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At The BBC  1974 - 1978

box set - 30 September 2013

Be Bop Deluxe

At the BBC cover



John Peel Session, May 1974

01)  Third Floor Heaven

02)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

03)  Mill Street Junction

04)  15th Of July

John Peel Session, March 1975

05)  Maid In Heaven

06)  Stage Whispers

07)  Sister Seagull

08)  Lights


In Concert, January 1976

09)  Life In The Air Age

10)  Sister Seagull

11)  Ships In The Night

12)  Maid In Heaven

13)  Third Floor Heaven

14)  Blazing Apostles


In Concert, October 1976

01)  Maid In Heaven

02)  Bring Back The Spark

03)  Kiss Of Light

04)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

05)  Fair Exchange

06)  Ships In The Night

07)  Twilight Capers

08)  Modern Music (Medley)

09)  Blazing Apostles


John Peel Session, January 1977

01)  Mill Street Junction

02)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

03)  Still Shining

In Concert, January 1978

04)  New Precision

05)  Superenigmatix

06)  Possession

07)  Dangerous Stranger

08)  Islands Of The Dead

09)  Panic In The World

10)  Lovers Are Mortal

11)  Love In Flames

12)  Blazing Apostles

John Peel Session, January 1978

13)  Superenigmatix

14)  Panic In The World

15)  Possession

16)  Love In Flames


Old Grey Whistle Test, July 1975

01)  Maid In Heaven

02)  Sister Seagull

Old Grey Whistle Test, January 1976

03)  Fair Exchange

04)  Ships In The Night

Old Grey Whistle Test, November 1976

05)  Forbidden Lovers

06)  Down On Terminal Street

Sight And Sound In Concert, February 1978

07)  New Precision

08)  Superenigmatix

09)  Possession

10)  Dangerous Stranger

11)  Islands Of The Dead

12)  Lovers Are Mortal

13)  Panic In The World


A 3CD + DVD box set which very nicely brings together most of the band's BBC recordings for the John Peel show, In Concert, and The Old Grey Whistle Test. The set comes with a nicely illustrated if short booklet with sleeve notes from Nelson and recording information for each session or show.

Be Bop Deluxe's BBC output had appeared on a number of previous releases (see Past Releases below), but this was the most comprehensive collection that had appeared officially, and is unlikely to be surpassed or supplemented in future.

Notable inclusions on this set are the previously unreleased John Peel Session from January 1977; the two previously unreleased tracks from the January 1978 John Peel Session; the three previously unreleased tracks from the Sight and Sound In Concert recording from February 1978 (including two tracks that were never broadcast); and the thirteen tracks from the OGWT/Sight and Sound performances from 1975, 1976 and 1978, twelve of which were previously unreleased. There are also five tracks that prior to the appearance of this box set were only available as digital downloads.

The only confirmed omissions (using Ken Garner's In Session Tonight book as reference) are the band's 1973 session for John Peel, which is assumed to be lost, and another John Peel Session from 1976 that was included on the Tramcar to Tomorrow CD in 1998.



More than 50% of the material presented in this box set had appeared on previous releases on either CD or as digital downloads, but much of this was long out of print by the time At the BBC 1974-1978 was released. The majority of the In Concert/Sight and Sound material had already appeared up to three times: on the Radioland CD (from 1994), its remastered equivalent Tremulous Antennae CD (from 2002), and the two In Concert downloads (from 2010), thus making these past releases completely redundant. Of the John Peel Session material, all but five tracks had appeared either on the Tramcar to Tomorrow CD issued in 1998, or the John Peel Session download (from 2010), but the former contains exclusive material in the form of the 1976 Peel Session omitted from this box set.


Currently out of print, but the included material may appear as part of Cherry Red's re-issue program.

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