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Bill Nelson

album - 10 August 2015

Plectrajet - Cover
Plectrajet page 2
Plectrajet inner tray


01)  I Always Knew You Would Find Me

02)  Time Travel For Beginners

03)  Imperial Parade

04)  Small Red Birds

05)  Beyond These Clouds The Sweetest Dream

06)  The Girl On The Fairground Waltzer

07)  Electric Milkcart Blues

08)  If I Was The Pilot Of Your Perfect Cloud

09)  B-Movie Bug Boy

10)  Neon Lights And Japanese Lanterns

11)  Luxeodeon

12)  Only A Dream, But Nevertheless



Plectrajet (Painting With Guitars Volume Two) is an instrumental album issued in a one-off print run of 750 copies on the Sonoluxe label.  The album is essentially a compilation of pieces that Nelson had been performing live over the previous two decades, but which hadn't yet found their way onto albums.

The title Plectrajet had been around for about ten years also and was first suggested for the possible title (along with The Guitar Room) of a compilation of guitar instrumentals from Nelson's back catalogue that was initially being considered in 2005.  Although mentioned as recently as 2012, that compilation idea never saw light of day, and was supplanted by The Dreamer's Companion series of comps.  The title then lay dormant until being considered simultaneously as a possible title for what became the Fantastic Guitars album, as well as for a proposed second volume of Painting with Guitars (both of which were works in progress in 2013).

A second volume of Painting With Guitars had been an often mentioned idea over the years, although Nelson himself sometimes dismissed this as some of the material that naturally would have made up such a volume had been used on the Wah Wah Galaxy album.  However, the popularity of this idea with fans would ensure that it never completely disappeared from the schedule of potential releases.  The Romance of Sustain (Painting With Guitars Volume One) was eventually reissued as a digital download in 2015, and was soon followed by Volume Two in physical form, to which Nelson assigned the title Plectrajet.   

Work began on the project in February 2015 and took approximately 1 month to complete, preparing a total of 33 tracks.  No sooner had Nelson settled on the track listing for Plectrajet, he then assembled running orders for two further volumes (titled Six String Super Apparatus and Astral Overdrive respectively).  As Nelson himself says, they represent "a farewell to an era".  At the time of writing, Astral Overdrive is still in the pipeline of future releases.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Romance Of Sustain, Six String Super Apparatus, Sparkle MachineTripping The Light Fantastic,

The Awakening Of Dr Dream, Loom, Practically Wired, Gleaming Without Lights, Plaything


"I've begun work on 'Painting with Guitars Vol 2' which has the working title of PLECTRAJET.
This one has been a long time coming.  It's basically gathering together some of the pieces I've performed live in my solo concerts over the years.

I'm transferring the backing tracks from the CDs I use in a live situation to my multi-track recorder and adding the guitar parts to them, as if I was playing live.

The tricky bit is getting the two components to sit together well.  The backing tracks have a 'fixed' mix and individual instruments can't be re-balanced to suit the guitar overdubs.  In a live situation, with all the vagaries of live sound, this doesn't present a great problem but in the studio, the situation is different.  The tracks are exposed to much more scrutiny and their flaws become more apparent.

Still, I'm treating them like a live performance and not aiming at sonic perfection...(actually, I have no choice in the matter), so hopefully the end result will be acceptable."

"There are a few rarities amongst these...some pieces that have only been performed live once or twice, but some more regular numbers too, which have featured in my solo concerts more frequently."

"There are three more volumes completed and coming out soon.  They gather together all the tracks I've performed in my solo concerts over the years.  'Plectrajet' will be the first release of these."



"Oh I'm thrilled, I've been able to get this one..."Beyond These Clouds the Sweetest Dream" has been a favourite of mine for years so to have it on CD will be wonderful.  In fact, my eyes are welled up at thought.  "Imperial Parade" too.  Another favourite.  These tracks will bring back such happy memories of Nelsonicas and my Nelsonian friends."


"All I can say is WOW.  This is a marvel of guitar...This one is riveting."

"Also wanted to point out that Plectrajet is an even more appealing treat for us Yanks since most of us yearn for a Nelsonica nearby but it was not to be.  So these tracks, which bring great memories to many of you, are fresh as daisies to us!"


"Well what can I say...Plectrajet is absolutely superb!!!

I have always been amazed by Bill's output, but with all that he has gone through over the last year or so, to produce music of this quality is simply astounding!!

I do not know how you do it Bill, but thanks all the same."

Axe Victim:

"Love the way it sounds really raw and spontaneous."


"Great, happy, celebratory music and lashings of great guitar."


"Imperial Parade":  "Simply hypnotic, beautiful and mesmerising!  Love it and the whole album, been playing it to death since I got it, all killer and no filler as they say...album of the decade from Bill if you're asking!"

"Plectrajet for me is what defines Bill, I love his guitar based music and this album is full of happy memories for me from years of Nelsonicas and live gigs...which is why I said it's the best album Bill has put out in the last decade."

Howden End:

"Quickly become one of my all time favourite Bill albums.  He covers so many of his signature guitar styles on it, and on so many tracks once again find myself thinking, "there is no one who does it as good as Sir Bill";  have adored "Beyond these Clouds..." since I heard it at Metropolis and his interpretation on Plectrajet is simply superb."


"I must say I immediately liked Plectrajet.  Nay, love every track.  Congrats.  I'm listening to The Years, and am liking that too.  Thank you for challenging me, and zagging when I expect you to zig."

Tony M:

"What a great album!  From "I Always Knew You Would Find Me" to "Imperial Parade" (my favorites) and much more.  If you don't have this one, you are definitely missing out."

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