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Contemplation 2007

Bill Nelson

download single - 3 December 2007

Contemplation 2007 - Cover


1)  Contemplation 2007


"Contemplation 2007" is a re-recording of a song which was issued in demo form on ABM Club EP # 3 in 1983, and later recorded professionally for the Getting the Holy Ghost Across album in 1986. The 2007 version runs for over 11 minutes long, and was performed live at Nelsonica 07 before shortly afterwards being presented to the Dreamsville Community as a free download using a guide vocal track. The download was later added to Nelson's Bandcamp page once it was established for the very reasonable price of £1.



Available for purchase as a digital download from Bandcamp.


"It was kind of adapted from the version I'd performed live on the 2004 Be Bop Deluxe and Beyond that, I mean the extended version with longer improvisational sections. I didn't refer back to the '80s recording too much but tried to give it a slight twist here and there."


"Contemplation" is STILL one of my favourite songs from that era, which was why I included it in the 2004 anniversary tour set with my band. And both versions of the song have their merits for me."

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