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Perfect Monsters

Bill Nelson

album - 29 February 2016

Perfect Monsters - Cover
Perfect Monsters page 2
Perfect Monsters page 4
Perfect Monsters inner tray


01)  Perfect Monsters

02)  Deco Super Cruiser

03)  A Holiday In Dimension X

04)  The Carousel Of Time

05)  The Dubious Virtue Of Loveliness

06)  Skidoodling

07)  Apple Tree Swing

08)  The Ghost In The Machine

09)  Hyperluminal

10)  Flower Kiosk

11)  It's A Long, Long Story

12)  Relaxo Supremo

13)  Magic Star

14)  Katstatik

15)  Weatherwood


Perfect Monsters is a mixture of vocal and instrumental pieces issued in a one off print run of 500 copies on the Sonoluxe label.

The album was born out of surplus material produced during the sessions for the Phantom Fuzzbox album that was completed between November and December 2014, which at the time of writing remains unreleased.  Perfect Monsters was completed in January 2015 and would wait in the queue of albums forming Nelson's release schedule until finally arriving on 29 February 2016.  It was taken off sale 5 days later with all remaining copies sold through email enquiries.    On 17 March it was confirmed that the album had completely sold out.



Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

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Kid Flip, Stereo Star Maps, Shining Reflector, Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms, Clocks & Dials


"Released today and available right now from the Dreamsville Department Store is my latest album Perfect Monsters, a vocal and instrumental extravaganza which I think you will love.
The title song itself refers to my two cats, Django and Tink, rather than Frankenstein and his chums, it's a blissful, relaxing song evoking the cats sleeping in the warm sun.
The album also contains many richly textured instrumental tracks with a broad palette of electric guitar tones conjuring up colourful soundscapes."

"You know, I'd forgotten what this album sounded like, such is the amount of work I've done since recording it.  I decided to have a listen the other day and was knocked out by what I heard.  It's a really good album, (even though I do say so myself), a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks with a blissful, euphoric feel and some fabulous guitar tones.  I'm very pleased with the way this one has turned out and I think you'll love it!"

"The front cover of the's a paper and scissors collage made by myself."



"I am on 'round three' of listening through PM and my personal instant non-musical review would be...

If this was a Boxing Match I would have been knocked out by track 5 each time of listening
the initial 15 minute impact is immense purposeful and Beautiful.

I am on the 'canvas' simple as...
Pick up ones self back in the ring and...
It has xxx classic written all over it"

mark smith:

"I can't stop playing it.  I don't know of another recent release that has hooked me like this.  It makes me smirk every now and then at its understated beauty.  10 out of 10 !!!"


"Is firmly becoming one of my all time favourite albums from Bill.

This album has surprised me with its musical and emotional depth.  It sounds to me like quite a personal album for Bill, but perhaps deceptively so...

At the end of a working day I find myself most often turning to the song "Perfect Monsters", as a way of de-stressing and generally cheering myself up!

To me this perfectly encapsulates the mood of the end of a challenging but ultimately happy day.  Bill describes his cats both lyrically and musically in a way that for me, fills the song with a chilled but playful happiness.

There are plenty other stand out moments throughout the album, both instrumental and lyrical - "The Carousel of Time" is another classic Bill song about life and the passage of time...too many moments to cover in a brief post but I just wanted to get the message across that I think this is a special album."

Chimera Man:

"The overall tone and feel has great charm.  Some immediate stand out tracks for me are "The Carousel of Time", "The Dubious Virtue of Loveliness", but most delicious of all "Relaxo Supremo"."


"Contains what I'm sure will rapidly become one of my favourite vocal tracks - "The Ghost in the Machine", and one of my favourite instrumentals - "A Holiday in Dimension X"."


"On a family drive we listened and all really like the title track - as we have 2 black cats (Gooch & Panther)..."bellies full and battles won".
Love the instrumentals - lush and thoughtful.
My son and I had to repeat "A Holiday in Dimension X" - we dig the drum machine beat!
Have to mention "The Ghost in the Machine" - get down with your bad self, Bill.
Over all, the mostly mellow mood I'm getting is soothing to my soul.  I'll need to listen many more times."

"Love the song "Magic Star" with the fast tempo sophistication.  Please do keep on not going gentle into that goodnight."

Archimedes Woo:

"All the way from The Magic Toy Shop to The Land of Oranges, Perfect Monsters llegó esta mañana.  Extra texture.  Artwork phenomenal.  Buen hecho señor Bill."


"This is an absolute gem.  It was a dull day down south, yesterday, and the music gave me a "sun on my back" type of feeling.  Absolutely sublime.  Obviously I'm still 'exploring', but that was my immediate overall reaction.  Thank you, Bill"


"Lovely tracks that gave me a carpet ride feel during my travels, which only Bill can do."


"Bill --
Thanks so much for a wonderful new album.  This is a gem, a very moving, beautifully structured musical journey.  The family is enjoying this very much.  With deep appreciation."

james warner:

"A deceptive title, as this is a laid back, chill-out album but for a couple of more fiery tracks ("The Ghost in the Machine" and "Magic Star") which may jolt you out of your revery."


"An instant classic!  Whether with vocals or without, this album speaks to me.  Especially with a title that's a reference to Bill's cats!  I especially like "Skidoodling" which has a nice groove..."Apple Tree Swing" features some lovely playing (Bill, dude, you are SO good!), and "The Ghost in the Machine" rocks pretty hard in Bill-style, and several others are just lovely, melodic joys.  A wide range of styles and's got everything.  Love it."


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