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Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms

Bill Nelson

album - 20 September 2010

Modern Moods - Cover
Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms page 2
Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms page 4
Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms inner tray


01)  One Thing Leads To Another

02)  Sky Scooter

03)  Speedboats From Another World

04)  In An Aeroplane

05)  The Dream Of The Unified Field

06)  Binky And The Dancing Astronomers

07)  Real Worlds And Dream Worlds

08)  The Kid With A Cuckoo Clock Heart

09)  What Station Is This?

10)  After The Rain, Pick The Fruit

11)  Binky's Blues

12)  Another Slice Of Wonder Cake

13)  Buddha And The Rain Cloud

14)  The Day That Came And Went

15)  Wing Thing


Modern Moods for Mighty Atoms is a mixture of vocal and instrumental pieces released on the Blue Shining Fountain label in a single print run of 1000 copies.

The album was born out of unused material composed and recorded at the time Nelson was compiling Fables and Dreamsongs and Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus (the album compiled especially for Nelsonica 10). With a number of high quality tracks that didn't fit within the style or concept of those two albums, Nelson set about the task of adding a handful of new tracks written especially for the album and soon had a third new album to master.


Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms sold out in August 2019.



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Shining Reflector, Swoons and Levitations, Joy Through Amplification, Special Metal, Orpheus in Ultraland,
Fantasmatron, Blip!, Blip 2, Electric Atlas, Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus, Six String Super Apparatus



"These tracks were originally made for the forthcoming albums in this new series of releases [Fables and Dreamsongs and Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus], but either they didn't fit in terms of concept, or there was simply no room left on either album to include them. So, in a sense, Modern Moods is a compilation of 'left-overs'. But the amazing thing was that these left-overs actually fitted together in an interesting way and have created a rather nice album with lots of variety."



"It really is an absolute stunner - it will blow a lot of people's minds, I suspect."


"I love the variety. Rocky, poppy, jazzy, up-tempo, slow tempo, some with vocals, some instrumentals, and some 'strange ones'. My goodness, that IS variety. Well variety is nice, but it helps that every single track is very impressive indeed."


"First impression? An absolute corker of an album!

"If anybody had any doubts about Mr Bill Nelson being able to 'cut it' anymore, I defy them to listen to this and not be blown away by the sheer genius of the man. As Bob has said, variety rules here...something and more for anybody's taste buds to savour...Love it!

"And these are 'cast offs' Mr Nelson?...Well, roll on the next chapter!

"..."Another Slice of Wonder Cake?"...Yes please!

"...enough of this, back to the music..."Sky Scooter" is playing now...Love it!"


"I love it!  All the tracks grab me instantly. I particularly like the vocal tracks so far."

"It just gets better and better with repeat listens! "Sky Scooter" is great! I think it's greatest hit material, even though there aren't any lyrics."

"I was blown away by how much energy this album had. When most artists start getting older they adopt a more "mature sound" which usually seems to mean that they throw out all the whistles and bells, and produces really low pulse thoughtful music. Bill seems able to still capture high energy pieces, but he infuses them with his working knowledge of life, and his technical mastery and restraint. It is a winning combination to be sure."


"Hi Bill - Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the new record. It's fun to hear an album where all of your moods and styles are on display. It really confounded my expectations at every turn and that's a good thing. I am particularly enamoured of the instrumentals "What Station is This?" and "Wing Thing". I've always had a soft spot for your penchant for high weirdness, and those tunes really fill the bill. (oops pun.) I could literally listen to hours of that kind of stuff (and often do...).

"Anyway, thanks once again for delivering another elpee of cracking tunes."


"A true classic with tremendous vocals and instrumentals of all types. It seems to touch upon every mood. One of my absolute favorites."

"This one is too good to miss."


"What Station is This?": "I literally had to pull to the side of the road, stop the car and listen to this wondrous piece. The artist and his definitive art of perfect invention are in superb form on this track...takes me backwards and forwards in time...little does Mr. Nelson realise, perhaps, that he is the preeminent inventor/arbiter of Modern Western Musical Mysticism...I certainly got misty eyed listening to this track."

"This was a stop-dead-in-your-tracks awe inspiring listen."


"I can say that this one hooked me on the first listen. I love every track on it. I'm off work tomorrow and can hardly wait to listen even more closely.

"If anyone is wondering whether or not to get this album, I say go for it."

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