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Illuminated At Dusk

Bill Nelson

album - 16 June 2008

Illuminated At Dusk - Cover
Illuminated at Dusk page 2
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01)  Switch On The Sky, Light Up The Stars

02)  The View From Mount Palomar

03)  Dance Of The Luminous Dials

04)  The Venetian Conjurer

05)  A Spirit Map Of Montparnasse

06)  Angels Obey Bells

07)  No Memories Here To Make You Sad

08)  Art Is My Aeroplane

09)  Silver Sailboat On Samsara Sea

10)  Springtime Comes A Dancing

11)  The Vanilla Summer Of Mr. Whippy

12)  Frankie Ukelele And The Fire In The Lake

13)  Lakeside

14)  The Eternal Fascinator

15)  Thoughts Without Friction

16)  Summer Over Soon

17)  Little Kisses Wrapped In Chocolate

18)  Illuminated At Dusk


Illuminated at Dusk is an instrumental album issued on the Sonoluxe label in a single print run of 1000 copies. The album was recorded as the second part of a trilogy of complementary releases, the associated albums being Silvertone Fountains (issued concurrently with Illuminated at Dusk) and Mazda Kaleidoscope.

Illuminated at Dusk is another album that was borne out of the Frankie Ukelele and the Fire in the Lake project commenced in mid-2007, with some of its content being then considered for Silvertone Fountains in December 2007 before finally ending up on Illuminated at Dusk with its track listing confirmed in February 2008.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.


"Illuminated embraces music which, (I personally felt), was a little less introspective, (on the whole). It's a bit more geared towards the rock guitar end of my spectrum...(or plectrum!). The arrangements are sometimes rather 'epic' sounding, larger and more 'up-front' than Silvertone, and there is more use of overdriven guitar sounds and percussion, though still with some odd twists and turns.

"The music here might, at one time, have found itself on a Nelsonica Convention album but its purpose in the trilogy is to shift gears a little, to slip into more familiar waters before diving deep into Mazda's strange lagoon. In a way, Illuminated provides a kind of respite from the introspection of the other albums [in the trilogy: Silvertone Fountains, Illuminated at Dusk, and Mazda Kaleidoscope]. A more familiar ride for some, perhaps."

"These three albums are not about breaking new ground, but about cultivating previous territory in ever more subtle, sophisticated and elegant ways. Their purpose is to throw even more light on the concept, to refine the ideas, to offer detailed commentary and illumination.

"With each of these albums, I've been concerned with a single, direct, arrow of beauty. That was my Sagittarian bow's aim. They were intended to be considered as a trilogy...and whilst each has its own subtle identity, they are deliberately linked, each following on from, and commenting on, the other..."



"I've been listening to Illuminated at Dusk most of this morning and have been amazed at how bloody good it is! This on only a couple of listens, which is unusual for me. I'm no musician, I don't know all the ins and outs of the recording process and the technical stuff that goes with it....but I know what I like and...THIS IS GOOD!

"From the wonderfully intriguing titles, (love to know what inspired some of these Bill), the opening track "Switch on the Sky, Light up the Stars", which flows flawlessly for me thru to the quirky "Springtime Comes a Dancing" and ending with the Dreamy "Illuminated at Dusk"...bliss!"

steve lyles:

"I am not one for saying this is better than that one etc, usually because I truly love them all but I have been plugged in once again by the music on this particular cd. I have found myself having epiphany like all over body tingles. I am only on my fourth listen. In the car on the way to work this morning I was literally out of my mind most of the time totally absorbed in the musical landscape god knows who was driving. This is very personal music nothing tribal about it at all but thats exactly why I love it, it is something I can relate to completely."


"Illuminated At Dusk is preciously beautiful, possibly my favorite of all that you have done. Such instrumental guitar gems are the reason I seek out your recordings. They are especially intelligent and what you do best in my humble opinion."

major snagg:

"Oh how stupid I've been!...I've had the audacity to complain about Bill putting out too many instrumental CDs. So here I am (tail between my legs, as it were) saying my apologies...Sorry, Sorry, Sorry...
I sent off for the above CD yesterday, actually received it today (is that a quick delivery or what!) it's BRILLIANT. I just can't believe that I wasn't going to bother with this CD. I'm not going to be that stupid again. This a Quality CD in every way, very tuneful, melodic, richly textured and of course a sparklingly clean production. How do you do this Bill? So many 'top' studios would give their eye-teeth to get such a sound.
"I'm waiting with my credit card for the vocal CD. To hell with birthday presents, I want it now..."


"I have to add to this thread because that trilogy of albums for me epitomises all that I love in Bill's instrumental albums - they possess endless depth and never present themselves as 'given' listens - there's very little that's 'finite' within them...beautiful endless abstracts that conjure up aural images that simply cannot be articulated in words...makes me wonder how I did without them before they were created..."


"I have taken an early liking to "A Spirit Map of Montparnasse", probably due to its 'expanse', which like "Fever Dream of the Starlight Man" (a long one again), allows Bill to really experiment with a piece and take it into a different place..."


"One instant giant, that jumps out and grabs me by the spine and squeezes me is "Silver Sailboat in Samsara Sea". It has the majestic, magnificent, deep and stirring qualities of the best and boldest Nelson masterpieces, and much of that is from the specific guitar tones, and much from the flavor of the notes themselves."


"Having listened to your music for 30 years now, you've taken me on a fascinating musical journey through all sorts of genres, you've never run with the pack, nor should you, and I've always admired you for that!...I'm listening to Illuminated at Dusk as I write this and on first listen its gorgeous, and it floats my boat...Keep producing works of sublime beauty like this and I for one will be more than happy...have a gold star sir."

wonder toy:

"Stunning!!! What an incredible album. Love all of it, but here are the tracks that standout for me: "The View From Mount Palomar", "No Memories Here to Make You Sad", "Springtime Comes A Dancing", "Frankie Ukelele and the Fire in the Lake", and "The Eternal Fascinator". I take that back... 'ALL' of these songs standout. This is monumental my friends. Get this record. You will not be disappointed on any level.

"Thanks for raising the bar again, Bill."

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