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The Unrealist

Bill Nelson

album - 21 February 2018

The Unrealist - Cover


01)  Elliptic Waterfall

02)  Colour Floods The Bay With Blue

03)  Powerglide

04)  The Impatient Hour

05)  Fractious Electrons

06)  Through Drifting Clouds

07)  A Circus To Remember

08)  Loose Box

09)  Falling Water

10)  Little Motors Move The Moon

11)  Wonder And Excitement

12)  What To Wear Now, What To Wear Next

13)  Your Hand Today Holds The Future Of Tomorrow

14)  Wonder Street

15)  Waves


The Unrealist is an album of improvised guitar instrumentals issued as a download-only album on the Tremelo Boy label available through Nelson's Bandcamp page.

The Unrealist album was created between June and November 2017 from material recorded immediately after completing work on Songs For Ghosts. As he completed the track listing for the Songs For Ghosts album, Nelson realised he still had more to explore in this vein. Starting with these new "overflow" tracks, he went on to record another double album's worth of songs for the project. He then separated out the instrumental tracks, which became The Unrealist album.

Assembly of the resulting album, including the recording of the final couple of tracks featured on it, was undertaken in the first two weeks of November 2017. Having a new website to experiment with, Nelson adapted his normal practice of posting news and updates to the Dreamsville Forum, preferring instead to create illustrated journal entries that he would post directly to the new site.

The material was initially given a series of tentative titles, No Ghosts Here, Spooky Annexe, Singing in the Ether, and Lovely Apparitions, all signalling its links to the Songs For Ghosts project. However, once Nelson had elected to separate out the material and concentrate on completing an instrumental record, it would be re-named Wonder Street in honour of the album's newest composition (completed on 7 November 2017). Fleetingly, Nelson considered calling the album Guitar Stories, before changing his mind a couple of days later to Lumiluxe, while also confirming its proposed track listing.  Within 24 hours though, Nelson changed the title again, settling on The Unrealist.

During the mastering stage one track, "Deep Blue", was removed from the album as Nelson "felt disconnected from it in some way", reducing The Unrealist to 15 tracks.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.


"The Unrealist is an instrumental album featuring 15 prominent electric guitar, keyboard and percussion tracks in a mainly rock setting but with some gentler, more reflective pieces plus a couple of abrasive avant-garde moments, (and, of course, the occasional jazzy mood). It will hopefully appeal to those fans who enjoy my extended guitar improvisations."


"Some of the songs on here are, I suspect, destined to be greatly favoured by fans. Forgive me for sounding immodest, but this album is chock-full of prime, rock-pop material (and quite a few left-field excursions) and therefore worthy of your intelligent and enthusiastic attention. All ongoing but almost there!"


"The track "Fractious Electrons" may prove a bit challenging for some's an abstract, slightly chaotic and mad thing. Closest similar track in attitude would be "The Revenge of The Man in the Burning Ice Cream Van" but this is less linear. I like it!

But, there are other, sweeter, more melodic tracks on there too, (for those listeners less inclined towards the avant-garde).  It's a very varied and interesting set of tunes."


"A casual, free roaming instrumental album for guitar lovers."



"One of my favourites. I cannot recommend this one highly enough. To me, it encapsulates the core BN instrumental styles. It would make a great introduction if you are wanting to introduce someone to Bill's instrumental music."


"Just playing The Unrealist for the FIFTH time in a row - so - track 12 (What To Wear Now, What To Wear Next) is particularly fab..."


Coach Matt:


"One of Bill's best I believe. He was not kidding when he said, more good music is ahead. I find this album very sensual, pleasing and yet invigorating. Plenty of Bill Nelson sounds we all come to enjoy. And with the lovely ebow injections."



"Pure instrumental guitar bliss from the maestro! Lots of tasty licks mainly in a rock vein, but 'Falling Water' is an evocative masterpiece and one of Bill's most beautiful recorded performances."

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