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Bill Nelson

ep - 29 June 1985

Sex-Psyche-Etc - Cover


A)  Sex, Psyche, Etcetera

B1)  Several Famous Orchestras

B2)  Who He Is



The three tracks on this release were non-album tracks at the time, but the A-side was eventually included on the album Iconography (1986).


Sex, Psyche, Etc is a 12" single issued on Cocteau Records, and was the first release to use the "Orchestra Arcana" moniker.  Being under contract with CBS/Portrait, Nelson was prevented from releasing material on Cocteau, and so devised this pseudonym to get around the issue.

The first appearance of the track "Sex, Psyche, Etcetera" was actually on a cover-mount cassette that came with Electronic Soundmaker and Music Maker magazine (Issue 7) in April 1985, before appearing a one month later on the 12" single, and then on the Iconography album in 1986.



Iconography was reissued on CD (Enigma, 1989) with no bonus cuts, but the two b-sides were included on the 2CD collection of all the Orchestra Arcana material on The Hermetic Jukebox (Fabled Quixote, 2003).


Currently out of print, but all 3 tracks from the 12" will be made available when Iconography receives its Bandcamp digital release.

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