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Bill Nelson

single - 20 March 1981

Banal 7" - Cover
Banal 12" - Cover


7" Single:

A)  Banal

B)  Mr. Magnetism Himself

12" Single:


A)  Banal (Extended)

B1)  Turn To Fiction

B2)  Hers Is A Lush Situation

B3)  Mr. Magnetism Himself



The 7" A side is identical to the album version on Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam.
The 12" A side is an extended version (4' 08").
The B-sides are all non-album tracks.


Banal was issued as the second single in the lead up to the release of Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam.
The single came in 7" and 12" editions, and was Nelson's first release under the deal with Mercury.


The 12" showed Nelson making good use of multiple formats, with not only an extended A-side, but also 3 exclusive
b-sides, continuing the trend that was started with the Red Noise singles. It was already quite obvious to any Nelson fan that collecting his singles would be every bit as essential as getting the albums.


On the original 7" and 12" single labels, "Banal" is printed as 3'30", but this is doubly misleading. The 7" runs for 3'54" (same as the album version in fact), whereas the 12" has an additional "I Know You/You Know Me" refrain around the 3'00" mark, making it unique.


All 3 b-sides were included on The Two Fold Aspect of Everything compilation (out of print).




"Banal" and "Mr. Magnetism Himself" are included on the remastered 2005 CD reissue of Quit Dreaming, as well as The Practice of Everyday Life box set (2011).



"I can't deny that "Banal" was loaded with irony! Yes, it was a response to the need for a catchy single but, at the same time, also satisfy my need to make some sort of statement about the industry requirement for such a thing. Reasonably well-crafted though, despite tongue being firmly stuck in cheek!"

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