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Bill Nelson

retrospective 2CD collection - September 1989

Duplex CD cover
Duplex lp cover

TRACKS:  Vocal Album

01)  Flaming Desire (The Love That Whirls album, 1982)
02)  Do You Dream In Colour? (single in 1980, then Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam album, 1981)
03)  Acceleration (Remix) (single in 1984, after original on Chimera album, 1983)
04)  Living In My Limousine (remix) (single in 1981, after original on Quit Dreaming album, 1981)
05)  Hope For The Heartbeat (Remix(US promo single in 1982, after original on The Love That Whirls album, 1982)
06)  October Man (The Love That Whirls album, 1982)
07)  Here And Now (previously unreleased outtake from the Getting The Holy Ghost Across album, 1986)
08)  Private View (The Love That Whirls album, 1982)
09)  Life In Your Hands (non-album single, 1989)
10)  Contemplation (Getting The Holy Ghost Across album, 1986)
11)  Glow World (Chimera album, 1983)
12)  Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope (Chimera album, 1983)

TRACKS:  Instrumental Album

01)  The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo (Chamber Of Dreams album, part of the Trial By Intimacy album set, 1985)
02)  Another Tricky Mission For The Celestial Pilot (Map Of Dreams, 1987)
03)  The Angel At The Western Window (Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights set, 1987)
04)  Portrait Of Jan With Flowers (The Love That Whirls album, 1982)
05)  The Man In The Rexine Suit (Savage Gestures For Charms Sake mini-album, 1983)
06)  Wiping A Tear From The All Seeing Eye (Scala - Secret Ceremony single, 1987)
07)  Right, Then Left (Iconography, 1986)
08)  Secret Ceremony (Theme From Brond) (Scala - Secret Ceremony single, 1987)
09)  Half Asleep In A Hall Of Mirrors (previously unreleased, theme from the movie Dream Demon, 1988)
10)  Broadcast News (previously unreleased, theme from the Channel 4 programme Right To Reply, 1988)
11)  Opening (previously unreleased, from the TV production: Henry Moore And Landscape, 1988)
12)  Loosening Up With Lady Luck (previously unreleased, from the BBC movie Lucky Sunil, 1988)
13)  Metaphysical Jerks (Yukihiro Takahashi - Stranger Things Have Happened single, 1985)
14)  The Garden (La Belle Et La Bete album, 1982)
15)  Loving Tongues (Pavillions Of The Heart And Soul album, part of the Trial By Intimacy album set, 1985)
16)  Burning The Grove Of Satyrs (Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights, 1987)
17)  Radiant Spires (Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights, 1987)
18)  Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart (Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights, 1987)

Vinyl and cassette omitted: Disc 1, track 07),  "Here And Now"

An extra track "Transition No.3" from La Belle et La Bette, 1982 appeared on the vinyl version.


Duplex is a double compilation album that was issued on vinyl, cassette and CD by Cocteau Records. At the time of its release, Duplex was the perfect introduction to Bill Nelson's solo work. The material was very neatly separated into a vocal album and an instrumental album.

The CD edition included a bonus track in the form of the previously unreleased song, "Here And Now" (track 7 on
Disc 1). Tracks 09 - 12 on the Instrumental album were appearing for the first (and only) time. Track 13 had originally appeared on a Yukihiro Takahashi 12" single, "Stranger Things Have Happened", and was an outtake from the Chimera sessions.

Note: some confusion was caused due to an erroneous track listing on the Instrumental album: tracks 15 - 18 (D7 - D10 on LP and cassette). The track listing above reflects reality rather than duplicating the error.

Duplex was deleted far too soon with the dissolution of the Cocteau Records label in 1990, and copies became virtually impossible to find once existing stocks ran out.


Currently out of print, there appears to be no plans to reissue this set.


Dream Demon: "My first film score and a horror film at that, plus, after the film was completed and I was in the middle of another project, the company decided to completely re-write and re-film Dream Demon's ending to make the story's conclusion a little more upbeat and clear.

Consequently, I had to compose new music for the new ending, which really put the pressure on. I remember working on one project, (the Henry Moore documentary film), throughout the day and then on the new Dream Demon music into the early hours, getting to bed around four or five am. This was necessary to get the task completed in time for the film's release."

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