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The Jewel

Bill Nelson

album - 9 April 2020

The Jewel - Cover
The Jewel Flyer
The Jewel Flyer
The Jewel Flyer
The Jewel Flyer


01)  The Jewel
02)  Girl From A Satellite Town
03)  Twilight Crescent

04)  Bikini Avanti
05)  Dream Guitar
06)  California Boombox
07)  Royal Blue
08)  Radio Control
09)  That Sunburst Sound
10)  Chroma
11)  The Retro Modernist
12)  Ablaze With Glory
13)  Little Cosmos
14)  The Great Magnetiser


The Jewel is an album of guitar instrumental pieces issued on the Sonoluxe label in a limited edition of 600 copies.

The album was first mentioned by Nelson as "almost finished" in a Dreamsville forum post dated 27 May 2016, with the album's running order announced just five days later on 1 June 2016.

This brought the tally of unreleased albums to 13 at that point, a fact that caused Nelson sufficient anxiety to immediately begin work on a 14th album, which would in time be titled Powertron.   

While the album was fresh in Nelson's thoughts, he was sufficiently enthusiastic about The Jewel to consider issuing it as his next but one release (following New Northern Dream issued in October 2016) providing mastering and artwork duties could be completed reasonably quickly. However this plan was abandoned and the album would take almost 4 years to appear.

The album was mastered at Fairview Studios by John Spence on 19th February 2020, with artwork compiled by Martin Bostock using images selected by Nelson as the album approached release.

Pre-sale orders were taken by Burning Shed from 5th March 2020, with numbers being pressed to satisfy pre-sale orders. The album was released simultaneously as a digital download on Bandcamp on the 9th April 2020.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.


"The album was actually recorded in 2016 but has laid dormant for some years, (as so many other unreleased albums of mine have.) It's an instrumental album, not exactly what I might think of as 'easily accessible,' (though I'm sure some fans will disagree with that statement.)


"It's an album of abstract guitar improvisations with ambient jazz interludes. Hopefully an album that will slowly worm its wicked way into listener's ears."


"To a certain degree, it's a 'niche' album, one that will appeal to fans of my more introspective guitar work. It's certainly not a 'rock' album. Nevertheless, those who enjoy less mainstream music may find that it resonates with them."



"The Jewel is just one of many previously unreleased albums that have been sitting in my archives for several years. Recorded in 2016 it is an instrumental work, an album of abstract, impressionistic guitarscapes and the occasional ambient jazz excursion, an album that will, hopefully, reveal more of its secrets with extended listening."

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