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Holey Moley, It's A Parallel World

Bill Nelson

download single - 15 December 2010

Holey Moley, It's A Parallel World - Cov


01)  Holey Moley, It's A Parallel World


"Holey Moley, It's a Parallel World!" is a track Bill composed and recorded exclusively for the Sara's Hope Foundation. The charity's aim was "to provide holiday breaks for children living with cancer, giving them smiles, hope, and precious memories". Fans could download the song in return for a modest donation to the charity. 


"Holey Moley, It's a Parallel World" was announced first by Ged Hoburn of Sara's Hope Foundation on 30 November 2010 in a Dreamsville post that reflected on the events at Nelsonica 10, at which a charity auction was held on behalf of the foundation. Nelson confirmed his plans to release a new track for Sara's Hope Foundation in a diary entry dated 1st December 2010, two weeks ahead of its release.


Currently unavailable but may be made available again as a charity download at some point.



"This vocal track will not be available has been exclusively created to raise funds for Sara's Hope Foundation.  It's a whimsical, mid-tempo sexy little number with a catchy, 'sing-along' chorus...I think you'll like it!"

To Sara's Father, Ged: "I'm proud to be a patron of Sara's Hope Foundation, Ged. You and your family are helping to provide a very special service for the children (and their parents), who are suffering the effects of this cruel disease.
I hope that Dreamsville citizens and fans generally will download this year's special Bill Nelson track and donate something, no matter how small, to this worthwhile cause."

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