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Swoons and Levitations

Bill Nelson

album - 13 April 2015

Swoons And Levitations - Cover
Swoons and Levitations page 2
Swoons and Levitations page 4
Swoons and Levitations inner tray


01)  Blue Distant Stars

02)  Slow Sundays

03)  The Golden Comet

04)  Koolerator

05)  The Serpent Holds The Secret

06)  Broken Blues

07)  23,000 Feet In The Air

08)  Between Autumn And Winter

09)  Lilac Shirt, Dark Glasses

10)  Golden

11)  Intensia

12)  The Future Now Becomes The Past

13)  A Kiss Recalled

14)  Erectoplasm

15)  Safe Inside Her Wonderwear

16)  Junk The Funk

17)  Fontaine

18)  Pokus


Swoons and Levitations is an album mixing vocal and instrumental pieces, issued in a one-off print run of 500 copies on the Sonoluxe label.  The album was effectively born out of the writing sessions for Stereo Star Maps, which ultimately produced three albums, Shining Reflector being the other album from these sessions.

Swoons and Levitations was released on 13 April 2015, and was in stock for 11 days before completely selling out.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Perfect Monsters, Shining Reflector, Stereo Star Maps, Modern Moods for Mighty Atoms,
Dream Transmission Pavilion, The Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy (Blip 2), Electric Atlas, Special Metal


"Swoons and Levitations is a vocal album with instrumental interludes.  It is made up of tracks from the same sessions that produced the Shining Reflector album and has a rock/pop feel.
It is part two of a three volume set which will conclude with the album Perfect Monsters later this year.  The mood is generally light and sunny, casual and fun and will appeal to fans of Be Bop Deluxe as well as fans of my more quirky material."



"Phew! - just finished my first listen to this masterpiece; no doubt it will get many repeats in the days ahead, but I'm just blown away by how good this music is...Bill has said these tracks were 'left over' from Shining Reflector, but if that's the case, well, I dunno, but IMO he's left the best stuff off that album - these are more than leftovers - more like a main course!  What I like most about this album is the emotion in the playing, the ambiance of the guitar - classic Bill here, but there is a depth to it that really grabs me by the cortex.  Love the gritty Hammond organ flairs too!  More of that anytime Bill!"


"Have to agree that this is a masterpiece.  I'm hearing sounds from Bill that I've never heard before!  This is super heavy psychedelia.  To call this music sophisticated is like calling water wet.  It's dripping in genius.  I believe that the man has a deeper understanding of the hidden truths of the universe and has assimilated them into this album.  I am so looking forward to listening to this album over and over."

"There truly is something extra special about this album!...It really is on another level up from recent releases.  I just don't know how Bill keeps getting better and better.  We are truly living in a golden age of Nelsonia."

December Man:

"I've only had a couple of listens, but the second time was enough to know that I will come to love this album!  The Be Bop reference is a valid one.  It's as if Older (Joe) Bill reincarnated into Younger Bill and came up with a perfect blend of the two.  It's got a strange retro-future nostalgia vibe to it as Bill sounds like his old/new self again (both vocally and guitarically) coming out of some kinda levitational out-of-body co-experience existence directly attributable to the virtuosolifico playing of his new time-warp enhancing Astroluxe guitar!  Fabulous.  "B-Sides" to Bill are obviously nothing but 'A' grade songs to the rest of us mere mortals."


"Swoons and Levitations is less of a thematic Bill Nelson release & more of a goodie bag filled with various styles. Blending vocal & instrumental tracks, Bill has indeed pulled magic from his hat yet again.  Loads of tasty tunes, crowned with outstanding guitar work.

A great album to take along for a drive.  Also interesting is that a few tracks such as "Blue Distant Stars" seem to have an underlying samba beat.  Could we have Bill Nelson tunes one could actually dance to?

There are cuts like "23,000 Feet In The Air" and "Lilac Shirt, Dark Glasses" that employ Bill's trademark found vocals. Others are straight instrumentals with very up-front guitar.  If you're a fan of Shining Reflector or even Plectrajet, you'll find a bunch of guitar riffs that are built to satisfy.

Remember this is an album best listened to while wearing dark glasses & a lilac shirt."

mitchell de jarnett:

"To me this is a VERY young sounding record...playful, loose, and energetic - Bill clearly having fun here - and he is letting the fun show thru..."


"This lp is so phenomenal...from the first track ALL THE WAY THROUGH to the end.  I am hard pressed to think of one I have enjoyed this much from first listen in a long while.  All are great, yet, THIS ONE IS STUPENDOUS!!!  Thanks Bill for A+++ product and songs that remind me of 1977 Bill too.  Nice to wax nostalgic."


"This record is astoundingly good...even by Bill's standards.  It really "works" as an album.  Though I must say it picks up as it goes along, ending with one of the most beautiful ambient pieces he's ever done.
Funnily enough they say never trust the artist's interpretation of his own work.  This being "leftovers" is simply a case in point.  This record begs to be heard by a large audience.  The hammond touches are a nice touch too.  Bravo Bill!  You are like a fine wine my friend."

major snagg:

"Oh boy, Swoons & Levitations is a fantastic album.  Great songs, great instrumentals and best of all, a very positive 'vibe' throughout.  If Bill only released 1 album like this per year, then I'd still be a very happy man.  BUT, he releases three of four.  Brilliant.  The guitar instrumentals such as "Erectoplasm" is jaw droppingly good. (Bill has such a great sense of humour with his song titles).

Can't praise this CD enough.  One of the very best in my humble opinion."


"Wonderful album indeed!  Bill at his best...and how bloomin' good is "23,000 feet in the Air"?!!!  Masterful display of musicianship from Bill!!  Love it!!"


"Here that noise?  It's the roar of the crowd as Bill hits another one out of the park!"


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