Drive This Comet Across The Sky

Bill Nelson

album - 10 April 2018


01)  Fables Of The Future

02)  Here Is Where I Dream

03)  Lost In Space

04)  Drive This Comet Across The Sky

05)  Here I Am, (And You Can Hear Me)

06)  Your Imagination

07)  Hello You Beautiful People

08)  Time Is Running Away (The Blue Nowhere)

09)  This And That

10)  Certain Circles

11)  Where Are The Stars That Fall From Heaven

12)  The Ticking Of Time


Due to an issue with the images Bill had prepared for this album getting mixed up with images for the forthcoming 'Dynamos & Tremolos', the original PDF files that came with the Bandcamp download had incorrect album artwork.

This has now been corrected, but for anyone who purchased one of the earlier downloads, please use the following links to obtain the correct art...


Drive This Comet Across the Sky is an album of vocal tracks issued as a download-only album on Tremelo Boy Records, available through Nelson's Bandcamp page.

Drive This Comet Across the Sky was created between November 2017 and February 2018.  Work on the album was affected to a degree by Nelson's ongoing difficulties with his mixing desk, which left him unable to complete any recording for around a fortnight in December 2017.  Work on the album gathered pace though in January 2018, with a proposed track listing announced on 19 February 2018.   This list revealed that a total of 16 tracks had been completed for the album - 12 with vocals and 4 instrumentals.

During January Nelson produced a video for the album's title track, which was uploaded onto the Essoldo Cinema section of his website on 30 January 2018.


At the mastering session (undertaken on 12 March 2018), Nelson elected to re-think the track listing for the album, removing the songs "House of Mystery", "Luna Rosa", "Raindrops" and "Serene in Silver", and in the process reducing the number of instrumental pieces to just one.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.

That Old Mysterioso, Songs For Ghosts, Kid Flip & the Golden Spacemen, New Northern Dream, Special Metal,

Orpheus in Ultraland, Blip!, Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy, Dreamshire Chronicles, Dream Transmission Pavilion


"Drive This Comet Across The Sky is a loose, eclectic and highly electric rock album containing twelve tracks, all vocal-based with one instrumental exception.  Featuring spontaneous songwriting and casual arrangements, it was laid directly to multitrack without revision or refinement.  It twists and turns its way through a landscape of surreal lyrics and cosmic guitars sparking thoughts about the nature of time, love and mortality."


Review by Benedict Roff-Marsh

© Bill Nelson 2020

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