Dancing on a Knifes Edge

Bill Nelson

ep - May 1983

Dancing on a Knifes Edge cover


A1)  Dancing On A Knife's Edge

A2)  Indiscretion

B)  Contemplation



Initially all three songs were non-album tracks.


Dancing on a Knife's Edge is an EP featuring three vocal tracks.  This was the third in the series of Cocteau Club EPs issued to fan club members, included in Issue #5 of the club magazine, Acquitted By Mirrors.  All three tracks had been recorded at the Echo Observatory, but for broadcast on BBC Radio 1 (for the David Jensen show), along with a fourth track "Time Tracking" (which was left off the EP).


"Contemplation" would effectively kick-start work on the next song-based Bill Nelson album Getting the Holy Ghost Across (see separate entry), as it would be re-recorded for that purpose.


None of these tracks have been included on past compilations.


All 3 tracks, plus the previously unreleased "Time Tracking", were included on the 'bonus disc' of The Practice of Everyday Life (2011).  Although out of print in physical form, this box set is available as a digital download via major online retailers.


"With this issue [of Acquitted by Mirrors fanzine, issue 5] comes another in the series of exclusive Cocteau Records
E.P.s.  This one containing three of the four tracks recorded for the B.B.C.'s Radio One David Jensen show.  These songs were written specially for the show and were recorded at my home studio, The Echo Observatory.  They are not available elsewhere and are therefore an exclusive privilege of club membership.  I hope that you will enjoy them."

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