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The Last Of The Neon Cynics

Bill Nelson

album - 21 May 2012

The Last Of The Neon Cynics - Cover
Last of the Neon Cynics page 3
Last of the Neon Cynics inner tray


01)  Riding The Go-Tubes

02)  Interstellar Courier

03)  Decimal Point For The Thousand Races

04)  Jericho's Armband Counsel

05)  Cassidy's Electric Campfire Song

06)  The Colonel Has An Anti-Decimal Scheme

07)  The Blue Taint

08)  Mathematical Prairie

09)  Do Space Trams Dream Of Fictitious Passengers?


The Last of the Neon Cynics is an instrumental album (with a single vocal track) released on the Sonoluxe label issued in a single print run of 500 copies. The album was a collaboration with illustrator Matt Howarth that was commenced in 2003.  At one point it had been hoped that the artwork would be presented in book form with the accompanying CD but manufacturing costs ruled this out. Instead, the album was pressed as an Enhanced-CD, with the Howarth's illustrated story included as s a PDF file, accessed by loading the CD onto a PC.

On May 4th, 2012 (Star Wars day!) a taster track "Decimal Point for the Thousand Races" was officially released through Soundcloud with the full album finally available on May 21st, 2012.

The limited nature of the release (Nelson's first CD restricted to just 500 copies since Arcadian Salon in 2006) meant that collectors had to be alert to get their hands on a copy. Consequently on June 26th an announcement was made on the Dreamsville forum that the CD was almost sold out, with the last copy being snapped up on July 2nd. A few lucky latecomers though were able to get autographed copies by ordering from Matt Howarth's website in October that year.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.


Romance of Sustain, Plectrajet, Blip!, Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy (Blip 2),
Special Metal,

Plaything, Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus, Wah-Wah Galaxy, Custom Deluxe, Whimsy



"Neon Cynic is a collaboration between myself and respected American comic book artist Matt Howarth. Its full title is The Last of the Neon Cynics, a project I began working on quite a few years ago now, (in 2003 to be exact).

"The Last of the Neon Cynics was conceived as a sci-fi comic book/graphic story, about a cosmic cowboy called 'Cassidy' who has a robot guitar as his side-kick. Cassidy travels the multiverse in an inter-dimensional tram that utilises galactic wormholes to get from one place to another. The story takes in his battle with an evil entity called 'The Blue Taint'.

"Matt wrote and illustrated the tale, (after we originally discussed the idea, way back when), and I have, over the last seven years, written, performed and recorded the musical soundtrack for it.

"This project has taken a very long time to come to fruition, mainly my fault due to my unrelenting, intense work-schedule which has only allowed me to devote time to the Neon Cynic music in between other projects. And as Dreamsville citizens know, there are virtually no 'in-between' times in my schedule at all!" [2010]

"Whilst there are only nine tracks on the album, they're all long ones and act as a 'soundtrack' to the sci-fi story contained within the CD, (you'll be able to access this by popping the disc into your computer). All the tracks are instrumental with one exception, a rather novel song written and sung from the central character's point of view. The song also features a kind of robot guitar that can play any style of music, (in the song's case, with touches of Jimi Hendrix and Chet Atkins!)"



"It has a lot of really incredible guitar, and it's mostly instrumental (just one song with vocals). It's an essential purchase for any aficionado of Bill's guitar music."

"The Colonel Has an Anti-Decimal Scheme":  "How outrageously great is that track!!  Just incredible..."


Best Bill Nelson release of 2012 Poll: "No puzzle here! For me it wins hands down. Great concept, great art/artist, and great music!!!
Download Neon Cynics. Best BN release of 2012!"

martin jordan:

Best Bill Nelson release of 2012 Poll: "Overall my vote has to go to The Last of the Neon Cynics - I love every track and the guitar playing is incredible!"


"While I think that all of the albums released this year [2012] are very good to excellent, I still think that The Last of the Neon Cynics was the best release out of the bunch. Tight, concise songs with layers of gorgeous guitar."

"The whole CD is a smorgasbord of aural delights."

Iron Man No. 28:

"The Last of the Neon Cynics is the standout release for me: particularly like hearing the music in sync with reading the comic. Personal favourite track is the coda, "Do Space Trams Dream of Fictitious Passengers", for its incredible sense of yearning and regret for what might have been."

"When I put it on, it's like I've died and gone to Twangolia Heaven. Transcendentally wonderful. Thanks, Bill."


"Some very heavy rock oriented instrumentals in this one. This CD is extremely underrated."


"On "Cassidy's Electric Campfire Song", Bill is channelling - Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck!
On the following song, "The Colonel Has An Anti-Decimal Scheme", Bill delivers a bit of a guitar tour de force along similar but different lines to "Machines of Loving Grace"."


"Mr. Nelson you've done it again - another masterpiece!
After one play through, stand out moments are "Interstellar Courier" and "The Colonel Has an Anti-Decimal Scheme".
Now I've got to have a look at the book to find out what these tantalising titles are all about."

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