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Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists

Bill Nelson

album - 9 January 2012

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01)  The Blossom Tree Optimists

02)  Standing On Tiptoes, Reaching For The Sky

03)  Memory Is A Data Cloud Forever Primed With Rain

04)  Rambling Through The Meadows (Wonder Wise)

05)  Garden Of Cascades 

06)  My Botticelli Angel

07)  When Boys Were Lost For Words

08)  Lovers In The Pleasure Gardens  

09)  The Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Of The Forever Bee

10)  The Girl Who Was Electrically Carried Away

11)  One Summer Night

12)  Silent Glides My Armstrong Siddeley

13)  These Are The Dreams

14)  Gathered In At Gloaming

15)  The Blossom Tree Optimists (Alternative Mix)


Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists is a vocal album released on the Sonoluxe label issued in a single print run of 1000 copies. The album grew out of the early recordings for Model Village, once Nelson had decided to make that album entirely from instrumental tracks. Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists was the second release that Nelson designated as part of his 'Super Listener Series', which indicated it to be a more challenging prospect. The series has currently run to four albums, with the prospect of continuing in the future.

Physical copies of the album sold out in December 2020.



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store. 

Model Village, All That I Remember, The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor Bill, Stereo Star Maps, The Years,
Fables and Dreamsongs, Rosewood One, Rosewood Two, Northern Dream,
New Northern Dream



"A personal homage to a kind of long-lost, romantic, utopian 'Englishness'. Many of the songs on these albums attempt to capture an elusive, ancient spirit, a spirit of a place inhabited by quiet ghosts unique to old Albion, an English Arcadia, an imaginary Eden that only exists in the gentle souls of artists and poets. It's quite artificial, dreamlike, ethereal, a figment of Faerie, a Midsummer Night's Dream...Beautiful, fragile and utterly, seductively unreal."

"Something just struck me about the Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists album that I'm currently working on. Some of the tracks could almost constitute a new Northern Dream album...a Northern Dream for the 21st Century. It has a sort of rusty-rustic vibe, a similar innocence and charm.

"I was aiming for an album that used acoustic guitar and orchestral sounds but there are moments when it hints at some of the approach I used 40 years ago on Northern Dream. This wasn't something I planned, but, magically, it seems to offer a weird echo of certain aspects of that early album."

"This album can be appreciated as a companion piece to last year's Model Village or as an independent project in its own right. It is a song-based album with the emphasis on vocals and acoustic guitar but with added orchestral colours and percussion to give a neo-baroque flavour to the music.
The album could also be thought of as the missing link between Northern Dream, Rosewood and The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor Bill."

"It's a warm, heartfelt fantasia with lots of detail and cross-references. An album for grown-ups who can appreciate music that paints pictures."

"The cover image comes from an antiquarian print I bought in Paris, several years ago now. In fact, it was this image that conjured up the album's title. The entire project grew from me wanting to use that image on an album cover...then, after some years of it hanging on my bedroom wall, the title finally rose to the surface and the fun of writing and recording the music began. So, the album was actually inspired by that particular image, rather than the image being chosen afterwards."



"A breath of fresh air, the sounds of a hopeful spring and better times ahead. Fond memories, words of love - beautiful playing, singing and a song writer's muse showing no signs of diminishing - quite the opposite...all these factors combining to lift the spirits and help to believe that hope really does spring eternal...
Utter brilliance, one of Bill's absolute best.
I cannot give higher praise than that, the music alone changed how I felt for the better, it healed me.
If Bill had released nothing else in his life, that one album served to produce a profound effect on me in what was a relatively dark time.
If any of us can have that effect on another person at least once in our lives, our work is almost done.
I know for a fact having read the pages here in Dreamsville, that Bill has achieved this time after time over the years..."

"I have not been able to get this album off my's simply just a stunning album...
How do you keep coming up with all these amazing compositions Bill?"


