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Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars

Bill Nelson

album - August 1992

Blue Moons And Laughing Guitars - Cover
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01)  Ancient Guitars

02)  Girl From Another Planet

03)  Spinnin' Around

04)  Shaker

05)  God Man Slain

06)  The Dead We Wake With Upstairs Drums

07)  New Moon Rising

08)  The Glory Days

09)  Wishes

10)  Angel In My System

11)  Wings And Everything

12)  Boat To Forever

13)  The Invisible Man And The Unforgettable Girl

14)  So It Goes

15)  Fires In The Sky

16)  Dream Ships Set Sail


Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars saw Nelson return to a major label for the first time since 1986 – and maybe had the album taken off, bigger and brighter things may have followed.

This is a further example of Nelson having completed a set of demo tracks, which he intended to revisit and flesh out with a full band, only for those plans to be changed, and the demos to be issued rather than see them gather dust.

Originally the album was issued in CD and cassette, and for the first time in 10 years Nelson would achieve a simultaneous US release of a new album (with the added bonus of not having to amend the track listing or artwork to suit record company moguls or the moral right wing elements of society). It was rarely this simple for the collector of Nelson's work!


Though now deleted in a physical format in 2008, the album was reissued as a digital download through major online retailers.

Luminous, My Secret Studio, Demonstrations of Affection, Return to Tomorrow, Hip Pocket Jukebox,
Romance of SustainAutomatic, Excellent Spirits, Satellite Songs, Practically Wired


"The album is one of those collections of recordings that I regarded as demos or 'sketches' at the time. I'd originally intended to re-record these songs in a proper studio, possibly with a band, though this never proved viable. Virgin were interested enough to release the demos as they were.

"It's interesting to see that some people are fond of the album now as it wasn't so well received at the least in terms of sales. It didn't take long for it to become a 'lost' or overlooked work. Perhaps, like many of my albums, several years need to pass before the music starts to feel like it might belong to the mainstream, and therefore become acceptable."


bradford mick:

"My fave being Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars, it's so full of colour, mystery, symbols and intrigue."


"I can remember crying after listening to "So It Goes" from Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars. Trying to find that exquisite emotional connection again was elusive but did happen a few times, after that, with that song."


The most powerful album cover: "maybe Blue Moons and Laughing Guitars. Lots of powerful medicine there."

"Had no idea what any of the symbolism on the cover was about at the time, thinking "this is an interesting person"."

Paul Andrews:

"Earlier on this evening I was playing Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars and thinking "this is bloody wonderful!"."

Grey Lensman:

"Some great musical moments throughout the album. Textured, woven and crafted with that outstanding ear for detail and harmony that Bill has."


"I'm not one for listing things in order, but if I did then surely this album would be in my top five of Bill's work at the moment, although I still have many more future albums of Bill's to listen too."


"I bought Blue Moons way back in the early 90s, and having become a Bill fan via his 80s electronic work, I was almost shocked to hear so many guitars on the album (especially because I couldn't stand 'rock' music at the time). But guitars or not, it immediately became one of my favourites among all of Bill's albums and has remained so ever since. "New Moon Rising", "Angel in My System" and especially the utterly beautiful final song, "Dream Ships Set Sail" are my favourites, and I agree that there isn't a single weak moment on the whole of the album."


"Don't forget "The Invisible Man and The Unforgettable Girl", quite possibly MY desert island classic...A shining example of Bill's irony, word-play and heart on its sleeve. And not to mention the blazing guitar work and thundering drums. Oh my."

G. Vazquez:

"A favorite of mine as well...If I need to choose just one among all Bill's albums to keep, it would be that. Years ago, in times of (emotional) trouble, this record helped me a lot."

Mr. Mercury:

"Blimey Charlie, I tell you, from "God Man Slain" on, this is a fantastic record! It sounds great in 'demo/sketch' form, but if this album had been given the full studio treatment/label support it deserved, I truly believe it could have been a MASSIVE record!...can you imagine it?!!...(sigh)

"I think this album is easily your most immediate, accessible and 'mainstream'. Not as complex as Golden Melodies or your other recent material, but a collective of simple, perfect pop songs."


"Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars is still one of my all-time faves.
Gee, the denizens of Dreamsville tend to say that quite a bit."


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