex' Listening Notes



"It's turning into a solid, bona fideeeah! classic...and I really can't/won't stop playing it...probably what Bill wanted us to do...but this one just keeps moving on and on with its revelations of sound...
"Behold These Present Days" has got to be one of my favourite tracks of the last decade...and I like a lot of what's gone on in the last decade...
If you have overlooked this album for one reason or another, please be assured it is utterly essential if you like Bill's found voices/instrumental music...I have gained so much pleasure from this album in the short time since its release..."

December Man:

"ADV arrived on the West Coast USA yesterday like a beautifully packaged gift out of some future, musically evolved civilization -- a kind of reverse Time Capsule of musical things to come, things to look forward to! Like others, I put it on (wore it?) last night and HAD to listen to it from start to finish! Certainly Bill's best instrumental album to date and arguably his best work in any form! Congratulations, Mr. Nelson! Good stuff, sir! Met and exceeded my already high expectations of all you create!
This album is simply a masterpiece in MHO. "The Mastery of the Thing" sums up the whole album!
"Electrical Adepts of the Celestial Bed" is breathlessly beautiful, as I write and listen. Can't say enough about how good this I better stop here. Back to Albion!"


"For me, it's Mysterious & Beautiful 21st Century English Romantic Psychedelia - the same deep, rich seam (or labyrinth of seams) mined in The Dreamshire Chronicles and Fables and Dreamsongs, but all-instrumental. What incredibly lovely sounds, melodies, textures and moods it evokes."


"After the first listen I must concur with other reviewers and state that this album is simply stunning. Lovers of Bill's instrumental music will not be disappointed. Something for everyone. Plus, added bonus, I think it will grow on you with repeated listenings. There are layers here people!
"Behold These Present Days" has got a grip on me and won't let go. And I love it. Thank you Bill for this marvelous piece of work."


"Albion Dream Vortex": "Wow, what a beautiful track. More immersive synth, choral effects, birdsong, electric piano. Very mellow...and then a church bell rings and a distant bass drum strikes. The keys mutate gently and the woodwind section and layered strings take us further...My favourite so far.
You could describe this album as a spiritual successor to And We Fell Into A Dream, although it is quite different again. I think Albion Dream Vortex delves deeper into the subconscious mind than the aforementioned, and as I have said, it really does entrance you at times, just as AWFIAD does but, it feels and sounds different somehow - it stands on its own."


"The Mastery of the Thing"..."a beautiful, magical piece of Nelsonic wonderfulness from a terrific've excelled yourself there Mr Bill."

Chimera Man:

"Like a Boat in the Blue": "...achingly gorgeous."


"We Who Are Awake Will Not Be Asleep": "A track which never ceases to excite and amaze regardless of ultra repeating.
The track soars hammers and collects the musical matter from its own universe like gossamer from a spiders web which has the same density of steel.
A BEAUTIFUL fizz bang... synths piano fills Bass guitar soars upwards from a Beautiful Bill guitar solo, synth fills to accompany a fanfare.
All over too soon...but a definitive guitar rolls out the outro, the guitar has the last word. How very apt..."


"If you don't have this in your collection yet you are missing a rare and precious gem of an album."


"Thanks Bill for enriching my life with this mellow gem."

steve lyles:

"As always superb...really am continuously baffled as to Bill's ability to create such deep beautiful emotional and intellectually interesting music..."


"Currently listening to my recently purchased Albion Dream Vortex.
Oh my. My Dad raised me to see everyone as equal. He knew nothing!!"


"Bill Nelson was light years ahead of the rest in the 70's with Modern Music, Sunburst Finish and Futurama, I have said here many times, I knew it then, and after listening to Albion Dream Vortex I am still convinced Bill produces the music others may do someday, but for now we get a preview of the future right here, right now.
I do have one fear -  this CD is so good I can't see how it's possible to make it better, so future releases may damage your reputation."

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