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Dreamland To Starboard

Bill Nelson

album - 3 October 2004

Dreamland To Starboard - Cover
Dreamland to Starboard page 3
Dreamland to Starboard inner tray


01)  Girlfriend In Mini-Skirt

02)  Creamy Clouds

03)  Gondola

04)  The Singing In The Air Above The Village Green

05)  Lost To Tomorrow

06)  I Am The Only Monster Here

07)  Burnished

08)  Tarnished

09)  Radio Waves Lap Memory's Shore

10)  Moments Flash Like Stars Between Them

11)  Ghost Of Gilded Ruin

12)  Circo Infantil

13)  Standard Fireworks

14)  All A Dream, After All

15)  The Diving Bell

16)  My Ever Gleaming Dreamertron

17)  All's Well In Wonderland


Dreamland to Starboard is an album of guitar instrumentals issued in a one off print run on the Universal Twang label.  It is believed that 1000 copies were pressed.

The album was one of three albums issued on the same day (initially available on the merchandise table on the Be Bop Deluxe and Beyond tour).  Copies were then sold via S.O.S.  Dreamland to Starboard sold out in January 2006.



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

And We Fell Into A Dream, Rosewood 1, Rosewood 2, Romance of Sustain, Luxury Wonder Moments
Custom Deluxe, Mazda Kaleidoscope, Silvertone Fountains, Illuminated At Dusk, Gleaming Without Lights


"Dreamland to Starboard is one of those albums that I'll always be able to stand by, to be eternally proud of, and one which, I predict, will rate high in my list of musical achievements.  I think that it is a FAR more sophisticated recording than Romance of Sustain and, for me at least, fits perfectly into a guitar pantheon alongside Plaything and Rosewood Volume One.  Add Practically Wired to these three and you have, perhaps, THE defining statement regarding my guitar instrumental work.  A quartet of six-string dreams."

"There is a thread that runs from The Romance of Sustain right through, Plaything, Wah-Wah Galaxy, Dreamland to Starboard, Rosewood Vol 1 and Rosewood Volume 2.  It's the story of my instrumental guitar style in 21st Century terms.  All these albums, along with some of the guitar instrumental tracks from Luxury Lodge and Astral Motel give you a complete picture of where my guitar dreams are these days."



"This album presses all my buttons.  I regard it as a crime that it's not enjoyed by millions."

"Dreamland to Starboard sounds, to me, almost crystalline, cerebral - but also has that romantic/emotional depth characteristic of Bill's music."


"A fascinating album, this one.  Rich with guitary goodness, dripping with invention and adventure.  Not one of those albums with lots of layered production -- more stripped down and airy.  Many songs don't even include percussion.

One major stand-out for me, personally, is "I Am the Only Monster Here," which struck me as what it would sound like if you could clone Bill, give the other Bill a guitar and then have the two Bill's face off in a jazz-style "guitar duel".  The wonderful jazzy soloing is amazing.  Another one I especially like is "Tarnished", which is just really lovely, as is the next track, "Radio Waves Lap Memory's Shore".  So much to like here, it."


"Can't avoid listening Dreamland to Starboard without a smile on my face..."


"Loved it, beautiful perfection in one album."


"Dreamland is better than Romance or Custom Deluxe.  As you say, deeper, more textural.  Very trippy and dreamlike."


"My Ever Gleaming Dreamatron":  "The sort of thing you could go get lost in and never come back, finding yourself with no reasons to ever want to either."

steve lyles:

"I had Dreamland to Starboard playing at high volume and was struck (once again) by the absolute beauty of this recording, it is one of those rare pieces that flows and entwines the listener...a timeless quality."

"My Ever Gleaming Dreamatron":  "is pure brilliance...Dreamland to Starboard I have never found to be difficult listening...but Bill's work just seems to hit my G spot."

"I often wonder how Bill Nelson can come up with so many beautiful pieces of music...and then go on to do even more."


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