"This is a totally beautiful album, different from anything that went before and possibly my personal top favourite of Mr. Nelson's more recent output (Or his total output for that matter. Love the Be-Bop Deluxe albums of course, great rock of my youth...just had to say. Lots of great music came my way from Mr. Nelson in the years between then and now. Long may it continue.) Hard to pick a top one from as fabulous a catalogue as Mr. Nelson has produced, but this would have to be it.
This, though, is quite a different beast from all the rest. A very soothing, cohesive album that paints a lovely sonic picture-scape, truly evocative of dreamy pastoral vistas. A 'Put the feet up and kick back', type of album."


"Pure joy. Each release you never know what you're going to get and that's part of the thrill and anticipation.
I've pretty much everything Bill. Model Village has gone into my top 6 or 7 and Blossom Tree may be hard on its heels. How this consistent level of quality is achieved I have no idea.
Thanks Bill. Please keep doing what you're doing - no pandering!
Eternally grateful."


"Not since Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights have I been soooo moved by one of Bill's albums. It just takes me away."


"I got to the "Buzz Buzz Buzz Honey Bee" track, and I was sold, the rest of the album was wonderful.

"As is with so many of Bill's albums they require more than a cursory listen. His styles are so diverse any album should be treated with an open mind, and see where it takes you."

play my theremin:

"Well, I'm always late to the party, but I love this album.
I live right on the north east coast, and Blossom Tree made an absolutely magical and uplifting soundtrack to my frosty early morning walk by the pier and along the promenade.

"As for favourite tracks, so far the title track (alt mix), "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz of the Forever Bee" and "When Boys were Lost for Words" particularly grab me. But as with most of Bill's albums, the tracks that end up as my absolute favourites tend to lie in wait for a while and hit me by stealth."

"If anyone else has yet to buy this album, I recommend it!"


"I can't help myself:
"Silent Glides" is like a head on collision with a rainbow after a sun-shower.
This is a truly illuminated set, this CD."


"May I just state that the title track of Songs of The Blossom Tree Optimists must certainly be up there very near the top of Bill's Top 10 Best All-Time Vocal Performances.

"The guitar trickles all throughout the listener like dancing diamonds upon rivers, streams, leaves of grass, blossom trees, clouds, etc., brings immediately an idyllic state of conscious, 'a glorious domain is shining' indeed."


"Always especially appreciate Bill's vocal works. His voice has been a soothing and warm companion throughout a good part of my life, enhancing good times and helping to diminish bad times."


2012 Poll:  

"I have all these excellent albums, but one stands head and shoulders above all of them and that is Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists. It should get two votes from me as the bg half of dwgbg completely agrees with me."

"Bill's most uplifting album ever. Without it I wouldn't be here. I have been in a very dark place for about seven months now and listening to this album has saved my life on more than one occasion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bill, for making it."


"Washes over you like a warm, peaceful blanket and soothes the spirit! Spoken like a true poet, ahem!"


"What a lovely collection of songs!
Bill's knack of combining imagery and melodic tunes are very strong on here and I was very taken first time with some of the songs...
"The Buzz, Buzz, Buzz of the Forever Bee"...Arthur Askey comes to mind! Oh, what a wonderful thing to be,
A healthy grown up busy busy bee."

"The Girl Who Was Electrically Carried Away"...couldn't stop singing this all day yesterday!

"My Botticelli Angel"...another track destined to be a Bill favourite.
...So, mission accomplished've done it again with another album that will, I'm sure, be considered a classic in years to come...
...if you're still not sure about getting this CD, DON'T hesitate...get it now!"


"This is one of my fav Bill albums already. Wonderful lyrics and great melodies - I would strongly recommend those of you who are thinking about buying the album - go for it - you won't be disappointed."


"Waiting for the next Bill Nelson creation is SUCH sweet torture, ain't it? I mean, I have had Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists for what, 2-3 weeks? And loving it. And yet talk of another album in the works has me all excited again.  Just can't get enough!
Yeah...I have an addiction! But one that I enjoy greatly, that enhances my life and that I see no reason to quit."

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