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Shining Reflector

Bill Nelson

album - 8 December 2014

Shining Reflector - Cover
Shining Reflector page 3
Shining Reflector page 4
Shining Reflector inner tray


01)  BC1675

02)  Up In The Attic, Down In The Lab (Hubble Bubble And Starshine)

03)  Watchword (A Return)

04)  How Near We Are

05)  Snoozy Winks

06)  Beyond All This

07)  Our Lucky Stars

08)  Rapture Parade

09)  December Days-Diamond Bright

10)  Starlight And Moonbeams

11)  Shining Reflector

12)  It's A Comic Book World

13)  Come Closer And See My Dreams

14)  The Girl In The Glass Aeroplane


Shining Reflector is an album mixing vocal and instrumental pieces issued in a one-off print run of 500 copies on the Sonoluxe label.

The material included on Shining Reflector was created during the Stereo Star Maps sessions when that album was planned as a double.  In the end Nelson decided to split the material into three different releases (Swoons and Levitations being the third album), and Shining Reflector was available within a month of Stereo Star Maps

Issued on 8 December 2014, it sold out in an impressive 10 days.



Available for purchase as a digital download in the Dreamsville Store.

Dream Transmission Pavilion, Swoons and Levitations, Perfect Monsters, Stereo Star Maps, Clocks & Dials,
Modern Moods for Mighty Atoms, Secret Club for Members Only, Return to Jazz of Lights, Plectrajet


"Shining Reflector contains vocals and instrumentals recorded earlier this year but has a different feel to Stereo Star Maps.  It's a bit more up-tempo and slightly 'pop-rocky' but it has a wide-screen sonic quality too."




"There's smoke coming out of my ears at the moment.  In parts it's dirty, electric, loud, playful.  It soars, sweeps, twists and turns.  Catherine wheel guitars.  It's the new thing."


"Bloody hell Bill!  Shining Reflector is a wonderful breath of fresh air, an instant attention grabber, frequently made me stop what I was doing to take in what I was hearing...some albums take a while to sink in, but this one hits me like a train wreck!  Brilliant guitar work by Bill and for those yet to hear'll knock your socks off!!  Love it!"


"I'm happy to report its well up to Bill's usual high standards.  I've listened to it three times thus far and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  Quite how Bill remains so prolific yet continues to produce albums of such consistently high quality though, remains one of the mysteries of our age."


"Beyond All This":  "is what they call achingly beautiful."

Face In The Rain:

"IMHO Shining Reflector is one of the best albums Bill's made since Orpheus in Ultraland and, like Orpheus, is exactly the sort of album BBD would be making now (well of course it is, you idiot, because it was made by the bloke in BBD, wasn't it).  Sorry. I'll get my coat."

"Bill's music brings me a lot of joy and I want him to know that and to go on making it whatever health and financial tribulations he's beset by.  Call that sucking up to teacher, but I don't mind."


"As I commented in another post, this is a great time to be a Bill Nelson fan.  The hits just keep coming.  Stereo Star Maps, Quiet Bells, Shining Reflector.  One and all to my taste and among my new favorites.  All sit nicely with many other classics such as Palace, Signals, (going back a bit now), Secret Club, Gleaming, and at least a dozen others.  No other artist I can think of produces so frequently and consistently such amazing music.  Thank you."


"If I had to pay Bill Nelson for every smile, every tear, every bright start to a day or every calm ending that he's responsible for...he'd own my house, car and girl friend.

Keep on truckin' Bill."

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