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Bill Nelson

single - 13 August 1984

Acceleration (First) 7" - Cover
Acceleration (Second) 7" - Cover
Acceleration 12" - Cover
Acceleration 12" Picture - Cover


7" Singles:

A)  Acceleration (7" Remix)

B)  Hard Facts From The Fiction Department

12" Singles:


A1)  Hard Facts From The Fiction Department

A2)  Acceleration (Dub)

B1)  Acceleration (Long Version)

B2)  Acceleration (Short Version)


The various mixes of "Acceleration" (a song originally from the Chimera mini-album) were initially exclusive to these singles.
"Hard Facts from the Fiction Department" was the lead track from the fifth ABM club ep (May 1984).


Acceleration is a single issued in three formats (7", 12", and 12" picture disc) on the Cocteau Records label.
The 7" single was available in two different picture sleeves (as illustrated above). The picture disc would be the first and last Bill Nelson picture disc, and resembles the illustration that would be used on the cover of the Trial By Intimacy box set.


The "Acceleration" 7" remix was included on the original 2LP version of The Two Fold Aspect of Everything (1985) and the Duplex compilation set (1989).

All tracks except the 7" remix were added to the remastered 2005 CD of Chimera.
B2) was included in the The Practice of Everyday Life box set (2011).

Both of the above releases are out of print in physical form.




The 2005 reissue of Chimera is available via digital download through major online retailers.


"At that point in time, I had been making a fair bit of music along the lines of "Acceleration". I'd used some drum tracks sent to me from Japan by Yukihiro Takahashi of Yellow Magic Orchestra and had written various musics to go with them. 


Also the album The Love That Whirls featured electronica based tracks which provided the basis for things like "Acceleration". It wasn't really new to me, but maybe sounded new to others."

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