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The Dream Transmission Pavilion

Bill Nelson

album - 19 September 2009

The Dream Transmission Pavilion - Cover
Dream Transmission Pavilion page 2
Dream Transmission Pavilion page 4
Dream Transmission Pavilion inner tray


01)  Billy And The High Blue Horizon

02)  Beauty Lifts Her Skirts

03)  The Sound From This Recording Travels To The Stars

04)  Once More Around The Moon

05)  Prairie Hula

06)  Kiss You Slow

07)  The Boy Who Knew The Names Of Trains

08)  Picture In A Frame

09)  Sway And Swoon

10)  A Thought For You

11)  Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go?

12)  Transcendental Radios

13)  The Walls Of Which Are Made Of Clouds

14)  I Am The Captain

15)  Here I Am For You

16)  Once More Around The Moon (Monitor Mix)


The Dream Transmission Pavilion is an album mixing vocal and instrumental pieces issued for Nelsonica ‘09 on the Discs of Ancient Odeon label.

With the decision to end the 500 limit on copies of the Nelsonica releases, Nelson created instead a novel special edition of the CD by issuing 250 copies (as an incentive to buy Nelsonica 09 tickets). The special version was housed in an autographed tin box, which included an additional alternative cover. With Nelsonica attendance running at 240, this allowed ten copies of the special edition to be sold through SOS which were snapped up by a fortunate few within hours of going on general sale. The remainder of the standard issue went on sale through SOS allowing non-attendees of the event to at least enjoy the music without having to worry unduly about placing an order within days of it going on general sale.

One track on this release had appeared previously – albeit under a slightly different title. "Kiss You Slow" (then known as "Kiss You Slowly") had been issued as the B-side of a free digital single I Hear Electricity on Nelson's 60th Birthday (18 December 2008).



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Albion Dream Vortex, Fantasmatron, Electric Atlas, Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy (Blip 2),
Shining Reflector, Swoons and Levitations, Dreamshire Chronicles,
Clocks & Dials



"This year's Nelsonica album benefited from more 'A' list tracks than usual. (Although my subjective 'B' list category tracks are often considered 'A' list by many fans! )

"I simply had too many good compositions to fit onto other projects this year, (plus a handful of perfectly acceptable tracks that didn't quite suit the style of some of the other releases,) so The Dream Transmission Pavilion album is, for me, a much more satisfying and 'finished' album than I initially expected it to be. It's certainly worthy of extended listening and some of its tracks may well contribute to a 'classic songs' list at some point in the future.

"And here's an admission: I personally prefer it to Fancy Planets!"


"The Dream Transmission Pavilion album is nearly all vocal, apart from a couple of instrumental tracks. Stylistically, it covers a variety of genres. I won't itemise all the angles'll just have to buy it and find out for yourself!
But tell the wife they're both vocal albums...and if she says that she can't hear any vocals on Theatre of Falling Leaves, just say they're a bit too far back in the mix."


major snagg:

"And I thought Fancy Planets and Here Comes Mr Mercury were good. Wow, Dream Transmission Pavilion is also fantastic. The bar just keeps getting raised higher with every new CD. AND I love the CD cover(s). "Prairie Hula" is a favourite today...every day another favourite track! This is like Christmas and Birthdays all rolled into one..."

Grey Lensman:

"It is a really cracking CD...Great guitar work, not that one expects any less. Fabulous range of sounds."


"I just love this album and some of the guitar playing is spine-tingling good stuff...For me, this is a Nelsonica collection that has a real coherency to it and is my most played album of Bill's since Whimsy."


"I had the "Where Does it Go?" half of that pegged right away as primary Nelson, and it has risen to the status of Archetypal. It puts together so many of my favorite elements and blends them sublimely. I'm far from an 'every note of every song is great' fan, but this 2nd 1/2 of this song just works like a miracle on me; every note, every turn, every 'riff', every little clicky sound of the guitar pick, every subtle touch and treatment, all the feedbacky guitar, and the main chord line over the top.

"This is perfection and it comes together at the highest, most current level of evolution."


"Sonically superb as expected.
I would also like to send some kudos to Real Men With Ray Guns for their beautiful artwork."

"After listening to this CD multiple times, I have to say that it is a classic. I remember when Bill said that he was especially proud of this convention CD as containing "A-list" material. Well, I would have to agree. There are many fabulous tunes on this CD. When I hear "Once More Around the Moon", it sounds like a standard in the traditional sense. And there are so many on this CD.

"Thank you Bill for another wonderful CD."

"I've only just listened to TDTP, in the car today, I have to say it is soooooo lovely! I nearly fell asleep to one of the tracks, fortunately I had my woman in the passenger seat and she stabbed me with her nail file so a gruesome accident was avoided!"

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