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Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen

Bill Nelson

album - 26 April 2017

Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen - Cover
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01)  Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen

02)  Atoms Orbit Around The Sun

03)  I'm Dancing

04)  From Another World

05)  The Golden Soul Of You

06)  Science Fiction Times

07)  Wonder Of The Age

08)  Dark Is The Spark

09)  The Void Beyond The Line

10)  Old Haunts

11)  Emptiness Sings (A Lonely Boy)

12)  Monster Man

13)  Shine Your Light

14)  Paradise And Purgatory

15)  Shining Through

16)  Hello, Hello

17)  Golden Spacemen Rock N' Roll


Kid Flip and the Golden Spacemen is a vocal album issued as a digital download only on the Tremelo Boy Records label.  Work on the album commenced in mid-November 2016 and was completed in a little over 2 weeks.

Nelson first announced the track listing on Dreamsville on 12 March 2017, revealing it to be a 17 track, 71 minute
collection.  With the mastering session booked for a few days’ time, Nelson remixed and partly re-recorded his vocal
for the title track.

Mastering of the album took place on 14 March 2017 concurrently with The Awakening of Dr Dream, issued later
that month.  Kid Flip and the Golden Spacemen was released on April 26th, 2017.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.


The Awakening of Dr Dream
, Fantastic Guitars, New Northern DreamTripping The Light Fantastic, Special Metal,

Orpheus in Ultraland, Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus, Joy Through Amplification, Fancy Planets


"I've got the creative bee in my bonnet at the moment and am now working on another new album.  This one firmly in the rock and vocal camp for all you retrograde types out there.

I've no idea when this one will surface, as I've only just begun to work on it, and there's an absolute treasure trove of music, (of different kinds), already awaiting future release...but it's a fluid situation with albums being made available purely on a whim at the moment...

But, right now, I'm laying down tracks for this new rock/vocal album which seems to have a flavour of 'Be Bop Deluxe' about it.  Tentative, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, its title is Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen (Tales Of An Imaginary Band)."

"Kid Flip is a fairly heavy, rock orientated, vocal album.  Those of you who gravitate towards the more noisy rock albums, (particularly with vocals), will find Kid Flip particularly exciting."

"Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen is actually about an imaginary rock band. (I guess a more contemporary version of "Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus" though musically nothing like that's much more rock and less pop.)
The lyrics go: "Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen, playing blues in a bar in heaven...Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen, turn their amps up to number eleven..." "

"My idea is to make it sound like an imaginary band, the 'Kid Flip And The Golden Spacemen' of the album's title.  I'm picturing them playing in a big hall in some illusory world...I've produced many of the tracks to sound like a band playing live, captured with the raw edge and lo-fi qualities that often accompany live gigs.  The tracks surge and pump, throb and punch as if you were hearing the music from the back of a concert hall.  It sounds pretty exciting, if a bit raw and slightly punishing."




"Another little gem from Bill, highlighting his knack of 'knocking out', for want of a better phrase, instant pop.....lovely melodies here, both vocal and instrumental, from the very catchy opener "Kid Flip" to the closing track "Golden Spacemen Rock and Roll"...fantastic guitar!

..and the ones in between like "The Golden Soul of You", "Monster Man" and "I'm Dancing"...instant favourites!....."


"Science Fiction Times", "Dark is the Spark":  "are pure gems !!  And the funk of "Monster Man",,, o yes Bill,,, getting funky!! "Shine Your Light" has a wonderful breezy feeling, telling us about the times we live in I believe.  And "Golden Spacemen Rock N' Roll, ya gotta love the sentimental beauty this song rings out, and how Bill can undoubtedly make a guitar sing, rip, and explode with joy !!!  I am totally enjoying the tunes through my short lunch period and looking forward to putting the headphones on !!"


"Blimey, i ferl like dancing!  What a super fun album this is.

I think i need to sit down, knees are hurting a bit....."

Uncle Sam Humanoid:

"I am really liking this one...

Awesome album Bill, You're certainly on a roll sir!!!"

December Man:

"Nice to see (hear) this pop-rock manifestation of Bill(y) (the Kid) surface.  First listen after downloading today and loving the vibrations of 6 heavenly strings in the skilled hands of one Mr Nelson!"

major snagg:

"I'm really enjoying Kid Flip. "Golden Spacemen Rock N' Roll" and "The Golden Soul of You" are firm favourites already."

"How lucky we are to have so much great music as a soundtrack to our lives in these troubled times."

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