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The Sparkle Machine

Bill Nelson

album - 11 December 2013

The Sparkle Machine - Cover
Sparkle Machine page 3
Sparkle Machine page 4
Sparkle Machine inner tray



01)  The Awakening

02)  Full Of Desire

03)  Blaze Ye Now The Golden Trail

04)  The Boy Who Lived In The Future

05)  Eros Ghost Trails Gleaming Echoes

06)  Colossal Figures Shrouded In Clouds

07)  The Martian Boulevardier

08)  Jimi Sifts The Sands Of Time

09)  Whirlpool Meditation

10)  Saturnalia

11)  Hermetica Automatica

12)  Velo-Sola

13)  Jupiter Commander

14)  The Sparkle Machine (Phenomena 77)


The Sparkle Machine (Several Sustained Moments) is an instrumental album issued in a single print run of 500 copies on the Sonoluxe label.  The material for The Sparkle Machine was largely created alongside that for Albion Dream Vortex, with material assigned to either album as Nelson saw fit.

The first mention of the album was in late October 2013, at which point the track listing had been decided on, and given a rush release on 11 December 2013.  Demand to acquire the album was sufficient to force SOS to take it off sale 8 days later, as they needed to catch up with orders received, and to ensure that existing orders could be fulfilled.  After the Christmas holidays were over the album was put back on sale, and eventually sold out on 7 January 2014.  It was reissued as a digital download on Bandcamp on 2 May 2015.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.


Fantastic Guitars, Special Metal, Albion Dream Vortex, Romance of Sustain, Plectrajet, Practically Wired,
Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus, Joy Through Amplification, Fancy Planets, Electric Atlas


"The Sparkle Machine is an instrumental album with a heavy emphasis on the electric guitar and features some densely packed, exploratory improvisation.  It could also been regarded as a psychedelic space rock album though it spreads its wings wider than that definition might suggest.  I think it's fair to say that it also acts as a 'virtual' stepping stone between Albion Dream Vortex and next year's release of my recent collaboration with jet-ace guitarist Reeves Gabrels."

"When I say 'space rock' I don't mean of the Hawkwind variety...(though no slight meant to them...they're absolutely splendid space captains!).  My version is rather more loose, slips through a number of wormholes and emerges somewhere in a universe where the barriers between rock, improvisation, electronica, classical and jazz have never existed.  It's just expansive music with the electric guitar pushing hard at the edges.  But don't worry, if you've ever liked electric guitar trips, you'll love this one!"

"Actually, I never think in terms of a 'best' guitar.  I have a very eclectic collection of guitars and they each have their own character and qualities.

I'll sometimes choose to use one simply because of how it looks and the 'mind set' it puts me in on any particular day.  It's rather like deciding what shirt or jacket to wear depending on my mood and the weather.

Obviously, a guitar's sound plays a part too, the warmth and jazziness of my Guild X500, Peerless Monarch or D'Angelico will generally inspire and suit a jazz tinted solo.  My Gretsches, my Stratocaster and Hallmark Stradette will bring out the twang, country and '60s instro side of my playing.  My Les Paul, Campbell Nelsonics and some of my Eastwood, Airline guitars will encourage a more rock, blues or vintage rock n' roll approach, and so on.

To a certain extent, it's horses for courses but also not as strictly regimented as that might seem.  Sometimes it's interesting to play something opposite to what a certain guitar might dictate.  To mix things up a bit.  In fact, I tend to use more than one guitar on any given track.  Sometimes there will be three or four different guitars on a tune.  I'm a bit like a guy with a private harem...I love all my guitars and try to get around to each one on a fairly regular basis!"

"It's a musical equivalent of a big old oak table laden with a huge variety of delicious food and autumn fruits and shining golden goblets of rich, warm wine.  Beautiful maidens breathing in your ear and a log fireplace ablaze with sensual love energy.  Hey...when you've got that, who needs listening notes?"



"Truly enjoying The Sparkle Machine Bill.  I have to say it contains some of your "wildest" riffs.  I noticed that your liner notes list the guitar brands you play on this album.  You could probably make a stick with string tied on it sound good..."

major snagg:

"Oh deep joy, this is a magnificent album, which goes beautifully with your last two awesome albums, The Dreamshire Chronicles and Albion Dream Vortex.  Wow...Guitar Heaven..."


"Full of Desire":  "The guitar seems to catch flame in places in that one.  A flaming desire so to speak."


"Has anyone ever get fixed on one of Bill's tunes ?  I do a lot, and now, I am fixed on "The Martian Boulevardier" !!  I can just listen to it over and over again!!  Just flows so nicely.  I enjoy the beats and rhythms of that tune.  I can just picture this high end, OO7 acting Martian, just strolling around and acting cool !!"


"I think this is possibly a perfect re-introduction for the old Be Bop Deluxe fans, certainly as far as guitar instrumental albums by Bill, go."


"Any newcomers to his music could use these as a starting point and go on from there."


"I didn't think for a moment that anything could beat Albion Dream Vortex this year.  The Sparkle Machine has done it for me.  How he does it so well and in such volume is beyond my comprehension.  2013 has to be the best BN year ever.  Utterly stunning."


"Loving every moment of this dazzling, dramatic, life-affirming album."

"If this doesn't represent a high point in guitar music for the decade, then I don't know what does!  Just breathtaking, spectacular, beautiful..."


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