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Bill Nelson

double album -  30 April 2021

Dazzlebox - Cover
Dazzlebox TV Flyer
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Dazzlebox Flyer


01)  Antique Gods

02)  Show Home

03)  Art Deco Dance

04)  Sleepless City

05)  In A Streamlined World

06)  Reverse Engineering

07)  We Run Before The Wind

08)  My Amigo

09)  Covered In Chrome

10)  Our Friends In The Stars

11)  The Road To Elsewhere

12)  The Clockwork Light Machine

13)  Otherworld

14)  A Cottage On The Moon

15)  Unearthlings


01)  Squeaky Toytown

02)  Radio Rialto

03)  North Yorkshire Moors Rain (For Harold Budd)

04)  Blue Spin

05)  Venetian Submarines

06)  Tweetime

07)  Green Tiger In The Gold

08)  Selectatone

09)  Tremola

10)  Experimental Erotica (Scene One)

11)  In The Realms Of The Unreal

12)  Billy's Blues

13)  Footsteps In Rain

14)  Spy Vs Spy

15)  Experimental Erotica (Scene Two)


Dazzlebox is a double album of instrumental pieces issued on the Sonoluxe label in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

The album was recorded throughout 2020 and during January and February 2021. The 30 tracks included on Dazzlebox represent a fraction of the material assembled during the above period.

Dazzlebox represents the second Bill Nelson album to be released since the composer moved to his recently established Cubase recording set-up assembled in 2019 and which he began utilising from January 2020.

Plans for the album were first announced on the Dreamsville forum on 16 December 2020 when Nelson provided a list of 22 tracks recorded with this album in mind. However, the proposed track listing, revealed on 25 February 2021, included just 16 of the original tracks considered for Dazzlebox alongside 13 new titles included since that initial forum post.

For a brief time, Nelson considered delaying the release of Dazzlebox in favour of Phantom Fuzzbox, an album completed back in 2014 which remains unreleased. Within days though, he reverted back to his initial plan to release Dazzlebox as his first album of 2021. However, Nelson was concerned that the material might prove too much to absorb as a double album. Consequently, he revealed an intention to reduce Dazzlebox down to a single album, the unused material being allocated to a separate album called In Tick Tock Land.  

In spite of these conflicting plans, on 23 February 2021 Nelson confirmed that, in line with his initial intentions, Dazzlebox would indeed be a double album. 


As the deadline for the mastering session approached Nelson made a couple of late changes bringing the number of featured tracks to 30.

Dazzlebox was mastered at Fairview Studios by John Spence on 19 March 2021with artwork created by Martin Bostock working with images selected and manipulated by Nelson. 

With the UK still dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic any sort of public event to launch Dazzlebox was understandably out of the question and consequently the album received no such fanfare.


Pre-orders for the Dazzlebox were announced by Burning Shed on 25 March 2021 with it being released on 30 April 2021.


This CD is available to purchase in the Dreamsville Store.


"Dazzlebox is the second release of recordings made using my relatively new Cubase recording software. It is an instrumental double album with a variety of stylistic twists and turns. The tracks sometimes use 'distressed' drum and percussion sounds, electronic effects and keyboards but always layered with a rainbow of electric guitars.


"The thirty tracks presented here provide a rich, sometimes complex listening experience. It will require a patient and attentive ear to fully appreciate, but I hope you will take the time to unlock the music's charms and find much to enjoy." 

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