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Giants of the Perpetual Wurlitzer

Bill Nelson

ep - 29 December 1984

Giants Of The Perpetual Wurlitzer - Cove


A1)  The Strangest Things, The Strangest Times

A2)  Phantom Gardens

A3)  French Promenade

B1)  Golden Mile

B2)  West-Deep

B3)  Threnodia


All six songs were initially non-album tracks, two of which were exclusive to the 7" EP.


Giants of the Perpetual Wurlitzer is a 6 track EP of instrumentals issued on Cocteau Records. This was the sixth in the series of Cocteau Club EPs issued to fan club members, and the only one to appear in a picture sleeve. The EP was included in Issue #11 of the club magazine, Acquitted By Mirrors. Note that "Threnodia" is misspelt as "Threnolia" on the sleeve.



A1 was released on the Enigma compilation of the same name in 1989.
A2, B2, B3 were all later included on Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights album (Cocteau, 1987).




All tracks are available on the retrospective compilation album
Transcorder (The Acquitted By Mirrors Recordings).

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