Tony Goes to Tokyo

The Revox Cadets

single - 6 November 1981

Tony Goes to Tokyo back cover
Airfields front cover


A)  To Heaven A Jet - Airfields

B)  The Revox Cadets - Tony Goes To Tokyo (And Rides The Bullet Train)




The b-side was a non-album track.


"Tony Goes to Tokyo" was a one-off track credited to The Revox Cadets, included as a double A side to a single entitled Airfields, issued by To Heaven a Jet on the Cocteau label.  The Revox Cadets was a pseudonym used by Nelson, although he was permitted at this time to release material on Cocteau despite being under contract to Mercury.  


The track on this single has not appeared on Bill Nelson compilations, nor as a bonus track on a reissue.


This track is available on the retrospective compilation album
Transcorder (The Acquitted By Mirrors Recordings).


"The Revox Cadets was not a real band, just me pretending to be one!  The track was recorded at home on an analogue four track system.  V.U. Disney was me too..."

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