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Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus

Bill Nelson

album - 26 November 2010

Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus - C
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Captain Future inner tray


01)  Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus (Plastic Mix)

02)  Sex And Drums And Saxophones

03)  Blue Sky Seeks Red Guitar

04)  Howlin' Wolf In Me

05)  Dance Of The Mullard Valvemen

06)  The Aerostatic Balloonist

07)  The Indelicate Levitation Of Katie's Skirts

08)  Full Colour Fontana

09)  The Man Who Was Tomorrow

10)  Sun Kings Suffer (As Time Goes By)

11)  The Mount Fuji Ice-Cream Factory

12)  Illuminated Sky With Pale Blue Lightning

13)  Neil Young

14)  Like A Woman Levitating

15)  Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus (Crystal Mix)


Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus is an album comprising a mixture of vocal and instrumental pieces recorded especially for Nelsonica '10 on the Discs of Ancient Odeon label. As with the 2 previous Nelsonica releases, a print run of 1000 was employed, ensuring non-attendees could get hold of it without panicking or resorting to eBay. Remaining copies of the album went on sale through SOS on 2 December 2010.



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Blip!, Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy (Blip 2), Joy Through Amplification, Special Metal, Shining Reflector,
Modern Moods for Mighty Atoms, Electric Atlas, Fancy Planets, Satellite Songs,
Orpheus in Ultraland


Psychotronic: "an amalgam of the words 'Psychedelic', 'Psychologic' and 'Electronic'."

"This one was created specifically for Nelsonica, rather than just being a collection of 'leftovers'. It's loosely themed around the Psychotronic Circus mood, but not in its entirety. Nevertheless, the tracks were chosen for the way they worked together, as a whole, so perhaps there is a kind of completeness to the album."

"A Psychotronic Circus could be, (and only could be, mind), a multi-coloured tent in which Alfred Hitchcock, dressed as a ringmaster, cracks his whip at a bunch of clowns stylishly cloned to look like actor Anthony Perkins in the role of a hallucinogenic lotus eater, who has given up his job as a motel owner to instead become a tv-repairman. A tv-repairman who, for some obscure reason, likes to visit the houses of peroxide blondes to re-wire their consoles whilst their husbands are away on business trips. This scenario, of course, is entirely fictional and in no way related to an incident where I just may have happened to re-align a certain lady's antennae after she waved at me from her bedroom window. In a sheer, powder blue Parisian negligee. With a bottle of champagne in one hand. And two glasses in the other.
But, as you all know...I'm not that sort of person...I'm a serious, high-minded guitar player. Sometimes..."

"I'm a long-time fan of Neil [Young] and the song ["Neil Young"] came about while I was playing my Gretsch White Falcon in my studio and messing around with sounds on my Line 6 Pod processor. The guitar sound I arrived at reminded me very much of Neil Young and I recorded the basic backing track using that sound before writing any lyrics. The phrase 'everything sounds like Neil Young' popped into my head and kick-started the lyric writing process...the words are meant to imply some sort of linear meaning but in actual fact are just disconnected phrases that suggest a surreal scenario where 'even my car sounds like Neil Young'. The whole song is simply a kind of enigmatic tribute to him."


Tourist in Wonderland:

"Every year to coincide with Nelsonica, Bill records and releases a 'special' studio album, that is presented to all the convention attendees, as part of the overall package. This has kind of become a tradition, if you like.
By its very nature, it becomes a commemorative album of that particular Nelsonica and these albums are, as you would imagine, highly thought of and sought after, in their own right.  Another (generous) part of the fantastic experience that is Nelsonica.
These albums can be, as Bill mentions, a collection of 'leftover' tracks, that didn't make the final cut for the various studio albums recorded throughout the year, a kind of compilation album, representative of that years work, or, as in this year's case, an album specifically composed and recorded especially for Nelsonica...and a fine album it is too!"

"You are hooked from the very first track and pulled along the 'journey' at a fair old rattle, with subtle 'breath catches' at the perfect moments. It's an exhilarating, but very smooth, first class ride. Absolutely fantastic. And for fans of Bill's guitar wizardry, there's plenty of fine playing to sink your teeth into and keep you coming back time and again...
Thanks Bill, you are a true star."


"You want to get this one! It rocks, it twangs, it has some truly nightmarish bits. It has blues and harmonica. It is a truly surprising direction."


"It's an incredibly funky, sexy album - full of great rock and pop music. Definitely one for the rock fans, but with much more going on."


"I love Captain Future. My absolute favorite song is "Blue Sky Seeks Red Guitar". The whole album is amazing, with Bill squeezing new sounds out of his guitar. It's a keeper."


"Mr. Nelson takes us in several directions all at once. Delightful! My favorites are the most whimsical ones: "Dance of the Mullard Valvemen", "Sun Kings Suffer (As Time Goes By)" and "The Mount Fuji Ice-Cream Factory"."


"I didn't expect to like it too much (I don't like clowns), but was surprised on first hearing. This is a classic!...What great sounds!!"


"I have been listening to the Psychotronic Circus a lot recently, and as I am want to do, looking at the art work, and it struck me suddenly that the clown on the cover looks startling (to myself at least) like Bill. I've looked at all the artwork I could from the concept; the stuff posted for the Nelsonica, posted here, etc. and there is not a single clown that comes close to looking anything in similarity than the one on the cover of the CD. I'm probably waaaay off base, but I think it's friggin' cool!"


"The images were sourced from various advertisements from the 1890's up to around the 1930's, from Barnum and Bailey ads, a New York lemonade manufacturer from the 1900's, an old East German Sci-fi magazine cover, a Parisian dance troupe from 1910 etc."

emotional hooligan:

"It's a cracking CD! If anyone still hasn't got round to ordering it...get it now...!"

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