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The Palace Of Strange Voltages

Bill Nelson

album - 29 September 2012

Palace Of Strange Voltages - Cover
Palace of Strange Voltages page 3
Palace of Strange Voltages page 4
Palace of Strange Voltages inner tray


01)  Push Button Bang

02)  Fluffy Bunny Business

03)  The Fantastic Futurama Ride

04)  The Mysterious Echo Chamber Of Priapus Stratocaster

05)  Stargazing Whilst Smoking An Imaginary Pipe (Pipedreams)

06)  In The Palace Of Strange Voltages

07)  Superscope


The Palace Of Strange Voltages is an instrumental album issued in a single print run of 1000 copies on the Sonoluxe label.

The album was first announced on the Dreamsville forum in April 2012, with a firmly established track listing. One notable inclusion was "The Mysterious Echo Chamber of Priapus Stratocaster" that had been the title of an album project announced the previous June (a project that mutated into a number of separate albums issued across 2011 and 2012). 

The Palace Of strange Voltages sold out in January 2021.     



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.


Luxury Wonder Moments, Non-Stop Mystery Action, Mazda Kaleidoscope, Illuminated at Dusk, Stereo Star Maps,

Albion Dream VortexSignals From Realms of Light, Fables and Dreamsongs, Loom, Astroloops, Quiet Bells


"It contains long-form instrumentals, mostly improvised compositions centered around keyboards, treated guitars and electronica. Hard to describe but somewhere between the Non-Stop Mystery Action album and some of the live improvs I performed at last year's Leeds College of Music concert."

"A satisfying listen for those who enjoyed Signals, Mazda, Non-Stop Mystery Action and Illuminated at Dusk."



"HANG ON TO YOUR HATS!!...It's gonna blow you away! Bloody marvellous collection of music that only Bill knows how to 'cook' and serve..."

"I've been to unbelievable places, in outa space...had an experience that I'll never forget...I've been taken into the future and I felt like I was there!...all thanks to "The Fantastic Futurama Ride!"...
Bill, I've been listening to this brilliant track from the fantastic Palace of Strange Voltages almost daily on repeat...'tis indeed a work of great tapestry that just flows from one exquisite piece of music to another, to create 14:56 minutes of pure listening pleasure...Love it!!!
...then it goes into "The Mysterious Echo Chamber of Priapus Stratocastor"...Here we go again!!!

"What I'm tying to say is the The Palace of Strange Voltages is, in my humble opinion, your best work so far this year and boy have we had some good releases in the last 12 months... I type, The Dreamshire Chronicles have just been delivered by Postie!...Oh my, here we go again!!!"


"I am seriously loving this one. I thought nothing could pry Joy Through Amplification out of my player, but I was wrong. Palace of Strange Voltages is simply awesome. I just listened to "Priapus" 3 times in a row. The whole album is fantastic."


"There is much on here to satisfy those who enjoy Bill's guitar instrumental music. It has elements of both Signals From Realms of Light and also Mazda Kaleidoscope. Whilst being quite different from both those albums, if you do enjoy them - this will go down a treat."

"The Palace of Strange Voltages is indeed bloody marvellous - possibly even better than Signals from Realms of Light..."

Peter Cook:

"What an exquisite piece of work. Just relaxing into this beautiful music."

"Another album "close to the edge" of the 74 minute limit - jam packed with orgasmic soundscapes."

Douglas Barry:

"The Fantastic Futurama Ride":  The blues/jazz hook that starts at around 7:20 is so hypnotic I'm just transported to a wonderful place where I don't want it to end. This is definitely one of those tracks you play loud in a dimly lit room. And a lovely whimsical finish with another great guitar lick. Just love it. It's an experience you'll never forget!"


"Push Button Bang": "is almost pure sound - there is no 'melody' in any conventional sense and it really sounds unlike anything Bill has done before. I am always excited whenever Bill gets his weird on."


"The best time to be a Bill Nelson fan? The present - because you just don't know what's next."

steve lyles:

"I received the new CDs a couple of days ago and I just had to say how blown away I am with the Palace of Strange Voltages....Wow. What a musical journey this goes off in all sorts of directions that leave me bedazzled and is magnificent Bill...the interplay between keyboards and guitar is mesmerizing...I don't possess enough superlatives in my vocabulary to shower on this music...more please."

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